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Monster Mayhem: Finger Flickin’ Good!

Posted in Castle Defense, iGaming, iPhone, Mobile Games, My Stuff on May 7, 2010 by thelonegamer

Flick ’em. FLICK ‘EM ALL!

My latest iPhone game acquisition is Monster Mayhem from Chillingo, and let me tell you it’s fingerrifically fun from day one. MM is the latest in the Castle Defense genre- where players take the role of an unseen, well-nigh omnipotent observer who lays waste to attacking enemies through various weapons, defenses or effects initiated via direct finger swipes or taps onto the screen. In Mayhem you take the role of the Gravekeeper to a massive cemetery full of restless souls and slavering (if kinda creepily cute) monsters. The beasts have begun revolting (as opposed to just being revolting) and are throwing themselves in hordes at the gates of the cemetery. It’s your duty to keep them bottled in, by any means necessary.

The ‘means’ includes an arsenal of weapons that includes your handy-dandy blade (which lets you go mad with ginzu-frenzy on enemies), a pistol, shotgun and machine gun (great fun), grenades, a flame thrower and more. If all else fails, just NUKE the whole screen!

What Monster Mayhem has going for it in its young but crowded genre is a wonderful, cute and polished art style and incredibly responsive and cool controls. Flicking at enemies to cut them up into pieces with your blade is damn fun, and you do have quite a bit of precision with your attacks since at times you must avoid certain things onscreen to get at your actual target. There’s a large variety of playfully SD versions of monsters, from zombies to Frankenstein’s Monsters to even hopping Chinese ghosts and Japanese Kappa, plus a few screen-hogging bosses to take on and unload with your arsenal.

If you’re totally tired out of Castle Defense games, this won’t change your mind but if you’re like me and love this stuff, this is a winner. It’s got spit and polish, to-the-pixel controls and great Plants vs. Zombies style and flavor which makes it worth the 2 dollar price. I’m gonna be lovin’ this lots for a long time.