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SSFIV’s Out… Where’s the Juri OVA?

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What’s Juri’s story before the game? Perhaps the OVA will tell us…

By now pretty much anyone who wants Super Streetfighter IV already has their copy, or it’s on the way. Me? I actually got two copies, so I’m selling off one to a friend. Anyway, according to Andriasang, Capcom announced today that the first shipment of over a million copies of Super have shipped worldwide. That’s a lot of fighting. But hey, after all this time, why haven’t I seen much of the Juri OVA?

You remember- the Original Animation Video created by Gonzo specifically for release with the Xbox360 game, meant as a prequel to the events in the actual game. As far as I can tell, the OVA introduces Juri, has her taking out some Shadaloo elements (along with doing something to the Dolls) and then later encountering Chun-li (and giving her a beating), Cammy and Guile. How does it end? Well, who knows yet… but it ends just before the game starts, so everyone’s up and about afterwards anyway.

I still wanna see the anime, so I’ll keep my eyes out. If anyone out there has it, or has seen it, chime in and say if it’s Yea or Nay for the latest Streetfighter animation. Just tell me it’s slightly better than the in-game cutscenes and I’ll be happy…

More Zombies! More ALIVE-4-EVER!

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More zombies, more guns, more missions, more BLOOD!!!

The original Alive-4-Ever was one of the best games to get on the iPhone last year. Yeah, the title was cheezy and obviously a rip on Left 4 Dead, which this zombie-themed top view shoot-and-run takes as a reference.
While there are a lot of dual-stick shooters on the device, A4E was the topper since it added stuff a lot of the others lacked- selectable characters with upgradeable stats, a variety of weapons to unlock, tons of missions and lots of zombies to reduce to bloody smears on the landscape. While I never got to finish all 30+ missions (some where just too hard for me), it was great to just jump into a scenario, shoot some undead, earn some money to try and unlock a new gun.

Well, now the old game’s a bit outdated, thanks to the just-released sequel, Alive-4-Ever Returns! Themed as a sequel, A4ER takes up the story of a zombie apocalypse on a once teeming island paradise, laying the burden of survival on a few hardy survivors- you’ve got your hip dude, a bruiser of a football playah, a lady cop and, of all people, a Loli chick. There are over 40 missions with 30+ weapons to unlock, various skills and powers to equip (like the cool dual handguns perk which lets you go John Woo on a zombie’s ass) and 18 disgusting types of undead to battle, from the regular Zombie Citizens to gun-toting Zombie Offiers. Also, there are big, scary bosses to fight along the way, so be prepared for some Resident Evil-like encounters.

The graphics are a lot better now, with more distinct character models and lots of varied environments to fight in. The camera also zooms in and out depending on your proximity to zombies, making for some chilling moments. As before, blood and gore flies out satisfyingly as you spray your attackers with streams of bullets. Controls are excellent, and you can easily be a vet zombie-fighter to do Tallahassee proud after an hour or two.

With it’s RPG elements, tons of stuff to unlock and upgrade, great enemy variety, atmospheric sound and excellent graphics, Alive-4-Ever Returns gives tons of replay value and fun for a very reasonable price. This is one zombie title that stands head and shoulders above the hordes of undead-themed titles on the iPhone, so if you’re hankering for some bloody good zombie fun, this is a keeper.

Deadly Dilemma

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I have to confess about something. I really, really, really want a copy of Deadly Premonition. This is a Suspense-action/Survival-Horror/Third Person Shooter budget title that was released recently on the Xbox360. The game has been both panned and raved about by game sites, some praising it to the roof for its quirkiness and humor, some damning it for its clunky basic gameplay and low-end production values.

I have to say I am leaning towards the former- I think the game’s not as bad as some may think, or at the very least it’s so bad, it’s GOOD. That’s so far what I’ve gathered after hours and hours of watching the game being played on Endurance Run over at Giant Bomb. Yes, the combat is dated and the driving looks awkward, but aside from that, it seems quite nice, and the odd cast of characters has endeared themselves to me- from your main guy/in-game partner York to the members of Greenvale’s police department who aid you in your mission. It’s a nice little sandbox of stuff that while not as pretty or sophisticated as the most cutting-edge titles, it has that certain oomph that makes it fun and engaging. And man, it’s actually funny, even if sometimes they probably don’t intend it… it’s gold.

