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SSFIV AE: Evil Ryu/Oni Endings, Evil Ryu’s Chest Wound Explained

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UPDATE: A copyright claim by Capcom just took out the Youtube videos of Evil Ryu and Oni’s endings. I guess if you missed ’em, just wait for someone else to upload them or just wait a bit till the video embargo on them is lifted and they become available online again.

Meanwhile, the reason for Evil Ryu’s hole-in-the-chest is explained. The design is in reference to the manga Ryu Final (considered by many as the true telling of the story of SFIII), wherein he gets himself punched right THROUGH by Akuma in their final battle. It’s pretty intense, and if you wanna see the whole thing, get the translated manga by Udon. Every SF fan should have a copy.


Anyways, don’t worry about Ryu- though the manga goes out of its way to make it seem that Ryu went to the ol’ Dojo in the sky, going as far as showing off what appears to be his grave, the ending reveals otherwise.

Hey there, Ryu… RYU?!

It’s at this point where Alex should start running. Come on- the guy survived a freakin’ punch THROUGH the chest. What chance do you have, dude? Heheh…

Anyways, the manga is the work of artist Masahiko Nakahira, from whom the character of Evil Ryu actually first came to light (as well as character Karin Kanzuki, created in the Sakura Ganbaru manga, also made by Nakahira). Credit goes to for this info.

What Would a Tekken Tag 2 Win Animation Look Like?

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And you thought they couldn’t get any creepier…

As of right now we have no idea how Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will handle win animations. Every character has their own signature win poses, but how will tag teams mug it up for the cameras after a victory? Will we see familiar poses, new poses, remixed poses? Anyway, here’s a little doodle of what I think should be one of the win animations, melding together two of Tekken 6’s creepiest victory cutscenes. What do you guys think? Heheh…

Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #4 Review

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More ninja than you can throw a smoke bomb at.

After several months, UDON’s first comic series with Streetfighter III kunoichi heroine Ibuki is done with the release of Issue 4. Saving the big stuff for last, the finale contains a big ninja free-for-all as well as a big reveal before the ninja schoolgirl bids farewell for now.

Jumping right into last week’s cliffhanger with Ibuki, Makoto, Elena and Sarai being captured by the evil Geki clan, Issue 4 sees the bunch fighting back and getting some help from Ibuki’s ninja buddies from the Glade of Ninja. As fists and kunai go flying, we are treated to a quick but meaty revelation of both Ibuki and her ninja ‘family’s’ origins, as well as a nifty little glimpse of Ibuki if she was raised by the Geki… nah, I prefer the kunoichi cutie the way she is.
Anyway, it all ends well with a victory for the good guys, Ibuki going off to a new life as… a NINJA. Oh, and then Ibuki and Makoto FINALLY get to have their long-in-coming, proper fight… and THEN it ends. Darn it! Oh well… If you wanna see Ibuki and Makoto actually fight, you can always just pop out a copy of Streetfighter III Third Strike or Super Streetfighter IV.

As usual, artist Omar Dogan’s panels and pages are consistently clean and colorful, particularly with lots of nice fiery action during the climax. While there’s quite a bit of action as the young heroines and the Glade Ninja take on the Geki, with signature moves being thrown in for fans of the games. It all ended a bit abruptly though- Geki fans will probably be quite disappointed in the off-screen death of the lead baddie. The ending seems to tie in with Ibuki’s own ending from the videogame SF3 Third Strike, and as usual it’s open-ended. I’ve seen on the Udon and Omar Dogan’s Deviantart pages that more Ibuki or perhaps some of the other SF heroines (or a villainess) may be the subject of the next SF Legends series, so who knows… if fans ask for it, they may get more kunoichi in the future.

The first series with Ibuki was fairly enjoyable and does the character well. I certainly would welcome further adventures of the schoolgirl ninja, but I’m also particularly intrigued with perhaps a Makoto-centered series. Or perhaps something with Taekwondo Femme Fatale Juri. Only the future will tell. For now though, if you love ninja or Streetfighter, catch this series, or the trade, it once it sneaks into stores.

Bad Girls ROCK! Juri Han Artworks

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A bored Juri looking down on someone she just flattened.

I haven’t drawn much recently save the occasional sketch on my iPad, so it’s quite a pleasant surprise for me to suddenly find myself actually producing a couple of full-color artworks out of the blue. Anyway, here are a couple of portraits of Super Streetfighter IV’s resident bad girl, Juri Han, sporting her cow-hair ‘do and leprous evil eye, looking mean and nasty and ready to kick Interpol police girls in the chest. I’ll try to do more game artworks when I can, to supplement the other blogging I do around here. Who knows, maybe I can pull off some Tekken X Streetfighter action scenes while I’m at it. We’ll see.

A very nasty but also very cartoony-looking Juri. I blame watching too many Shank videos for that…

Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki#3 Review

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Finally, some action!

After quite a bit of a gap since the last issue’s release, Udon’s Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #3 finally hit store shelves this week. Though consistent with eye-catchingly colorful art and fun panels, I have my reservations with this first comic feature starring the Streetfighter III girls. Much of it though has to do with the small amount of pages this mini-series has, leading to a distinct shortage of actual action. Issue one could have had at least a bit of a confrontation between Ibuki and her karate rival/friend Makoto, but the fight never happened. Issue 2 was a bit of a disappointment, glossing over action once again more in favor of character relationship moments between Ibuki and girl-buddy Sarai. Really, a Streetfighter comic should have AT LEAST one solid fight or skirmish in every issue, somehow, someway.

