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Hadoken.Net Exclusive SSFIV Interview

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Dedicated Streetfighter site Hadoken.Net just posted an exclusive interview they conducted recently with Capcom’s Seth Killian on the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV. The good news? The interview is pretty long with a lot of good info… particularly the simple fact that the game is DONE. Yep, development has finished, so there’s really no point in any more ‘I wish Yun/Alex/Geki/Eagle/Jun Kazama were in it’ thoughts… heheh. Anyway, it’s been pretty slow recently in SSFIV stuff ever since the lovely reveal of the 3rd Strike fighters, so this should be a nice bit for anyone waiting for this latest SF. Check out the whole interview here.

Space Miner: Space Ore Bust!

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iPhone gamer that I am, I’ve been raving about Plants vs Zombies so much on the apple device- which is only natural- but really… it’s a port, and there are so many games that were made specifically for the appstore that are just as addictive, fun and engrossing as any hand-me-down from consoles or big screen computers.

One such gem in the appstore is Space Miner: Space Ore Bust. Basically it’s Asteroids with RPG elements, which actually works out pretty nicely. You play as a young, fresh-out-of-Space-Academy pilot who finds himself (or herself) out of work in the asteroid-littered galaxy. But you’re not unemployed for long as you soon shack in with your old Uncle Gritstone and take over the business of mining precious ore from asteroids. Gameplay is simple enough- blast the floating space rocks and you’ll sometimes find ore which you must then collect. Get enough profit and you’ll be able to upgrade your flying hunk-of-junk jalopy for something faster, more durable and well-armed. And you’ll need a better ship as you take on an army of robot drones belonging to a ruthless Space CEO, race to rescue marooned space tourists and put together clues to find the secrets of a lost alien race.

WOW! If that sounds cool, it really is. Space Miner is an excellent casual game that never really becomes too hard or frustrating (except maybe at Hardcore Level), and the wonderful graphics, animations and sound (the old country-style banjo music is priceless) make for a game that you can just play in a jiffy anytime, anywhere. It CAN get pretty addictive though as you’ll often find youself playing just a little bit more than you initially intended in order to earn enough for that cool upgraded cannon or shield. The story is well-written and funny and the overall look and feel of the game is polished beyond most throwaway titles on the appstore.

This space-shooter/RPG is one of my fave titles on the iPhone so far, and I highly recommend this for killing time (and asteroids) in a jiffy. There’s a reason why this title has gotten rave reviews from pretty much every iPhone Gaming site online- it’s pretty awesome. Go get it! Now!

Musing about Future Fighters: Tekken NEXT

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We know it’s coming… but when?

Just last week, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown was announced at the AOU. This fighting hoopla has got me thinking… are we going to see the next crop of Namco-Bandai’s beat ’em ups revealed anytime soon?

Soulcalibur IV came out a long time ago; it’s high time we heard of a slashing sequel. A few fighters’ endings in SCIV seemed to hint at a finality, but really- there’s a reason why this series has a tagline ‘Eternally Told’.

I’d love to see a whole totally new crop of characters- perhaps a couple grown-up kids of the previous batch. Xianghua and Kilik’s twin son and daughter, perhaps who fight as one (a dual-body character would be a first in the series)? Perhaps Sophitia’s daughter would be entering the fight, in her mom’s sandals? Ivy’s daughter or son, a white-haired emo pretty boy?

Truth be though, we’ll probably see old faves return more likely. There’s always a chance that a shard or two of Soul Edge is still out there, waiting to corrupt a heart or two.
Graphics-wise, SCIV was a spectacular game, so all I can say is I hope they still try to push the looks forward to fix the flaws and little chinks in the graphical armor of this title. Perhaps more solid and even more detailed character models? Also, please… no more guest characters. Please.

Then there’s Tekken NEXT. Series’ producer Katsuhiro Harada has hinted that the next Iron Fist game might not necessarily be called Tekken 7. Perhaps this heralds Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Imagine it- Tekken 6 graphics, MIA and retired fighters resurrected or drafted for another go, with Tag attacks, Tag throws, Double-Bound! combos and more. How about a Tag-team boss fight against Azazel and Nancy together? OUCH.

Perhaps not. As fun a mash-up would be, I’d actually prefer a proper sequel rather than a fan service non-canon free-for-all.

As with T6, I don’t expect a big time-leap, but perhaps a year or two may pass, allowing for stuff to settle down a bit after the world-shaking shenanigans of the Zaibatsu-GCorp Conflict. Hopefully questions will be anwswered such as Is Jin alive? Who will be in control of the Zaibatsu? Will Lars still be neck-deep in the central storyline? It gets me thinking though that some characters need to have a totally new goal to be relevant this time around. Zafina, for example, seemed totally centered around Azazel and the Jin-Kazuya conflict. However, all it takes is for her to see another vision or dream to give her another excuse to keep fighting and crawling around, so that shouldn’t be a problem… same goes for everyone else.

