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10 Thoughts I Have About the iPad

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That’s one freakin’ huge iPod Touch.

Wallpapers and movies on the thing should look freakin’ awesome.

If you get one, better invest in one heck of a nice case.

Snatcher Magnet.

Playing Plants VS Zombies on it, or any RTS, should be sweet.

Why no camera? Largest Viewscreen Ever Otherwise…

How hot can that thing get with heavy use?

I hope the speakers are proportionally better and louder to complement the size.

The keyboard dock is damn awesome.

I’m not sold on it, and I already have a damn iPhone already. But I’m sure I’ll be drooling nevertheless if I see this thing in person a few months from now.


SSFIV Anime Trailer in English

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Here’s the recently-released trailer for the Xbox360-exclusive anime feature, now dubbed nicely in english. The audio was grabbed from the US version available on Xboxlive, so now we can figure out what’s going on with the new anti-heroine on the block, Juri Han. The voice acting is fine, I think- hearing Juri say more than “I’LL HAVE MY REVEEEENGE!!!” is pretty cool.

Looks to be pretty cut-and-dried to me; Juri makes her debut in another evil scheme cooked up by S.I.N. head honcho, Seth, along the way kidnapping the Shadaloo Dolls and seriously messing with the Interpol SF-ers. Will Juri be evil through and through, or will the kidnapped girl from years ago somehow show up and redeem herself? Nah…
Anyway, we’ll see in a few months when this anime pops up as we get our Super Streetfighter IV in late April.

Super Streetfighter IV: GONZO Anime, Collector’s Edition and Release Date

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This is for that horrible live-action movie.

Nope, Capcom hasn’t revealed the last few remaining fighters for Super Streetfighter IV. However, they showed off a pretty chunky update today on the Developer’s Blog and Official SSFIV site.

There are a couple of New Trailers online- the first is a redone and slicker spot showing off Juri, T-Hawk, Deejay, Cody, Adon and Guy. Nice stuff, but a lot of it has been seen before save for some cool new stylized cinematics showing a battle between Juri and Chun-li.

Big, hulking Guile getting bullied by a tiny wisp of a girl?

The cooler new trailer is for a new anime feature that will be exclusively packed in with the Japanese Xbox360 version of the game, courtesy of the world-renowned GONZO Animation studio. The anime will star Juri Han, the new Taekwondo villainess and agent of S.I.N.
It’s been mentioned many times before that Juri, despite being a bad girl, is the main character in the SSFIV storyline, so she’ll be at the center of it all in this OAV. She’s apparently carrying out another sinister scheme for Seth which involves more kidnapped martial artists as well as The Shadaloo Dolls. As usual, good guys Chun-li, Cammy and Guile are on the case, and they’re going to have a nasty fight on their hands with the Feng Shui-powered dominatrix. It’s possible that there’s more to Juri than simply being some invincible evil uber-babe, and revelations about her past may impact on what happens in the end. In any case, the anime looks to have tons of action and high-kicking hotties… which is always a great thing.
Apparently the trailer for the Juri anime is already up on Xboxlive in ENGLISH, so a US release of this is likely as well, to be packed in with the game.

Juri, Chun-li, Cammy AND the Dolls… this anime won’t be short on babes.

Finally, there’s news of a Collector’s Edition, which apparently includes an artbook, soundtrack and anime DVD. All cheeky stuff, but it’s still a bit of a wait- apparently this all comes on both PS3 and Xbox360 on April 27 for the US, while Japan gets their fighting fix a day later on April 28.

Well, fight fans, this looks to be the Big Event for Beat ‘Em Ups this year so far. Mark down those calendars. There should be more SSFIV news in the weeks ahead (we’re gonna have to wait a bit more for new characters…), so all we can do is just enjoy these new trailers and info for now and keep chugging along. Sigh…

Dragon Age: Endings and Beginnings

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As right as rain, I called it correctly and was able to finish off the main quest in Bioware’s RPG epic, Dragon Age: Origins, over the weekend. I did it with my male human noble rogue, twice- each with a slightly different take on the resolution of a certain character but both making sure my adventurer lives to quest again another day. I certainly am looking forward to the sequel/expansion, Dragon Age Awakening this March.