Finally though, Issue 3 throws in the action we should have been treated to in the previous issues. At the beginning of the comic we see Ibuki sparring with African princess Elena, who made her debut last issue. It was short, but at least things happened. After some drama (which lets Ibuki show off more of the little girl inside as well as the tough ninja warrior), the ninja heroine and company then moves on to meet her final ninja test- a confrontation with Oro, the ancient martial arts master (and fellow fighter from SF3). There’s some bits of action, nice fight scenes from artist Omar Dogan, and your all’s well that ends well resolution. Really though- more pages devoted to the fighting and someone actually getting HIT would have made this TONS better.

A nice touch here though was a bit of drama on the part of Makoto, whose father and dojo were defeated by Oro years ago. The exchange between her and Oro was a nice bit of angst and emotion from the somewhat testy karate kid, and a good way to show off her true character in a more sympathetic light. I really don’t mind seeing Streetfighter Legends: Makoto someday, seriously!

This is far and away the best issue yet of this arc, and I really hope writer Jim Zubkavich wrote a suitably strong, action-filled finale to cap off this mini-series. The cliffhanger ending certainly looks forward to some butt-kicking from our three SF3 babes, so I’ll be hoping for a lot more fight next time.

UltraJumpEgg Tekken Manga Updated!

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His power is up to 9000!!!

The latest chapter (Battle 10!) of Ultra Jump Egg’s ongoing Tekken 6 comic is now online and ready for reading. After being used as a punching bag last time, Jin finally unleashes his inner demon to combat his similarly-devilish dad, Kazuya. The fight though is cut short by the timely interference of a certain Girl from Osaka… man, that Asuka is really something… NOTHING fazes her, not even a clash between two supernaturally-powered sorta-villains. While a bit over the top with Asuka facing down Devil Jin and giving him a stern talking to, I actually wish that this was how Asuka’s story mode ending in the game was… it’s far better than her freakin’ losing her lunch to Lili or that sorta crap. The story’s far from over though, as the arrival of Alisa adds a third side to the super-powered free for all.

I’ve learned though to curb my enthusiasm a bit- most probably they’ll either talk their way out or end the battle without too much action within the next issue, and that should be it for the current story arc. It’s intriguing though how Jin reacted to Asuka’s ability to bring him back to normal- ‘investigate her physique’? Yeah, he just wants to learn about her influence over the Devil Gene, but who knows what this could lead to? I really wish they used Asuka more to this effect in the canon storyline. It’s really high time she stepped up as a heroine in Jun’s direction more by now, even with an occasional catfight with Lili every now and then.

Check out the latest Tekken comic update here!

Tekken 6 Comic Updated!

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The Tekken manga’s first several chapters are now in printed form (but only in Japan).

The latest chapter or ‘Battle 9’ of Ultra Jump Egg’s Tekken Comic is now online and ready for reading, continuing the action-packed and often comedic (and surely non-canon) adventures of Asuka Kazama, Lili Rochefort, Leo Kleisen and more during the events prior(?) to the time of the Tekken 6 game. After her father’s company was taken away by the Zaibatsu, a now-impoverished Lili persuades Asuka and Leo to accompany her to confront Jin Kazama. They arrive at a devastated Zaibatsu headquarters, which has just been invaded by Kazuya Mishima. As they head deeper into the building, the three are soon separated, each one facing off with a formidable opponent…

Okay, as much as I love this manga for it’s till-now pleasing blend of both comedy and action, this particular chapter I found wanting. Perhaps I was just hyped a bit too much by the cliffhangers of last episode, which set up no less than three promising fights.

Unfortunately all of them have been resolved in this issue, and of the three, Two were only Half-Battles while one was a Non-Battle.
Asuka vs Eddy Gordo is easily the best since it was an actual fight, with Asuka having to find an opening in her kick-happy opponent. However, once she got a couple of blows in, it was over! I guess Eddy’s life bar was set to 10 percent. Next, Leo vs Panda wasn’t a fight at all, with Xiaoyu coming along and putting a stop to what could have been Androgynous Annihilation.
Lastly and most disappointingly, Lili vs Nina actually had a promising start with Nina actually getting the drop on her target. Lili managed to power out of the trap, leading to some pretty cool and limber moves. What could have been an awesome blonde battle was cut short though by Panda, with Nina being unceremoniously and quickly dispatched (poor Nina…). What a wasted opportunity for an epic babe battle.

Anyway, if it seems like Jin’s Tekken Force is turning out to be a paper tiger, the boss himself isn’t faring any better, as we find him bloodied and beaten by Devil (though that was kinda expected). Kaz gets ready to deal the final blow as Asuka and the rest race up to confront the two bosses…

So where is this headed? Will we see a finale in one or more issues? Will the manga end or continue? Will it go beyond or into the game story? Hopefully there’s more Tekken Comic to come, as there still doesn’t seem to be any sign of a fighting sequel yet anywhere. Till next month then, I guess.