In general, Tekken 6’s endings all seemed to be stopgap resolutions- partly why I do believe a sequel is not far away. Hopefully Tekken 7 will do a lot things better where T6 kinda stumbled or stubbed its toe.

Graphics-wise; I don’t expect a big leap, but if they at least update HD settings so that T7 takes advantage fully of HD screens and displays at 1080p, even just teeny-tiny tweaks to the already-awesome character models will suffice. One thing we may see are more expressive facial expressions, which I recall Harada citing in one article last year. SFIV-class facial contortions in reaction to some attacks? Hilarious.

Gameplay-wise, I think Bound! and Juggles will remain, although I hope they fix some elements, or add something that just shakes up the game once again. Perhaps it will be more to do with the stages next time? Maybe they’ll be more interactive?

Customizations will surely be back and even more detailed- truthfully, I wish Tekken would just adopt SCIV’s manner of customization and allow players full control of the fighters’ look, head to toe. Yeah, it will open up that can of worms full of underwear-clad Asukas and Jins, but hey… if players want it, why not? Images of Bob in his briefs make me shudder though… yeesh.

Tekken is, ultimately, something that the devs won’t try to change too much or too radically. There are things expected of it which will ensure that any steps that the series takes will be baby steps at best. What we love of Tekken will remain, at least, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s really impossible to tell what’s next but as usual, we can always dream. Hopefully though we don’t need to dream too long till we get our next fighting fixes.

SSFIV Dev Blog shows Ninja Girl Love

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Ibuki unmasked.

This week, the first of the recently-revealed SF3 fighters to be discussed in Capcom’s official developer blog for Super Streetfighter IV is none other than the super-cute superninja, Ibuki! Arguably the most popular female in the SF3 roster, Ibuki was a shoe-in for inclusion in SSFIV, since the game is apparently a reunion of sorts for various characters in the franchise’s 20 year history.

According to the devs, Ibuki’s good points are based a lot on her appearance- her combination of old-style conventional ninja costume with her youthful good looks and playful cheerfulness. She’s described as a character for both intermediate and beginning players, whose strength is in her speed and ability to get in close and deal damage with her many combos and moves. The devs knew that her fans have been asking for Ibuki for a long time, so they really worked hard to bring her into SSFIV as perfectly as can be, from her fighting style to her costume, hair, facial expressions (even though she’s wearing a mask most of the time) and even the cool after-image effect she has when she does a quick dash.

Check out the very detailed translation of the devs’ remarks on the ninja hottie here.

Ibuki truly is a treat for me in SSFIV… darn, I’ve been waiting to see this ninja in 3D since Third-freakin’ Strike. DAMN! I guess everything does come to he who waits as indeed, I believe the devs freakin’ knocked it out of the park. Super Streetfighter IV is out in late April on PS3 and Xbox360.

Streetfighter IV iPhone Videos

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IGN just posted vids of the upcoming Streetfighter IV on iPhone. Due out in early March, this portable fighter apparently features 8 combatants- Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, Guile, Abel, Blanka, Dhalsim and M. Bison. What can I say? I guess hoping of the new SSFIV fighters on this version was hoping a bit too much… but the animation and fighting seems pretty cool for a mobile game.

If you’re a hardcore SF fan who likes the idea of Shoryukens on the go, this is probably a no-brainer. The lack of any of my fave fighters in the roster makes this only an optional buy for me, but I’ll probably spring for it if only so I can replace Blades of Fury as my iPhone’s fighting game. Maybe they can add more fighters via updates? Hmm…

This Capcom portable fighter is due out on the appstore sometime next month at the properly reduced price of $10.00. More as I get it.

Tekken Movie on Discovery Channel

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Looking for more footage on the live-action Tekken movie? Well, if you’ve got Discovery Channel HD on cable, you’ve probably already seen a lot care of action documentary show Stunt Stars, whose latest episode focuses on the game-to-movie adaptation.

The hour-long episode is mostly focused on Jin KAZUMA (goddamn it, can’t the writers at least get a name right???), Yoshimitsu (who’s looking very cool) and some thugs, but what’s there is pretty interesting to watch (even if a lot of it is in UNsubtitled French). SD-Tekken has posted the episode in five parts on Youtube, so check it out here if you’re interested in this upcoming fight flick.

Attack of the Prudes! Apple cracks down on Sexy Apps

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Sometime last week, Apple enacted new directives regarding apps submitted or existing on the appstore, effectively banning anything that has sex appeal. Apparently this includes everything from swimsuits, bikinis (or bikini/swimsuit-like apparel) and apparently any amount of skin more than just bare hands. Really, this is freakin’ ridiculous. Aside from the tons of ‘wobbly boob’ apps on the store, the Inquisition has also killed several harmless apps such as the dual-stick shooter, Daisy Mae: Alien Buffet.

