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What Would a Tekken Tag 2 Win Animation Look Like?

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And you thought they couldn’t get any creepier…

As of right now we have no idea how Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will handle win animations. Every character has their own signature win poses, but how will tag teams mug it up for the cameras after a victory? Will we see familiar poses, new poses, remixed poses? Anyway, here’s a little doodle of what I think should be one of the win animations, melding together two of Tekken 6’s creepiest victory cutscenes. What do you guys think? Heheh…

Streetfighter High: The Musical Rocks!

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Not only is Jennifer Zhang pretty hot as Juri, she also nails the mad femme fatale’s crazy eyes.

Cross Capcom’s mega-popular fighting franchise with High School Musical and what do you get? Streetfighter High: The Musical, that’s what! The sequel to the popular Youtube fan film Streetfighter High arrives with a LOT more characters (heck, they even managed to squeeze in freaking Geki), more cool costumes, more teen angst, lots of hot babes and a ton of singing and dancing. It all comes together for about 20 minutes of awesome SF parody and comedy that fans of the game should enjoy and appreciate to no end.

What can I say? The characters look great thanks to spot-on casting and some cool costumes, and the actors are game and having fun. I have to say that the simple fact that they managed to squeeze in so many characters into the show earns it a three thumbs up from me.

This is truly an exceptional work that surely any fan of the iconic fighting game should appreciate and enjoy- regardless of how they may feel about musicals. There’s some groovy fighting action and some pretty hot babes (Juri… wow) along with all the wacky comedy and occasionally cringe-worthy singing, so it’s all a win for me.


The action in the credits is worth the price of admission (if there was one)!

Seriously- between this and Streetfighter: The Later Years, Capcom shouldn’t find it so hard to make movies or TV shows based on SF. Why are they still putting out crap like Legend of Chun-li? Sigh. Streetfighter fans, just watch it, look for your fave fighter and just enjoy!

Time Crisis… The Movie!

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Hah! If only all videogame-to-movie translations were this cool. Check out this awesome spoof of Namco’s arcade shooter from Youtube superstar Freddie Wong, complete with unlimited ammo, generic goons, slide stunts, quarters and a Boss Fight! Oh, and there’s also Andy Whitfield (Spartacus: Blood and Sand) manning the guns with the Aimbot as well. Man, this makes shooting guns so freakin’ cool like nothing else. Best 2 1/2 minutes I’ve spent all day. Hahaha!

Metal Gear Solid 4 by Mega 64

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Here’s a sketch from videogame comedy group Mega 64 spoofing Konami’s flagship stealth action opus… made particularly awesome by a surprise guest at the end.