While the editors playing the game aren’t always enthusiastic about it, I myself and enjoying watching the Twin Peaks-esque adventures of eccentric FBI agent Francis York Morgan.

Unfortunately there lies my dilemma as acquiring this game is a problem. The Xbox360 version is region-locked to the US (I own an Asian Xbox), which sucks. The Japanese version is, of course, Japanese. Now, there is the Asian PS3 version (which has the original Japanese title, Red Seeds Profile), which has some english support. Unfortunately it appears that it’s not 100 percent in english and has some bits (though mostly stuff involving sidequests) in Japanese. Also, this version costs about double that of the Xbox game. ARGH!

And so, here I am, stuck without any way of getting a full, 100 percent playable copy of Deadly Premonition. Unless they release an english Asian version I guess I’m gonna have to keep watching Giant Bomb.

Darn it, Zack. There must be an answer to this. What do you think, Zack?

EGADS! Super Streetfighter IV is actually… SUPER?!

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“What can I say??? I’m a star!”

Perhaps it’s not really a surprise that so far, pretty much every major gaming site has given Capcom’s fighting upgrade/sequel, Super Streetfighter IV, the review equivalent of a wave. High scores all around, either perfect of near perfect, 5 out of 5’s or 9 of 10’s for the most part. Certainly SSFIV is the game that the original Streetfighter IV should have been in the first place, but what’s past is prologue. I already have my copy and played a bunch of hours last night, and the additional fighters and improvements go a lot well to erase the irritation I felt for the first game.

This may be it for a while for Capcom’s flagship fighter, what with Marvel VS Capcom 3 being the next beat ’em up headed out. WIll the next SF be a true sequel, or will we see Super Turbo? We’ll just have to see.

Check out Hadoken.Net’s list of SSFIV game reviews here.

IGN Super Streetfighter IV Review

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Does SSFIV score another knock-out?

…and a video review at that. How convenient! Super Streetfighter IV seems to have gone down well with the review crew, as they gave it a 9/10. Check out the vid and see if this game is for you (unless you already know). In my case, my copy’s already ‘preparing’ over at Play-Asia, so if all things go well my SSFIV should be waiting for me to come home tomorrow for some fresh new beat ’em up action. Later then!

More Marvel VS Capcom 3 Tidbits

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Marvel vs Capcom FTW!

The web’s all a-buzz with crossover combat talk! Apparently the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3 has the nifty subtitle of Fate of Two Worlds (FTW!), which hints at what the background will be for all the fighting action. In fact, the story behind the action in MvC3 will be of exceptional caliber, according to Capcom’s Seth Killian. Supposedly Marvel insisted that there be a cool narrative to explain why Ryu is tangling with Wolverine. Hopefully this will show in the final game- comic book panel cutscenes? Splash-page endings?

However, the one question I wanna ask is… will it be better than the story in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe? Heheh…

There’s still a bit of waiting, unfortunately… the game’s apparently due for a Spring 2011 release, so don’t lose sleep waiting up for this. The roster is floating supposedly in the 30+ range (a big drop from the previous game’s 60-strong roster), but that may change in time.

More as we get it, then.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 Trailer!

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It’s real and it’s coming!

It’s been rumored and whispered about for a while now, but finally it’s FACT. Marvel VS Capcom 3 is coming, as revealed in the above trailer. A crossover of galactic proportions, MvC is a favorite among fight fans for the sheer amount of manic chaos that can explode at anytime, from screenwide optic blasts to armies of zombies and robot hordes being unleashed at the opponent.

So far shown in the trailer, clashing in combat, are: Wolverine and Ryu, Iron Man and Morrigan, The Hulk and Chris Redfield (What a Mismatch!). Unlike the first two games in the series, MvC3 will apparently be in 3D, although it’s a safe bet that gameplay will continue to be 2D like the SF games. Rumors about the game’s features include various unlockables, 1080p resolution and a roster that will supposedly blow fans’ socks off.

Personally I’m not that big into Capcom’s VS series- I find it a bit too cartoony and over-the-top, but I can appreciate the huge rosters, the imaginative specials and always-awesome artworks and character transitions from comic to fighting game. I’m thinking though that this will probably end up being like a supercharged Tatsunoko VS Capcom with character that we at least KNOW.

Something to watch in the near future of fighting gamedom then. Expect this to pop up on PS3 and Xbox360 later this year or early next year.