What the hell? Apple… WHAT THE HELL? Yeah, your gadgets are sexy and all… but not THAT sexy.

I guess if you want hotness on your iDevice, you gotta load it on yourself. Really. Americans and their views towards sex will eternally confound me. Moving on…

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Unveiled at AOU!

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SCREW VF5R!!! I want THIS on my console NOW!!!

Some HOT fighting game news from Andriasang at the ongoing AOU 2010 show. Apparently Sega has just revealed a new entry in the Virtua Fighter series. No, it’s not VF6- this is still apparently within the VF5 chapter. The new upgrade is ominously titled Virtua Fighter 5: The Final Showdown.

Little can be gleaned though from this new game’s trailer. While there are so far no new faces aside from the VF5R debutantes (Jean Kujo and Taka-arashi). However, what is confirmed is the addition of new moves and animations for the fighters, as well as new costumes (including, in case you missed it from the vid, BIKINIS…Oh MY!). Also, VF5R players can transfer their stuff- from battle records to Fight Money, customizations and costumes- over to the new game as well. No word yet on exact new features of this new chapter in Sega’s flagship fighter.

So… what does this mean for us poor gaijin hoping for a VF5R on console? Man, all I can say is, I don’t want VF5R anymore. I. Want. THIS..

God damn. Sega, PLEASE bring this to consoles. PLEASE. PLEASE. More on this as I get it.

Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings Update

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Some Spoilers Ahead!

1Up has just posted a cool article regarding the upcoming expansion for Bioware’s epic dark-fantasy RPG, Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings. As mentioned in previous reports, this extended journey into the world of Ferelden and the new continent of Amaranthine will let players either take control of their existing Grey Warden hero from the first game or start with a totally new protagonist, a Grey Warden from the neighboring land of Orlais. Also mentioned before was that one of your old party members from the first game will be available to join your party for this second outing.

Well, in the videos shown in the preview we can see at least two familiar faces. There’s of course Alistair, your hero’s fellow Grey Warden and ultimately (at least in canon, apparently) the new King of Ferelden. Now, as much as I’d enjoy having Alistair’s wry company again, I seriously doubt that his majesty will be allowed to sally forth for a prolonged period of time (although if he can, I’d love it), so most probably the returning party member is someone else. Also appearing in a vid is the leathery dwarf warrior Ohgren, so he’s probably the one you’ll be taking on again.

The new members that you’ll be able to recruit in Awakenings include Anders, a somewhat sneaky mage who is constantly trying to evade the Circle; Velanna, a Dalish Elf mage with a hatred towards humans and Sigrun, a female dwarf rogue and member of the Legion of the Dead. Each one is supposed to be your tour guide to an extended look at more elements of the Dragon Age world. You can check out the whole 1Up preview article, with vids, here.

Still there’s very little solid info on this expansion, other than that you’re off to strange lands to both strengthen the Grey Wardens’ forces and investigate the rumors of intelligent, talking Darkspawn. I can’t wait to get my high level Rogue hero from Origins into this new adventure. Awakenings gets up and about in mid-March.

SSFIV New Trailer and Video with SF3 Fighters!

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Gamespot seems to have scored a scoop with the first trailer and videos featuring the three latest fighters to be revealed in Super Streetfighter IV. The new trailer shows off nimble ninja Ibuki, rich boy boxer Dudley and karate master Makoto taking it to the veteran SFIV crew. Capcom’s Seth Killian gave off an interview with Gamespot over the new fighters, which you can read here.

Here’s the new Character Reveal trailer from Gamespot, posted on Youtube.

Make sure to watch till the very end to hear a bit of teasing from the last fighter to be revealed…

Here’s a cool gameplay clip featuring Ibuki and Makoto. Seeing these two finally tussle again since their last appearances in Third Strike brings a tear to my eye. ..

Ninja babe vs Karate babe!

What can I say? I am, at this moment, beaming with pleasure. One of the biggest complaints I had with SFIV.0 was that none of the fighters particularly pleased me, but now that has all been fixed with the tons of new challengers added in SSFIV, particularly my SF3 ladies. Wonderfully, Makoto and Ibuki made the jump to 3D perfectly, I must say- Ibuki’s hair animations are great, and Makoto’s spunkiness translates well. Their movements and animations as well bring back wonderful memories of ass-kicking. The only wrinkles I guess are the english voices- which I find, while well-casted, are delivered kinda weak. In any case I’ll probably use the Japanese voices anyway for them so no biggie.

I can’t wait for more videos to pop up soon- it’s still a couple of months to release, so expect a lot more hyping of the new fighters and one last reveal (he’s still oiling up) to go.