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Posted in My Stuff on September 30, 2007 by thelonegamer

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. I’ve been off for a bit, busy at the day job. On the brighter side, I went and got myself a brand new Apple iPhone. What can I say? It’s frickin’ GORGEOUS. And the screen just can’t be beat by anything out there right now. It is just a glorious pleasure to watch videos and look at hi-res pics on the iPhone’s real estate. Just beautiful. I’ll just have to get used to some of the device’s quirks and idiosyncracies like lack of multiple text sends and custom ringtones, among other things. Still, who cares about all that when you can pinch-zoom? Eh??

Okay, I’ll lay off now before this site turns into The Lone Phoner. Back to our gaming updates then.


Virtua Fighter 5 on my Xbox360…

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, Xbox360 on September 27, 2007 by thelonegamer

A Virtua Fighter 5 THEME, actually. Yeah, the game’s not due out till the end of October for the US, and I’ll probably have to wait till December for the Asian version of the online-enabled Sega fighter. But this early, Xbox Live users can purchase the VF5 theme to spice up their 360 dashboards for a measly 150 MS points. The theme puts a bunch of characters on each of your 360’s dashboard blades, and it looks pretty cool if you love the VF cast. Better yet, it doesn’t hamper seeing the text as some other themes do. It’s a nice way of prepping my console for the eventual VF invasion. Just a couple more months to go…

Final Fight

Posted in Gaming, Shooters, Xbox360 on September 24, 2007 by thelonegamer

Reviews for Halo 3 are popping up all over (so far, Gametrailers and IGN have theirs up), and it’s looking that this game is indeed what players have been waiting three years for. With the pretty awesome advertising and the legacy that this series has, even I, a non-fan of both shooters or this game, am intrigued. I’ll probably get this when it shows up, though I’d probably want to pop in the previous games again… nah, I’ll never finish them. Anyways, shooter-fans, your game is almost here. Clear your schedules, this looks pretty awesome.

Kojima Coughs It Up

Posted in Action Adventure, Gaming, PS3 on September 24, 2007 by thelonegamer

Gamespot recently posted a lengthy article on Hideo Kojima’s presentation at the TGS where he revealed more about Metal Gear Solid 4’s story, characters, weapons and other good stuff coming to the PS3 in early 2008. It’s quite a nice read and just whets our appetite more for the gaming nirvana ahead. Among the things revealed is the general world situation and early plot of Liquid’s scheme to launch an insurrection using the nanotechnology SOP and his PMC armies, a rundown of the game’s included weapons and each of the so far revealed cast, including the new FOXHOUND, the Beauty and the Beast Unit, The FROGS, Sunny, Eva, Drebin and Little Grey.

Check out the whole article for yourself here.

Virtua Fighter 5 Live Arena

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, Xbox360 on September 21, 2007 by thelonegamer

It’s not an online-enabled PS3 version, but at least now Asian and Japanese gamers can get into online VF5 fighting at home with Virtua Fighter 5 Live Arena for the Xbox360. The game will be based on the arcade version, which is currently at Version C. Along with 3000 customization items and 1000 new A.I. opponents to take on in Quest Mode, it will have online play and functionality, which I assume will include the ability to download or update new items for customization, posting on leaderboards, watching classic match vids and more.

This is set to come out December 6, alongside the VF5 Live Arena Arcade Stick (which is a must since the Xbox360 pad is rubbish for this game, I’d say). The US version of online-capable VF5 is set for release a bit earlier, at the end of October.

Edit: I guess this kinda makes dim even more the hopes of an updated PS3 version of VF5 with online. I mean, Sega is now in like Flint with Microsoft, and that probably doesn’t sit well with Sony. I don’t think VF5 sold incredibly well in Japan on the PS3, so you really can’t blame Sega for wanting to spread the joy and have as many players buy it. Xbox is strong in the US, as is the demand for online. Luckily, Asian players get to play a couple of months later.  On Sega’s side anyway, they’re probably getting back at Sony as well for having Namco with their big fighters looming on the horizon. 

Anyway, I love VF5 regardless of all these wrinkles, and I’ll probably get the Xbox Live-enabled version when it comes out. Updated items and moves (if any) are my real incentive, not really the online. 

MGS4 Gameplay Videos

Posted in Action Adventure, Gaming, PS3 on September 20, 2007 by thelonegamer

I have to say this.

Pretty much every single gameplay video of Metal Gear Solid 4 I have seen, from Gamespot to Gamevideos to Jeuxvideos… all of them SUCK. I mean, the players all seem to have six pinkies on each hand. The camera is all over the place, Snake keeps walking in circles or walks into gangs of enemies and either gets killed or looks stupid… and I think he’d rather die than look stupid.

Partly I blame the inexperience of the players, but darn… it just HURTS to watch these videos. Haven’t any of them played a single MGS ever? Or used a frickin’ controller? GEEZ! I mean, you’re THERE with frickin MGS4 playable in front of you and you SUCK!!! What a waste!

I’d rather not think the game’s controls suck at this point- but I do see that the enemy AI’s are pretty questionable. PMC soldiers walk into a room with Snake just kneeling there beside them and they don’t notice him until he runs up beside them. After which, they skitter back and forth shooting sporadically. It’s kinda rough, but the game’s still unfinished so I’ll just excuse that.

Man, I just want this in my hands already. Oh well.

Don’t Go Into the Rainy Woods!

Posted in Gaming, PS3, Survival Horror, Xbox360 on September 20, 2007 by thelonegamer

Rainy Woods is a new IP and survival-horror game headed for both the PS3 and Xbox360 from Marvelous Entertainment. The game has a Twin Peaks-David Lynch type of vibe, being set in small town USA and involving FBI agent David Young Henning’s efforts to solve the mystery of a young woman named Anna Graham by a serial murderer known as The Raincoat Killer. Of course, it’s not at all cut and dried, and there are traces of cultish rituals, supernatural creatures and other not-so-ordinary goings-on happening all around the case. Good thing David isn’t alone- at least, not in a Killer 7 type of way. He’s got a multiple personality disorder, and his other self, Jeter, seems to know quite a bit more than he does. Oh, and there are midgets. Twin midgets. Twin Peaks it is.
Instead of the usual linear path these kinds of games usually take, Rainy Woods will supposedly be a more sandbox-type of game- you’ll be able to move freely within the town of Rainy Woods and interact with various characters in the course of your investigation. You’ll also have to take care of Sims-like needs like rest and hunger. Oh, and there will be combat involving guns and apparently swords! Whoa. What kind of case has Young gotten himself into?

Trying to steal Silent Hill’s thunder? The psycho-thriller genre isn’t exactly crowded, so as long as this has quality, I’ll give it a look over. Anyway, no word yet on when, so we’ll keep an eye on this one.