SSFIV’s Out… Where’s the Juri OVA?

What’s Juri’s story before the game? Perhaps the OVA will tell us…

By now pretty much anyone who wants Super Streetfighter IV already has their copy, or it’s on the way. Me? I actually got two copies, so I’m selling off one to a friend. Anyway, according to Andriasang, Capcom announced today that the first shipment of over a million copies of Super have shipped worldwide. That’s a lot of fighting. But hey, after all this time, why haven’t I seen much of the Juri OVA?

You remember- the Original Animation Video created by Gonzo specifically for release with the Xbox360 game, meant as a prequel to the events in the actual game. As far as I can tell, the OVA introduces Juri, has her taking out some Shadaloo elements (along with doing something to the Dolls) and then later encountering Chun-li (and giving her a beating), Cammy and Guile. How does it end? Well, who knows yet… but it ends just before the game starts, so everyone’s up and about afterwards anyway.

I still wanna see the anime, so I’ll keep my eyes out. If anyone out there has it, or has seen it, chime in and say if it’s Yea or Nay for the latest Streetfighter animation. Just tell me it’s slightly better than the in-game cutscenes and I’ll be happy…


2 Responses to “SSFIV’s Out… Where’s the Juri OVA?”

  1. in cammy’s little story mode juri is her rival match and cammy is pissed about the dolls and juri brings up cammy’s pass so this may go back longer then we all know

    • I’m almost certain that Cammy’s line- “You’ll pay for what you did to my sisters!” referred to whatever Juri did to the Dolls in the OVA.

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