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Happy New Year!

Posted in Gaming, My Stuff on December 31, 2007 by thelonegamer

It’s now 2008 here in Lonegamerland, and I have to say it’s about time. 2007 wasn’t a bad year… but it wasn’t the greatest of years either. Bioshock was an awesome title, and Mass Effect later in the year looks to please me for a long time to come. Oh, and Virtua Fighter 5 is still a favorite of mine on PS3, even though an arguably better version came along for the Xbox360. Heavenly Sword was a short but sweet distraction for one afternoon, and that was that.

So now, 2008. I’m looking forward to the inevitable fighting game greats set to release this Year of the Rat. There is of course Soulcalibur IV, a game we’ve seen scandalously little of the past year. Hopefully starting at this January’s CES show, more about this PS3/Xbox360 sequel will be revealed along with a playable version. So far we’ve only seen screenshots and those first couple of trailers, so we information-starved fans are rabid with anticipation.

But of course, I have to say that I am eagerly anticipating SCIV solely for the reason that Tekken 6, my present Game of Games, is supposedly only coming out after the Namco slasher debuts first. But given that the pretty-much-completed arcade version of T6 is built on what’s basically a modified PS3, a home conversion shouldn’t take too long. But speed surely won’t impede on quality- Namco has always had an impeccable track record for the great value in their home ports of their flagship fighting game, so the PS3 version of Tekken 6 should be awesome (more on that later).

Then there’s Metal Gear Solid 4. So often delayed, we will hopefully see this by mid-year 2008, but something tells me I’ll probably be playing around with Jin Kazama and company before we see Old Snake. Still, it should be out within the year, and given how much buildup we’ve had leading to this finale for the stealth-action series, this should be something to remember.

Final Fantasy XIII. Dare I even say it? There’s no sign that this long-awaited sequel will make it this year, but one can always hope. I say, no. But whatever. Then again, I kinda stopped being a FF fan with the debacle that was FFXII. Hopefully the 13th game will bring back the magic.

So many more titles I am awaiting… Fallout 3. GTA4. DOA5? 2008 seems so full of promise, and the titles set to release for sure this year are set to make my PS3 earn it’s keep FINALLY after more than a year’s wait. For now though, may all of us have a safe and Happy New Year’s celebration, for 12 more months of gaming awesomeness to come. Later then, gamers!

Tekken 6 Game Vision Tournament

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3 on December 30, 2007 by thelonegamer

I just watched 85 minutes of expert-level Tekken 6 gameplay, courtesy of Game Vision of Japan. The video file is a 1.25 Gig avi, which is best downloaded via bittorrent. The video is, thankfully, crisp and clear- much clearer than most videos of the game out right now (save perhaps the ones posted by Challenger Japan.

What can I say? More than ever, I am so in love with this game. For one, it looks… AWESOME. Thanks to the clear vid, it’s much easier to see how lovely the characters’ faces and facial animations are, particularly the ladies’ faces during intros and win poses… wow… if the movies/cinematics in the PS3 version are in-game graphics, I’d be satisfied. I can now easily say- Tekken 6 is THE prettiest fighting game out right now. Even Virtua Fighter 5 seems a bit pale in comparison. I want to see this game on my HDTV so damn much.

Even better, the fighting action looks incredibly fluid and slick. While the Rage System and juggles are still a major factor, it seems to have toned down a lot from before, making for longer, more exciting and competitive bouts. Wonderful stuff!

More than ever… I. Want. This. Game. Man, that PS3 version can’t come out soon enough.

If you can do bittorrent, you can find the Game Vision torrenthere. Please seed it for as long as you can so more people can download and see the fighting goodness that is Tekken 6.

First Tekken 6 Arcade Review

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3 on December 29, 2007 by thelonegamer

NOTE: This is for Tekken 6, original arcade version.

SD Tekken just posted what appears to be the first-ever Tekken 6 review. The report is from Masakun, avid Tekken player and fan who headed off to Japan recently to experience the game for himself (lucky bastard). It’s a pretty detailed, to-the-point review, which is cool. For the most part, Tekken 6 looks to be my dream game. Check out the review here.

So, what do I think? I am happy that the review has lots of detail, particularly on info about the customizations and characters. There are some iffy parts though, mainly the ones that are basically just his opinion. I have to say I like how the game uses in-game characters in motion instead of just character art like in previous games. I happen to like the music (although I agree Tekken 5, and the original Tekken, had the best music in the series) and don’t feel it’s ‘out of place’. I also feel that the comment about comparing this game with Smash Brothers was just exaggerating.

