iPhone Hack n’ Slash Twin Blades SHARPENED!

Sister Angela’s got a brand new bag…

One thing that I absolutely LOVE about gaming on the iPhone is that updates often come fast and furious, and not just little patches but big treats that can totally change the game you originally bought for the better. It’s a great way to appreciate how much your tiny investment of a few dollars in an app pays off big time after a while.
The game in focus now is a cool zombie shoot-and-slash title named Twin Blades. You play the role of Sister Angela, a kick-ass anime warrior nun who roams the land killing the undead. The original release boasted cool graphics and animations, but that was about it. Without a storyline and just a couple of zombie types, it didn’t take long for boredom and monotony to set in. However, the recent update to TB has totally freshened it up.

As seen in the trailer above, the new update adds in a Story Mode (YES!) with some pretty cool-looking (and BIG) bosses to fight, new weapons and upgrades to abilities and powers, a mini-map to travel around in, new stages and day/night cycles to change up the scenery. What was just pretty but shallow and repetitive action title that I thought was pretty much dead before just became one of my current favorite and addicting titles. Bravo, iPhone devs! Man, I wish console games could implement add-ons and improvements this great as fast.

Twin Blades is now available on the appstore, and is coming soon to Xboxlive Arcade.


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