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Bad Girls ROCK! Juri Han Artworks

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A bored Juri looking down on someone she just flattened.

I haven’t drawn much recently save the occasional sketch on my iPad, so it’s quite a pleasant surprise for me to suddenly find myself actually producing a couple of full-color artworks out of the blue. Anyway, here are a couple of portraits of Super Streetfighter IV’s resident bad girl, Juri Han, sporting her cow-hair ‘do and leprous evil eye, looking mean and nasty and ready to kick Interpol police girls in the chest. I’ll try to do more game artworks when I can, to supplement the other blogging I do around here. Who knows, maybe I can pull off some Tekken X Streetfighter action scenes while I’m at it. We’ll see.

A very nasty but also very cartoony-looking Juri. I blame watching too many Shank videos for that…


Dragon Age: Origins Final Chapter Coming!

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Morrigan’s just desserts are about to be served.

Bioware’s hit RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, has seen a lot of expansions since the release of the debut game, and they’ve ranged from okay (Return to Ostagar) to meh (Leiliana’s Song). But really… if there’s any loose end worth chasing down post A.D. (Arch Demon), it’s… finding out where your dog went. NO! Obviously that’s the issue of SPOILER ALERT the fate of Morrigan and her (your) baby. For the benefit of those who didn’t play it (you should have, really)- things happened and you ended up bedwrestling with the Claudia Black-voiced enchantress and conceiving a child. No ordinary child this, but a child with the soul of an ancient god. After the final battle with the Darkspawn, Morrigan left and was never seen again.

Well, till now. Or, will be. Witch Hunt, the final DLC chapter of Dragon Age: Origins prior to Dragon Age 2, will tie up this hanging thread and reveal what happened to Morrigan, her child and what YOU as the Grey Warden Hero, are going to do about it. Will you reconcile and live happily ever after? Or will this all end in tears and bloodstains?

I absolutely loved DAO, so I’ll be picking this up posthaste once it releases on September 7 on both the PSN and Xboxlive Network for about $7. Till then, keep those Dragon Age save files ready!

Streetfighter X Tekken Trash Talk: Jun Kazama to Return, Release Date Revision?

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Gamespot just posted a cool video interview with Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada from Gamescom (Ono’s still in his Chun-li getup). As far as the development of the Crossover Fighters, exact details are scarce but the two devs do talk about how their teams are going about making the upcoming fighters, such as listening to fan feedback and suggestions.

It’s really fun to see these two producers from two high profile games spar and interact onscreen via their body language- you can tell they’re very comfortable with each other and are good friends… perhaps the one reason how this whole thing was made possible in the first place.

Anyway, there were two significant things I got from the interview. One, apparently Ono has fixated on the still-MIA Jun Kazama (apparently simply because Harada ‘wants her out of Tekken’) and has stated that he will include her in his game- a point up for Jun loyalists (I’m an Asuka fan, so whatever). Since these Crossovers are non-canon, anything and anyone goes, I guess. Still, I wouldn’t break out any champagne until I see character models and artworks.

The other significant point is the release date- Ono said that his early prognosis of a release after 2 years earned him a scolding from Capcom boss Keiji Inafune, so he and his team will try to get the game out sooner than that. Good to hear. Really, dudes… I mean, we all waited for Tekken 6 for at least that long, but in that case we had the arcade version to tide us over. Let’s hope these much-awaited titles arrive a LOT sooner rather than later.

Check out the whole video interview here.

Streetfighter X Tekken Gameplay at Gamescom

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Ryu and Kazuya clash in the land of beer and sausage.

Here’s a clip from IGN showing off some slightly different gameplay from the still-far-off crossover fighter, Streetfighter X Tekken. As before in SDCC, Ryu and Kazuya, with their respective female backups Chun-li and Nina, show off some signature moves, combos and a tag team-up maneuver.

Streetfighter X Tekken live-action ala Mortal Kombat?

