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10 Things About Tron Legacy (The Movie)

Posted in Action Adventure, Game to Movies, Game-related Events, Movies, My Stuff on December 29, 2010 by thelonegamer

Just before I signed off for the holidays from work, I was able to watch Tron Legacy at the cinema. I saw the first Tron as a kid and remember it with fond memories. However, watching it today makes it look thoroughly dated, with not-really-that-great action, lots of techno-babble that went over my head and a long part in the middle that just went on forever. Well… at least this series is consistent.

1. First off, why did it take 20 years for Sam Flynn (Garett Hedlund) to figure out his dad was trapped in The Grid? The guy’s a genius, knows about The Grid and seemed pretty driven to find Flynn after his disappearance… he never thought about investigating that route? Also, nobody ever checked the arcade seriously? I mean, Sam found the ‘secret’ door after about a minute.

2. Villain CLU (a CG de-aged Jeff Bridges) actually looks very real during his first scenes. He only really becomes totally obvious CG at the very end, when his face almost splats into the camera.

3. Why, if CG was used to de-age Jeff, couldn’t the same effort be done with Bruce Boxleitner? I mean… the movie IS named TRON. It would have made more impact on an aspect of this movie that you could probably miss if you go on a bathroom break at the wrong time.

4. Need to improve/update a movie series’ signature action schtick? Just add acrobatics and fancy tumbling.

5. A big gripe I have with the one Light Bike battle was that I couldn’t really tell what was going on- hell, I couldn’t tell if the blue guy being hit was Sam or just a red shirt Blue Guy.

6. For something that should be incredibly epic, all the action scenes seem so small scale- enemies only come in small bunches every single time. I guess they took their training from Galaxian.

7. That very first Derezzing scene is the best one in the whole movie.

8. Kevin Flynn gets to indulge in his secret hobby- Star Wars cosplay. He even acts out a skit using a Jedi Mind Trick.

9. Castor (Michael Sheen) kinda reminds me of The Merovingian from The Matrix. ‘Cept he speaks in an English accent, not French.

10. The final Battle was… not a battle at all. Really, not even a good ol’ sock from Sam on smug CLU’s face..? Oh, he’s got his hands busy with something, er, someone else…

All in all, Tron Legacy wasn’t a waste of time, but it certainly wasn’t the big, sophisticated action/sci-fi fantasy I was expecting. As a sequel to a nostalgic favorite, it kinda delivers by at least being as good as the original film at least. If only as much effort was put into figuring out proper pacing as was put into the visual style, this movie would have been much better. Now, expect the tons of prequel stuff to come…


Disney’s Tangled: US VS Japanese Trailers!

Posted in Movies on November 22, 2010 by thelonegamer

In contrast to the previous post that was about a movie that’s months away, let’s focus on a movie that’s out this week. It’s Disney’s Tangled, their sassy and gorgeous-looking reinvention of the Rapunzel story. Now, I’m already sold on this, but still I devour every trailer, video and viral ad they put out online. Now, I also came across the Japanese trailer for the film, and it’s pretty interesting how different it is, tonally, from the US one.

The US trailer comes with upbeat music, witty narration from Flynn Rider, lots of fast edits of sight gags and slapstick and exhilirating action.

The Japanese trailer is decidedly more subdued in terms of comedy- it’s much more straight to the point, plot-heavy, with dramatic music and more emotional scenes. Oh, and the serious Japanese narrator. It brings to mind the same way the Japanese treat their own anime stuff, like Miyazaki films.
Also, instead of a Japanese dub, it’s subtitled- I guess the Japanese like having the US voices around. The difference in tone is quite fascinating and refreshing, although I guess I prefer the fun and light tone of the US ads.

Anyway, the film is out November 24. I’ll be watching this, hopefully soon after I watch the latest Potter flick. After watching heavy drama, it’s good to have some light-hearted fun.

Cowboys and Aliens Trailer… WHOA!

Posted in Movies on November 22, 2010 by thelonegamer

Now, this looks promising…

Some time ago I posted about a Cowboys VS Ninja movie… but heck, forget about that for now… here’s the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens. The names and faces attached to this alone make me giddy with excitement… freakin’ Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Jon Favreau, Daniel Craig and Harrison ‘Get off my plane’ Ford– who in particular looks to redeem himself after that Crystal Skull crap. For some reason this film reminds me of a B-movie back in the 80s titled Laserblast… probably because of the weird alien weapon-thingie attached to Craig’s wrist. This looks pretty cool, dammit. Another film to watch out for. Summer 2011 is gonna be damn awesome.

