Super Streetfighter IV’s Hidden Colors

As the release of Super Streetfighter IV for consoles inches in, vids are flooding in online from lucky bastards gamers with early copies. Just a wee bit of looking around on Youtube will net you everything from rival cutscenes to anime endings (neither of which are particularly good anyway, as I’ve seen…).

Anyway, players who got the original Streetfighter IV have a nice little treat in store for them. The first time you slip in the SSFIV disc, it will look for a SFIV save. If you have one on your console, this will unlock the characters’ 11th and 12th colors. They’re not actually colors, strangely enough, but special ‘filters’ or graphical effects that give a nice effect to the character models. Color 11 is an ink outline effect (previously seen only in the PC version of SFIV), while Color 12 gives the fighters a sketchy, cross-hatching look, like that in the game’s opening cinematic. You can see Color 11 on Makoto in the vid below. It’s a pretty nice effect, I think.

Super Streetfighter IV comes out on PS3 and Xbox360 this coming April 28.


One Response to “Super Streetfighter IV’s Hidden Colors”

  1. I think it’s a rather cool gift, I always did like the inky cel-shading in the PC version.

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