The day’s presentation also included segments with live actors playing Kazuya, Ryu, Chun-li and Nina, as well as Harada-san and Ono hamming it up in some skits. It all looks pretty silly but awesome in its own way. You can watch the WHOLE show, costumes, katas, comedy and all, here.

Aside from the glimpse of Ryu in Tekken X Streetfighter though, nothing totally new revealed. Hopefully there will be more along once TGS arrives next month. Till the next update!

First Look: Tekken X Streetfighter!

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Devil Gene meets Satsui No Hadou? Freakin’ Awesome.

Kotaku just posted this scoop on Namco-Bandai’s Tekken X Streetfighter from the Gamescom floor. Though at this time only Capcom’s Streetfighter X Tekken is playable at the show (with the same gameplay as seen at the last SDCC), Katsuhiro Harada surprised guests with a VERY early look at his side of this crossover equation.

Ryu’s been Tekkenized!

Harada showed off a couple of screens showing off the character model for Ryu, in the more life-like, 3D Tekken style. However, it’s easy to see that the model’s very early and lacks the detail and quality you’d expect from something out of Tekken 6. Harada went on to explain that the model isn’t finished, and as yet was even using assets from existing fighters (Ryu was apparently wearing Paul Phoenix’s gi). He assured though that the Tekken team would work hard to not disappoint fans.

“Aren’t you a bit short for a Tekken Fighter?” Ryu’s actually wearing Paul Phoenix’s Gi for this image.

On a side note, Harada-san also mentioned in passing that his team was at present also busy with other things (such as, well… the next Tekken) and that his game would not be released until after Ono’s side has released theirs.

What can I say? Things look promising, even if Ryu’s model really looks very early (he kinda looks like Feng Wei). Looking at him though, it kinda comes out that Ryu just looks pretty… plain. Well, he IS supposed to be THE generic karate guy anyway, but maybe the Tekken team can add in their own touch to give him a bit more personality. Or perhaps it’s Ryu’s innate plain-ness that will allow him to look distinct in a game filled with lots of flashy-looking characters. We’ll see.
Anyhow, now I’m very interested to see how the other World Warriors will look going into this game. Pretty exciting, but hell… we’re gonna have a long time waiting for this one. Here’s to more stuff from the actual Tekken game holding the line in the meantime…

Two More Fighters Revealed for Mortal Kombat!

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Kitana returns for her fans.

A couple more Kombatants have now shown themselves, after the slight reveal last week of 7 additional fighters in the upcoming Mortal Kombat. Kitana, princess of Outworld, returns in her trademark blue outfit, face mask and razor-tipped fans (as well as a nice new hairdo!). Cyrax, the yellow/gold ninja robot, also makes his first appearance and has come equipped with his glowing green net attack.

Also revealed were two new stages- the Bell Tower and Jade’s Desert (will the insidious green ninja babe be far behind?). You can check out the released screenshots in HD resolution at Game Reactor. Mortal Kombat is set for release sometime in 2011.

Streetfighter X Tekken: Kazuya and Nina in Development

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Kazuya, SFIV-style.

Streetfighter producer Yoshinori Ono posted a couple of pics from the devlelopment of Streetfighter X Tekken over at his Twitter account. Surprisingly, these pics aren’t showing either Kazuya or Nina being beaten up by the World Warriors. What I can see for now is that the models sport some nice details, and that in the corner of the Kazuya pic I can see models of Bison and Juri… is this a subtle hint that they’re in the game? Juri vs Nina would be pretty cool… which one wins the right be THE purple-wearing vixen in the game. Heheh…

Anyway, Ono and his Namco-Bandai mirror, Katsuhiro Harada will be meeting up at Gamescom this week, and hopefully we’ll see a lot more of their crossover confrontations. I’m holding out for a look at Tekken X Streetfighter… you never know what Harada-san may be holding up his sleeve.

For higher-res versions of the two screens, go over to Fighters Generation.

Interesting choice of pose…