Sucker Punch Trailer Rocks!

Posted in Movies on November 4, 2010 by thelonegamer

Perhaps the most fantastic Women in Prison flick ever.

Some time ago we all saw the teaser trailer for director Zack Snyder’s next film, entitled Sucker Punch. It was cool, it was pretty, it was madness. Well, the first full trailer of this mindfreak eye candy cavalcade has more of a narrative. Apparently this film involves several hot babes in a prison using their brains to escape… but instead of just going the Clint Eastwood route and fashioning a faux bust and making a rubber raft from toilet paper, these girls seem to enter some sort of Dreamworld or Alternate Reality to accomplish whatever they’re trying to do in the real world.

If Snyder set out (and succeeded) in bringing a graphic novel to movie form with 300, here I think it’s weirdly the opposite- Sucker Punch looks like a movie vying to look like some mad-awesome graphic novel, with visuals that scream like splash pages and iconic action moments seemingly ripped from some mad mangaka’s fever dream imagination. Giant Demon Samurai? Fire-breathing Dragons? Robot Armies? Babes with Katanas? OODLES!

Anyway, it looks very promising. Something to watch out for next year at the theaters then. For now, check out the trailer!

Cowboys vs Ninjas Movie!

Posted in Action Adventure, Movies, My Stuff on October 19, 2010 by thelonegamer

Looks freakin’ awesome.

Here’s the trailer to the upcoming hack-and-slash-and-shoot fantasy action-adventure flick The Warrior’s Way, starring Geoffrey Rush (that’s Barbossa from Pirates of the Carribbean), Kate Bosworth and South Korean superstar Jang Dong Gun. The film is being produced by Barrie Osborne, who also produced the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so it’s sure to look pretty slick.

The trailer is hot stuff, with armies of flying ninja, gun-toting cowboys, surreal landscapes, and slow-mo swordfights. This came out of nowhere and looks pretty fantastic. Hopefully there’s a strong narrative to back up the great visuals and action.

Jang Dong Gun stars as Yang, a master warrior-turned-renegade who comes to the American badlands in order to flee his past. In a ramshackle town he meets an old drunk (Rush) and a circus knife-thrower (Bosworth), both of whom aren’t what they first appear to be.

Intriguing and exciting- even if it kinda has a similar vibe to the also upcoming Priest (must be the cowboy hats). I’ll be sure to check this one out. This is due out in December.

The Latest Harry Potter Trailer is EPIC

Posted in Movies on September 24, 2010 by thelonegamer

It’s gonna be hell waiting for Part Two.

I’ve always been a fan of the Harry Potter movies, even if I’ve only read one or two of the actual books. The peerless production, casting and continual development of the films from director to director has always been for the better, and it looks like they’ve saved the best for last. The final book of the series was judged too long to cram into one movie, which I’m sure is for the best. Part One already seems goddamn awesome with these trailers dishing out absolutely oppressive atmosphere, desperation and menace for the young Potter and his friends, and of course all of the Wizarding World. So check out the trailer and get ready for one heck of an adventure this November.

The Lone Gamer’s Review of Resident Evil: Afterlife

Posted in Fan Service, Game to Movies, Gaming, Movies, My Stuff, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 5, Survival Horror on September 21, 2010 by thelonegamer

Alice returns to kick some Umbrella ass.

Last night, feeling particularly weary in the head, I allowed myself to be beguiled by a larger-than-life standee of Milla Jovovich’s Alice character into watching the latest Resident Evil flick, Resident Evil: Afterlife, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. You know, I’ve been pretty hard on the RE flicks for one reason or another, though really- I’ve never really given them that much of a chance. I don’t think I’ve watched any of the first three movies in full (only bits and pieces on cable), given that I’ve had preconceived notions against them that prevented me from sitting down and just watching them.

