Deadly Dilemma

I have to confess about something. I really, really, really want a copy of Deadly Premonition. This is a Suspense-action/Survival-Horror/Third Person Shooter budget title that was released recently on the Xbox360. The game has been both panned and raved about by game sites, some praising it to the roof for its quirkiness and humor, some damning it for its clunky basic gameplay and low-end production values.

I have to say I am leaning towards the former- I think the game’s not as bad as some may think, or at the very least it’s so bad, it’s GOOD. That’s so far what I’ve gathered after hours and hours of watching the game being played on Endurance Run over at Giant Bomb. Yes, the combat is dated and the driving looks awkward, but aside from that, it seems quite nice, and the odd cast of characters has endeared themselves to me- from your main guy/in-game partner York to the members of Greenvale’s police department who aid you in your mission. It’s a nice little sandbox of stuff that while not as pretty or sophisticated as the most cutting-edge titles, it has that certain oomph that makes it fun and engaging. And man, it’s actually funny, even if sometimes they probably don’t intend it… it’s gold.

While the editors playing the game aren’t always enthusiastic about it, I myself and enjoying watching the Twin Peaks-esque adventures of eccentric FBI agent Francis York Morgan.

Unfortunately there lies my dilemma as acquiring this game is a problem. The Xbox360 version is region-locked to the US (I own an Asian Xbox), which sucks. The Japanese version is, of course, Japanese. Now, there is the Asian PS3 version (which has the original Japanese title, Red Seeds Profile), which has some english support. Unfortunately it appears that it’s not 100 percent in english and has some bits (though mostly stuff involving sidequests) in Japanese. Also, this version costs about double that of the Xbox game. ARGH!

And so, here I am, stuck without any way of getting a full, 100 percent playable copy of Deadly Premonition. Unless they release an english Asian version I guess I’m gonna have to keep watching Giant Bomb.

Darn it, Zack. There must be an answer to this. What do you think, Zack?


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