EGADS! Super Streetfighter IV is actually… SUPER?!

“What can I say??? I’m a star!”

Perhaps it’s not really a surprise that so far, pretty much every major gaming site has given Capcom’s fighting upgrade/sequel, Super Streetfighter IV, the review equivalent of a wave. High scores all around, either perfect of near perfect, 5 out of 5’s or 9 of 10’s for the most part. Certainly SSFIV is the game that the original Streetfighter IV should have been in the first place, but what’s past is prologue. I already have my copy and played a bunch of hours last night, and the additional fighters and improvements go a lot well to erase the irritation I felt for the first game.

This may be it for a while for Capcom’s flagship fighter, what with Marvel VS Capcom 3 being the next beat ’em up headed out. WIll the next SF be a true sequel, or will we see Super Turbo? We’ll just have to see.

Check out Hadoken.Net’s list of SSFIV game reviews here.


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