The first movie, Resident Evil, turned me off right away by not including any of the game heroes and instead giving us an altogether new main character in the amnesiac Alice (Milla Jovovich). With few scares aside from the cliche jolts and some stylish kills, this wasn’t my cup of tea then.
The second movie, Resident Evil: Extinction, gave us Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) and Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr), but clunky pacing and a somewhat cheesy Nemesis turned me off again.
Then there was Resident Evil: Apocalypse, which is usually called the best of the three first flicks, although again I got turned off by the desert setting (Too Mad Max). I did like the action and the inclusion of Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) and the flick ended with a cool premise.

And here we are with Resident Evil: Afterlife. Picking up sometime after the last movie, it opens in Tokyo, Japan as Alice makes good on her promise to pay the main branch of Umbrella a visit with some of her ‘friends’… the friends being her army of identical, super-powered clones. Of course, it’s not entirely easy to assault a heavily-armed underground complex headed by Umbrella Chairman Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) himself. By the end of it, all the clones have gone bye-bye and Alice herself has been reverted back to a normal human (albeit still a kick-ass human).

The rest of the movie concerns itself with Alice trying to find Arcadia- a supposed utopia where safety from the infected can be had- as well as her comrades from the previous movie. She’s at least partly successful; she soon finds Claire, albeit crazed and stricken with amnesia care of a weird device planted on her chest (shades of Resident Evil 5). The two make their way to Los Angeles, where they find more survivors trapped by hordes of undead within a prison complex, and what is apparently Arcadia- a ship- sitting just off shore. Of course nothing is what it seems and even if Alice and company manage to escape their deathtrap, something, or someone, even more sinister awaits on the ship (guess who…) ready for ANOTHER final showdown.

So what can I say? Incredibly enough, I kinda enjoyed myself in this flick. As I said, my brain was weary and I was just looking for some dumb, cool and pretty action- and this delivered. Afterlife is easily the most ‘videogame-ish’ of the RE flicks so far, giving us more stuff that you can identify with from the games. You’ve got both Claire and Chris Redfield (Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller) joining Alice in the good fight. You’ve got the Executioner from RE5 that shows up as a ‘sub-boss’ in the movie’s signature action setpiece, although I wonder how this guy made it all the way from Africa to LA (he rode the boat, I guess).

You’ve also got Super Wesker, who may look and act ripped from the Matrix movies as Neo and Smith’s love child, but hey- surprise, surprise- that’s the way he was in the games as well. At the movie’s climax is a cool fight between Wesky and the Redfields which also mirrors the in-game confrontation between him, Chris and Sheva Alomar in RE5.

So what we have is the closest the movies have come to the games- plus Milla Jovovich’s Alice is more likable here than in any of the previous flicks, with the heroine showing a sober humanity and a cool attitude that I found refreshing… even if Milla’s line delivery during her video logs rivals the deadpan plainness of Sam Worthington from Avatar. In any case, I liked her enough to care about where the flick was going, so there.

On the other performers, Ali Larter is always nice to watch. Wentworth Miller’s Chris is off-kilter, pretty much so we’re supposed to think he’s a bad guy at first, which will only work for anyone not familiar with the games. The other cast members are mostly throw-away red shirts, although fellow survivor Luther (Boris Kodjoe) is quite likable. Shawn Roberts’ Wesker is a bit too stiff, but again, all he needs to do is look cool in a long black coat so what the heck.

One thing you’ll notice as well is that the movie looks pretty slick- this is shot and produced really well, with pretty nifty futuristic settings and tech, as well as well-shot action. There’s also an excessive use of bullet-time and slow-motion, but heck… I’ll take that over all the stomach-turning ‘handheld cam’ style of crap other action movies are shoveling us. Oh, and yeah, this flick looks great in 3D.

Despite not straying away too far from the B-movie standard and having a script with more holes than a zombie after getting riddled with Alice’s coin-filled shotgun, Afterlife at least kept any slow parts to a minimum and kept me entertained with some stylish action and some cool monsters. In fact, I was so entertained that I am actually now ready to give all the other previous RE flicks at least a full watch each when I get the chance.
One gripe though is the way they end it- there are sequel hooks that are as big as a Las Plagas tendril, making it quite obvious that like a zombie, this franchise is gonna keep on coming at you. Amazingly though, I don’t think that’s entirely a bad thing.

This is just big budget, slickly-produced eye candy action with no pretensions- just hot chicks with guns blowing away monsters. There are far worse things to occupy two hours of your time with these days. Expect no more, and who knows, you may just be surprised to walk away entertained.