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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer has Awesome Checkpoints!

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Some pretty slick CG and lots of in-game action abound.

Of all the titles in the large bunch of FF titles bunched up in the highbrow Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy Compilation, this is probably the most mysterious and intriguing. You got a brooding anime-esque emo hero squaring off against squads of armored troops with his telekinetic blades and shun-po flash steps, which then suddenly switches to that same hero kidding around with some blokes, and then lounging with a girl at a high society party. There are cars and guns but also swords and spells and magic. Yeah, your typical Final Fantasy maybe, but the more ‘real’ look of some of Versus’ visuals give it an even more surreal edge.

Well, finally we got an actual trailer with gameplay, right after a pretty impressive cutscene with our hero, Noctis, passing by a guarded checkpoint that seemed to be a blend of both CG and real world visuals. I mean, it’s a totally uneventful, unexciting, mundane scene- but it’s done so nicely! WOWNESS! CG makes passing toll booths an adventure!

Afterwards, lots of running around, explosions, enemy hordes, a dragon with a lady rider, and more cool CG.

But after all that- I still have NO IDEA what this game is about. Who is Noctis? Who is he fighting? Why is there a ‘Versus’ in the title, and why is it also numbered ‘XIII”? With still no schedule or even timetable of when this will be arriving, there’s really no reason to worry about all that though. All we can do is enjoy the nice trailer. So hop to it then- enjoy!


Lighting Strikes Twice: Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Perhaps the sequel will explain where all these feathers come from.

I have to admit, Final Fantasy XIII didn’t ‘do it for me’. I tried, believe me, I tried. I bought the game, gave it the good ol’ college try, but… well, months since I got my copy, it’s gathering dust on the shelf along with Rise of the Argonauts. I dunno. It certainly is a gorgeous game- easily the most eye-friendly FF yet. Lightning is hot, the cast varied, the story complex… so what didn’t jive?

Well, lots of things. Things from the story being TOO complex with all sorts of arcane jibber-jabber that I just didn’t want to understand- L’Cie? Fal’Cie? I don’t Cie! The characters were varied, yes, and had personality… but for some reason I just didn’t care for any of them. The Dude with the Bird in his Afro- gah. The Whiny Kid with the Chip on His Shoulder? Meh. The Wannabee Hero Guy? Meh. The Gratingly Chipper Cute Chick? MEEEEH. This wasn’t so much an adventuring party as it was a cosplay gang on a leisurely ride in some clinically tidy on-rails tour. And you know that there’s just something wrong with an RPG when you don’t know who you’re fighting and don’t care either.

ANYWAY, suffice to say FFXIII did a lot of things wrong. Well, Square-Enix seems to be wanting to rectify stuff, with a sequel. Only the second sequel ever in the history of Final Fantasy (Charlie’s Angels Dress-up Dilemma FFX-2 was the first), so this is kinda significant. Final Fantasy XIII-2 was just announced at some Square-Enix conference in Japan, and they’re promising it’s gonna be better. At the very least, Lightning is returning and dressed in some rather sexy armor. That’s a good start. But what’s this going to be about? There’s a male opponent being touted alongside our intrepid heroine. Lightning: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? No details yet.

I’m still at heart an FF fan, so if XIII-2 intrigues me enough, maybe I’ll check it out. Who knows- maybe it’ll get me to give the first XIII another try. Maybe. Or not. Stranger things have happened. FFXIII-2 is out in Japan sometime in 2011, with an english release afterwards.

A Game of Thrones Trailer

Posted in Dragon Age: Origins, RPGs, Uncategorized on January 18, 2011 by thelonegamer

Winter is coming… and so is this Kick-ass series.

HBO’s Game of Thrones is coming. Why, oh why would I be writing about some high-brow dark age drama series when this is a game blog? Well, the Song of Ice and Fire series of novels (of which Games is but the first part) is one of the sources of inspiration of the very popular Dragon Age franchise.

The novels are a rich tapestry of conspiracy, war, betrayal, power struggles, politics and subtle sorcery with characters that you just get addicted to following through their often bloody paths to either the throne or the grave. Granted, I’m not that hot with quite a few of the characters, but for the most part it’s bliss to read about this dark fantasy world fashioned by George R.R. Martin. Magic is just incidental in this saga, and monsters or supernatural creatures few and far between, at least at first, but surely this show should have watchers spellbound from episode one.

The series will supposedly take on one book per season, which should lock this franchise for the next five or six years, depending on how successful it turns out. As a fan of HBO’s Band of Brothers, I’ve got high hopes for this, and any gamer who loves RPGs and fantasy epics should too. A Game of Thrones kicks off this April on HBO.

