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Getting into Dragon Age: Origins Awakenings

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Welcome to Amaranthine, Grey Warden.

Over the weekend I started playing the just-released RPG DLC/expansion, Dragon Age: Origins Awakenings. Though there are some bits that I wish the game had pushed through more on, overall this is a good return romp to Bioware’s Dark Fantasy gaming realm.

It is highly recommended that you finish the original Dragon Age: Origins first before tackling Awakenings, simply for the continuity. You are given the choice of transferring over your DAO character into the game, conferring your status as the Hero of Ferelden for some satisfying interactions and reactions from some of the folks you’ll encounter. For those not caring about their avatar’s past, you can start off Awakenings as an all-new character, a Grey Warden from the neighboring land of Orlais.

You start off the adventure running, your Hero just arriving at Vigil’s Keep in the new land of Amaranthine. This region, or Arling as its called, is actually connected to the original game; It was the former domain of the late Rendon Howe, ally to Teyrn Loghain and murderer of your Hero’s family (if you played the Human Noble). Obviously, your arrival as the new master of the land and commander of the Grey Wardens comes with pros and cons.

On the pro side, you’re literally THE Boss… how the land is governed or cared for goes by your decisions, and people will hop to your will as you command. On the cons side, there are daggers hidden behind some of the pasty smiles around you, so you’ll have to watch your back else you get yourself nailed. You’ll make good decisions, bad decisions and probably lose a bit of your innocence (in case you still have such going into Amaranthine from Ferelden), but then, everyone in Dragon Age accepts that Not All Heroes are Pure.

Continuing your career in Amaranthine plunks you straight into a freaked-up new workplace that Leon S. Kennedy would feel right at home in. The Grey Wardens’ new HQ has been invaded by Darkspawn, who apparently used subterfuge and strategy… something they never did before. In fact, you soon encounter TALKING Darkspawn, which is apparently a big thing. Eventually in between ruling your new land, dispatching bandits, uncovering conspiracies and gathering new recruits into the Grey Wardens, you’ll have to find out what is behind all the talkative baddies and bring peace to the strife-ridden county. To help you on your way there are new skills and talents, new weapons and armor that will make your Juggernaut Plate Mail look like old junk, and new creatures to use them on. The level cap has been bumped up to 35, so this adventure is really for the big boys now (entry level heroes start at 18).

So far I’m enjoying my romp back in Dragon Age; there’s a pleasant vibe of being kinda familiar and respected, though really- I wish that there was more from the previous game that carried over. SPOILER WARNING! So far I enjoyed having Alistair- scratch that- KING Alistair show up for an all-too-brief reunion and chitchat, although I understand that your former Grey Warden bro can’t go waltzing around Amaranthine with you since he’s busy as the new monarch. Irritatingly they had to pick the one companion from DAO that I liked the least to be your returning ally. To be fair, Ohgren has so far been entertaining (his Joining ritual is priceless) but really… I would have preferred they had given us a choice of two or three of your previous gang to pick, depending on the class of your main Hero. Oh well.

Anyway so far it’s been cool, though I have no idea so far what’s going on with The Architect. Who is this creepy new villain? What is he? What are his plans? Awakenings doesn’t seem to be anywhere as big as Ferelden, but I think I’ll be in for quite a bit of gaming in my first run, and surely I’ll be playing again in repeat plays with other characters soon after. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think there’s a Peasant Revolt I have to put down somewhere…

Dragon Age Origins Awakenings: Nathaniel Howe

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The last recruitable character in Awakenings comes from a surprising background.

Anyone who’s played through Dragon Age: Origins surely knows the name Rendon Howe. He was the hatchet man to Teyrn Loghain, the game’s main non-demonic antagonist and, for the players who used the Human Noble origin, the man who killed your parents. Now, the tables are turned as Rendon’s son, Nathaniel, whose life was trashed in the aftermath of his sire’s downfall and subsequent disgrace, has come to collect on his grudge from you. Ain’t revenge sweet indeed?

As this game is wont to do, you’ll probably have some leeway on how to deal with the young Howe- you can probably kill him quite handily, but surely he may also become a strong ally and find redemption for his disgraced house. Since two of my DAO characters are human nobles, this will be pretty interesting for me indeed. Will the son be cut from the same block as his treacherous father? Or will he become a true and valued friend and ally? We’ll just have to see…

Dragon Age Origins Awakening is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox360 in both disc or DLC. I hope to get my copy soon and continue my romps in Ferelden by the weekend.

Dragon Age Origins Awakening: Meet the Architect

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He’s designing… YOUR DOOM!!!

The last time an Architect turned out to be the master villain, it was waaaay back in the third Matrix movie, and he looked more at home selling chicken than orchestrating the extermination of mankind. Well, the Architect endangering the lands of Dragon Age: Origins looks far more menacing (even if they both seem to sound similar). Who or what is this mysterious power behind the new Darkspawn menace? A possessed mage? One of the original Darkspawn? Who does his hair? That should all be answered very soon as Dragon Age Origins Awakenings hits next week on PC, PS3 and Xbox360.

The Disciples are Awakening…

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The Dragon Age Origins: Awakening expansion is set to arrive in a week or so, along with a slew of other big titles. But this has a special spot for me since I can’t wait to transfer my Grey Warden Rogue into this new adventure. Maybe I’ll try to finish up the game with a couple other characters. Taking off from where the story ended in the original Dragon Age: Origins, Awakenings sees the Grey Wardens extending their attention to the new land of Amarinthine, combatting threats both internal and external. Along with recruiting new comrades and taking on various duties as the new Grey Warden Commander, players will have to contend with The Disciples- a new breed of smarter, more dangerous Darkspawn who have the ability to speak.

Bring it on, I say. The best thing about talking Darkspawn? Now I can understand their last words right before I kill ’em. Heheh. Awakenings drops March 16.

Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings Update

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Some Spoilers Ahead!

1Up has just posted a cool article regarding the upcoming expansion for Bioware’s epic dark-fantasy RPG, Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings. As mentioned in previous reports, this extended journey into the world of Ferelden and the new continent of Amaranthine will let players either take control of their existing Grey Warden hero from the first game or start with a totally new protagonist, a Grey Warden from the neighboring land of Orlais. Also mentioned before was that one of your old party members from the first game will be available to join your party for this second outing.

Well, in the videos shown in the preview we can see at least two familiar faces. There’s of course Alistair, your hero’s fellow Grey Warden and ultimately (at least in canon, apparently) the new King of Ferelden. Now, as much as I’d enjoy having Alistair’s wry company again, I seriously doubt that his majesty will be allowed to sally forth for a prolonged period of time (although if he can, I’d love it), so most probably the returning party member is someone else. Also appearing in a vid is the leathery dwarf warrior Ohgren, so he’s probably the one you’ll be taking on again.

The new members that you’ll be able to recruit in Awakenings include Anders, a somewhat sneaky mage who is constantly trying to evade the Circle; Velanna, a Dalish Elf mage with a hatred towards humans and Sigrun, a female dwarf rogue and member of the Legion of the Dead. Each one is supposed to be your tour guide to an extended look at more elements of the Dragon Age world. You can check out the whole 1Up preview article, with vids, here.

Still there’s very little solid info on this expansion, other than that you’re off to strange lands to both strengthen the Grey Wardens’ forces and investigate the rumors of intelligent, talking Darkspawn. I can’t wait to get my high level Rogue hero from Origins into this new adventure. Awakenings gets up and about in mid-March.