For now though my questing isn’t over in Ferelden even- right afterwards I started off another human noble rogue, this time female, with my eyes on the throne (heheh). I’ll also start off quests for elven and dwarven characters as well. It would be safe to say I’ll still be playing this weeks and weeks still from now. It’s really been a while since I’ve played an RPG I’ve been driven to actually finish, and then want to replay again and again and again, just to see the various aspects and sides to the story. Games like this don’t happen all the time… I’m gonna play this to the bloody hilt. Later then!

Weekend Warrior (and Mage, and Rogue)

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FINALLY, at long last, the freakin’ work week is over. Been a long seven days.

I am really looking forward to catching up on sleep, and then hunkering down to finishing my first playthrough in Dragon Age: Origins. It’s the data with my Human Noble Rogue, who at present is at level 15 and pretty much kicking ass wherever he goes with his dual enchantment-enhanced daggers, with a party of comrades who all LOVE him. Playing the Rogue is awesome since you have lockpicking right off the bat, giving you access to tons of locked chests which every other class apparently can’t do crap with (anybody ever heard of Knock spells? Bend Bars??). Anyway, my Rogue’s deep into the last major quest before the big endgame. But as far as I can tell, the final leg of Dragon Age is still pretty chunky, so it may take an entire weekend’s playtime to get to the finish. Then… onto a different class and maybe a different race. Man, this game keeps on giving and giving.

Hope you’re all having as much fun on your weekend break as well. Later!

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition brings Excellance

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Designer dress and shoes, $10,000. Kicking zombie ass in style, priceless.

Kotaku just posted a bunch of screens from the upcoming upgrade/expansion to Resident Evil 5, the beefy Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. Not only do you get extended adventures showing off the behind-the-scenes action with Jill Valentine and Josh Stone, you also get a new playable character in the Mercenaries minigame- namely Tricell’s cold-blooded beauty of a CEO, Excella Gionne. Let everyone else fight in unsightly combat gear or tacky costumes- Excella shops for her splatter outfits only at Rodeo Drive. Also being shown are the individual character-specific attacks for the characters, including Stone’s elbow drop on the hapless Majini.

Anyway, I really think a real boss fight or a more prolonged hands-on confrontation with Excella was missing in RE5 (no, fighting her transformed into a big tentacle blob doesn’t count), so now you can see her in down-and-dirty action. Maybe it will be worth getting the Gold Edition just to see Excella chomped down by a Reaper? Anyway, this is out in a couple of months.

“Zombie, SMASH!!!”

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Defend the shack in hand-to-screen combat.

Man, I’m beginning to post a more and more about games on the iPhone. Soon I may have to change my blog name to The Phone Gamer. Nah. Anyway, can you really blame me? iPhone games have of late gone beyond the borders of simple tower defense or puzzle games to really console-competitive titles. The US and Euro territories already have gotten a release of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (which is still not out in Asia, goddamit Rockstar), and there was the recent release of Assassins Creed II. The iPhone has shooters, fighting games, RTS titles and more, and it’s almost certain that more and more developers are going to want a piece of the Apple Pie. That can all only get more feverish once the game-friendly Apple Tablet is revealed next week.

Anyway, one thing that is not lacking in iPhone games are zombie titles. You have a gaggle of Resident Evil titles (which I am not too happy with, anyway) Call of Duty WAW Zombies and more that let you splatter undead brains all over the place. The latest title is the one above, Zombie Smash, from Game Doctors. It’s another defense game where you, the quarry of the unrelenting zombie hordes, have inexplicable access to all manners of defenses and powers including wrecking balls, mines, sniper rifles and even just the killer powers of your pointy-finger to sadistically smash, fling, shoot, explode and SMASH the brain-hungering hordes to oblivion.
This, of course, is not new- there have been other titles in this vein- Knights Onrush and Castle Frenzy at least. But well, this kinda appeals to me thanks to some pretty nice art (very reminiscent of another game I am awaiting for, Plants vs Zombies), ragdoll animations and some cool options like the ability to queue the zombies you want to grind up. Even though I have two finger-defense titles already, I’ll probably pick this one up when it comes out supposedly in February.

Hopefully though, even before then I’ll be playing PvZ on my 3Gs which SHOULD be out sometime within the next several days. Fingers crossed…