Musing About Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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I remember years ago, before Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion came out, I really didn’t care too much for the series. I played ESIII on Xbox and found it boring as hell, even with all the stuff you could do. Oblivion suddenly came out of the woodwork and blew my socks off with the awesome graphics, the more solid, realistic setting (ESIII looked too alien to me), the playability and Patrick Stewart’s voiceover. I ate and drank all those cool documentary features put out by Bethesda for the game, and Oblivion redefined my idea of RPGs then. Now we’re looking forward to a new Elder Scrolls chapter, after all these years of Fallout games. FINALLY!

What can we look forward to? Well, apparently this is still set in the same Daedra-infested world we played in years ago. A new threat looms and a new hero is foretold. I hope this new game addresses the flaws or little quirks ESIV had.
I hope for the most part the character animation is fixed to be more natural looking, from your protagonist to the people and NPC’s he converses with. It’s been a while, so I am thinking that things have progressed somewhat. Also, in terms of character interaction I am assuming they take out that ridiculous wheel with the NPC emotions and crap… this minigame was kinda fun at the start, but really, it’s just plain weird. There has to be a better way of portraying interaction with NPCs, as other RPGs have shown us after Oblivion.

Other than that, I’m just hoping Skyrim is more detailed, more playable, more amazing. Oblivion wasn’t just a simple dungeon crawl- it was indeed a virtual world that you just melted into, becoming anything from a crusader or a criminal, pursuing every kind of interest from collecting lore to owning real estate to saving the world from otherdimensional invasion. Man, it’s still awesome, even today.

Man, I think I should bring out the ol’ copy of Oblivion and start playing it again, while waiting for Skyrim. Can’t hurt to exterminate a few dozen Necromancers while we wait, right?

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Intro Movie

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New heroes and villains clash on the PSP in 2011.

Here’s the lovely opening anime intro movie to the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 3 on the PSP. The animation is of pretty good quality and nicely shows off the three leads, Kurt Irving, Riella Marcellis and Imca, as well as their opposite numbers in the game, Calamity Raven, the Empire’s all-Darcsen special forces unit… a battle between outcasts and dark horses, looks like. Should be pretty interesting. The Japanese version is out in January 2011. No release info yet for the US and other territories, but it should be coming since the last VC was pretty popular. For now, enjoy the intro!

Puzzle Quest HD on iPad

Posted in Gaming, iGaming, iPad, iPhone, Mobile Games, My Stuff, RPGs on October 27, 2010 by thelonegamer

Conquering the kingdom one gem at a time… in High Resolution.

Puzzle Quest is not a new game. In fact, it’s a couple of years old and has come out on a horde of platforms. However, the classic formula of mixing Bejeweled with an RPG just works incredibly well, and no matter how many times this game is resurrected, it seems that fans will always be willing to check it out. I already played this a bit on PSP, bought the iPhone version, but it really took the recently-released iPad version, Puzzle Quest HD, to get me playing this for hours and hours.

Yeah, sad to say, I never really progressed that much in the iPhone game- I could never really play too long since the battery would drain quicker than a your life bar after a particularly lucky enemy combo. It was also draining on my admittedly unfit eyes, staring at a tiny screen, trying to match gems and skulls in an attempt to win the deadly jewel duel. Another major complaint with the iPhone version was frequent bugs with the save files, with much-beloved heroes inexplicably disappearing, wasting hours and hours of grinding time and hard-won battles. Fortunately I never experienced losing a save, but that was poor consolation.

Thankfully now I can play to my heart’s content (or, at least, the length of the iPad’s prodigious battery life) and easily enjoy the lush, sharp visuals on the tablet’s larger real estate.

And so where am I now? My wizard is 16th level, Knight of the realm yet oddly enough ruler of my own little empire of several subjugated cities. Just beat a damn tough boss, and now I’m raring for more. All thanks to HD, baby.

At about $4.99, the iPad version gives you high-res visuals and all the additional content over the original game (that’s three episodes, as far as I know), so this is by far the best version to get. It looks, plays and sounds awesome, and pretty much has conquered my iPad as my most-played game now. This game just never gets old. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I got some giant rats to challenge…

Oblivion on the iPhone… Kinda…

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Aralon: Sword and Shadow for the iOS platform.

Here’s a pretty cool trailer for Aralon: Sword and Shadow for iOS. It’s a 3D RPG (I assume single player) that has, among other things, a large open world to explore, multiple races and classes to play as with ‘complete customization’. Looks darn awesome, particularly if you consider this is for freakin’ phones. Well, it’s also coming to iPad, which should be even more cool to see. This will definitely be something I’ll be keeping an eye out for. Coming out ‘very soon’.