Some idiots may interpret this review as saying the game is crap. At worse though, I feel it is saying that Tekken 6 is like the series’ equivalent to Soul Calibur III… a sequel that has tons of new content and new characters but was seen as having broken or unbalanced gameplay. However, I LOVE Soul Calibur III. So I probably will LOVE Tekken 6. I love how each character is almost totally unique now, and the gameplay and animation so much more fluid and natural, barring the overpowered juggles. I can’t wait for this game, and I just am crossing my fingers for an announced date for the PS3 release. As the review says, the arcade version is made on a PS3-compatible system… a conversion should be quick. More on this as it happens.

1Up Streetfighter IV Special

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming on December 29, 2007 by thelonegamer

It’s online, and ready to be devoured by fighting game fans. Just head on over to and download away.

What can I say? I’m not entirely sold. And I am worried. There are interesting bits, like how the producer intends to make the game more accessible to newbies and neophytes rather than leaning towards the hardcore players as SF3 Third Strike did. I can’t see how you can EVER level a playing field between skilled and novice players without breaking a balance though. The new Saving and Revenge systems sound cool, but still way over my head.

I am very worried about how it may all end up like a glorified remake of SF2, instead of a true sequel which it should be. I don’t like the art style- I actually find it ugly- like, beaten with an ugly stick ugly. I don’t believe that fighters should look monstrous or musclebound like hams to be awesome- if that was the case, then every fighting game would look like Fist of the North Star.

I am intrigued at any new characters, particularly female newcomers. I guess once pics or images of Chun Li in this game finally appear, we may have an idea of how the other girls will appear. Hopefully they won’t appear like they’re from a bodybuilding competition.

Still on the fence on this one. I’d kick it out of the door for Tekken 6 or Soulcalibur IV in an instant right now (I don’t think that will ever change though, but I will consent to keep it in the house), honestly- a lot of things have happened to fighting games since SF2, or the 2D SF games, and you just can’t go back. But SF is a beloved franchise, so I’ll keep a warm place in my heart for it. We’ll see what happens soon.

The Worst of Streetfighter

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming on December 28, 2007 by thelonegamer

Now THIS is hilarious. Here’s a collection of the most embarrassing, laughable, ridiculous, fan-excruciating, stupid and just plain weird moments, dialogue, action, situations and other odds and ends from what may possibly be the worst incarnation of Capcom’s Street Fighter ever- the US Streetfighter cartoon series.

Thanks goes to Kotaku for bringing this to our attention, and to TheSwitcher for doing all the funny dirty work.

About that Streetfighter Movie…

Posted in Fighting Games, Game to Movies, Gaming on December 27, 2007 by thelonegamer

Okay, there’s a bit of news about the upcoming Streetfighter movie. As we’ve reported before, this new film will focus on none other than Chun Li, so it comes to no surprise that the tentative title is going to be Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. Ooh. Anyways, the script is being penned by Justin Marks, whose previous credits include work on He-Man and Voltron… Yikes… The movie will be directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, who worked on Doom… YIKES. Finally, Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk will play the titular heroine. Hmm. Well, she IS a babe, and does have Chinese blood… so… we’ll see. Doom… Voltron… Ugh…

Chun Li!
Feast your eyes on the Strongest Woman in the World…

Tekken 6 Up-to-the-Minute Report

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3 on December 25, 2007 by thelonegamer

Okay! Not even Christmas can silence the metallic smacks of bouts all over the web. The December 24 Patch for Tekken 6 has supposedly been installed in Japanese machines, finally unlocking Mokujin for use as a playable character. Aside from that, BIG nerfing was enacted for the previously overpowered newbies Bob, Miguel and Leo (Zafina wasn’t mentioned, but we assume she’ll be affected as well since she did seem a bit too strong). Rage damage has also been halved, so hopefully Tekken 6 matches will last a little bit longer than the Leo One Minute Rapes.

This should all go to balancing out the game better. I’ve been watching vids left and right, and really- the new characters were just eating up veteran fighters like candy. It doesn’t help that I find three of them- Leo, Bob and Miguel- a bit uninteresting to watch. Leo and Bob are basically just strikers, and have mundane moves just give far too much power and combo-readiness to make up for coolness. Miguel only needs like three moves to maul his opponent, and his unreasonably powerful non-style is entertaining only for a couple of matches.  I’ll probably like them more once I get to use them and know their repertoires, but for now I am glad they have been levelled down.

I’ll try to scope out some arcades in my parts soon to see if there’s a Tekken 6 machine out there somewhere. I just want this game yesterday. Already. Damn. It’s going to be a hard, hard wait for this on PS3.