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Battle for Hoth landing on iPhone!

Posted in iGaming, Mobile Games, My Stuff, Tower Defense Games on May 20, 2010 by thelonegamer

“Imperial Walkers! We’ve got Imperial Walkers!”

Every so often a game announcement gets me giddy with excitement and childish glee. This is one of those announcements. It’s The Battle for Hoth for the iPhone, yet another Tower Defense game but with perhaps one of the coolest (heh) themes EVER. I mean, how much more epic can a defense be than the Battle for freakin’ HOTH?
Taken from the most iconic setpiece battle in sci-fi cinema, Battle for Hoth puts you in the role of the Rebel Commander, facing off against the relentless Imperial Forces. You have to use everything in your limited power to defend the Shield Generators, in order to keep your main base, and your retreating comrades, safe as long as you can. The enemy has legions of troops, speedy bikes, nimble AT-STs, creepy spider droids and, of course, the mammoth AT-AT Walkers. Defeat may be inevitable, but you’re gonna make the Empire feel your courage before the day is done.

You’ll deploy rebel troops, laser turrents and speeders to defend your base, and perhaps even an X-wing. Or give the Imperials a taste of the Ion Cannon!

The game will have 15 levels, with new units being added to the fray with each new level. The graphics look awesome from the screens, now if the sound effects are true to form (and they should), this game should tickle the Star Wars fan (no matter how oppressed by crappy prequels) in you for sure. No word yet on when this game hits the appstore, but supposedly release is ‘imminent’. Man, I can’t wait. I remember the good ol’ days of Empire Strikes Back on the Atari 2600, battling sinister AT-ATs lumbering towards my base with my teeny-tiny snowspeeder. If this captures even just half the excitement, tension and sense of dread as the Walkers stomp in, Battle for Hoth is gonna rock. More as I get it.

Zombies are… HERE!

Posted in Game-related Events, Gaming, iGaming, iPhone, Mobile Games, My Stuff, Tower Defense Games on February 15, 2010 by thelonegamer

Now invading iPhones everywhere.

Yep, start boarding up those windows and barricading those doors… the Fun-dead have arrived on the Apple appstore via a port of PopCap‘s best-selling Flower Defense game, Plants vs Zombies. The game is now available in most territories (New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Asia) as of this writing- the US should already have it as well, or soon enough. The game costs a pretty reasonable $2.99.

I’ll be getting the game myself by tonight and posting my thoughts as soon as I get to playing. This early though entries over at Touch Arcade’s forums have noted the game’s apparent lack of Survival modes or minigames, and apparently only one level of difficulty. I’m hoping that DLC or updates rectifies these odd omissions for a truly perfect patch of zombie-ridden soil on the iPhone. More as I get it.

Plants vs Zombies Update

Posted in Game-related Events, Gaming, iGaming, iPhone, Mobile Games, Tower Defense Games on February 9, 2010 by thelonegamer

According to PopCap Games’ Plants vs Zombies Facebook page, the much-delayed Side-Scrolling Tower Defense game’s iPhone version will hit the AppStore on February 15. Originally slated for release late last year, the iPhone PvZ has been repeatedly pushed back, first to late December, then mid-January, and now mid-February. This final time though, the devs seem pretty committed to their release date, even releasing a new iPhone-specific trailer.

Well, that’s good news for me- I played a couple of PvZ clones recently, and they just aren’t up to snuff. My only hope though now is that all this extra wait will result in a portable PvZ that has everything in the PC/Mac versions, and will play flawlessly on the iPhone even during the most zombie-clogged sieges.

Anyway… one more (and hopefully last) week of waiting then.

Pigs Vs Wolves!?

Posted in Game-related Events, Gaming, iGaming, iPhone, Mobile Games, Tower Defense Games on February 4, 2010 by thelonegamer

Oh, PopCap Games, what have you started? The relatively young genre of Tower Defense is now pretty crowded, and now there are emerging upstarts in the head-to-head, chessboard-like TD layout made popular in the mega-popular Plants Vs Zombies.

Just debuted on the appstore for the iPhone and iPod Touch is Pigs Vs Wolves, a pretty obvious but quite attractive PvZ wannabee. What sets this one apart from other clones is the clean, cute and eye-catching art style and some cool-looking character designs for both sides of the struggle.

Anyway, I bought it and played it a bit… yep. It’s nowhere near as deep or as nuanced as PvZ. It’s very limited in the options for your defenses, and even the simple size of the battlefield limits the game. Also disappointing were the animations- pretty stiff and unappealing. Anyway it’s not horrible- but I think it’s slightly less appealing than the other PvZ clone, Dictator Defense. If you’re really itching for another sidescrolling TD game in lieu of PopCap’s title, perhaps you may give this a try. But well, after playing it, I’d much rather play something like Defender Chronicles instead. So… back to waiting for PvZ then…

“Zombie, SMASH!!!”

Posted in Game-related Events, Gaming, iGaming, iPhone, Mobile Games, My Stuff, Tower Defense Games on January 22, 2010 by thelonegamer

Defend the shack in hand-to-screen combat.

Man, I’m beginning to post a more and more about games on the iPhone. Soon I may have to change my blog name to The Phone Gamer. Nah. Anyway, can you really blame me? iPhone games have of late gone beyond the borders of simple tower defense or puzzle games to really console-competitive titles. The US and Euro territories already have gotten a release of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (which is still not out in Asia, goddamit Rockstar), and there was the recent release of Assassins Creed II. The iPhone has shooters, fighting games, RTS titles and more, and it’s almost certain that more and more developers are going to want a piece of the Apple Pie. That can all only get more feverish once the game-friendly Apple Tablet is revealed next week.

Anyway, one thing that is not lacking in iPhone games are zombie titles. You have a gaggle of Resident Evil titles (which I am not too happy with, anyway) Call of Duty WAW Zombies and more that let you splatter undead brains all over the place. The latest title is the one above, Zombie Smash, from Game Doctors. It’s another defense game where you, the quarry of the unrelenting zombie hordes, have inexplicable access to all manners of defenses and powers including wrecking balls, mines, sniper rifles and even just the killer powers of your pointy-finger to sadistically smash, fling, shoot, explode and SMASH the brain-hungering hordes to oblivion.
This, of course, is not new- there have been other titles in this vein- Knights Onrush and Castle Frenzy at least. But well, this kinda appeals to me thanks to some pretty nice art (very reminiscent of another game I am awaiting for, Plants vs Zombies), ragdoll animations and some cool options like the ability to queue the zombies you want to grind up. Even though I have two finger-defense titles already, I’ll probably pick this one up when it comes out supposedly in February.

Hopefully though, even before then I’ll be playing PvZ on my 3Gs which SHOULD be out sometime within the next several days. Fingers crossed…