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Super Streetfighter IV 3D Producer Interview

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Ono spills the goods on the upcoming SSFIV portable edition.

Gamespot recently did an interview with Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono on the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV 3D Edition on the Nintendo 3DS. Check it out for some of Ono’s insights on this new game as well as quite a bit of cool footage. This is one of the reasons why I’m probably going to get myself a 3DS when it comes out in a few months. Great fighting games on the go are awesome.

SSFIV AE: Evil Ryu/Oni Endings, Evil Ryu’s Chest Wound Explained

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UPDATE: A copyright claim by Capcom just took out the Youtube videos of Evil Ryu and Oni’s endings. I guess if you missed ’em, just wait for someone else to upload them or just wait a bit till the video embargo on them is lifted and they become available online again.

Meanwhile, the reason for Evil Ryu’s hole-in-the-chest is explained. The design is in reference to the manga Ryu Final (considered by many as the true telling of the story of SFIII), wherein he gets himself punched right THROUGH by Akuma in their final battle. It’s pretty intense, and if you wanna see the whole thing, get the translated manga by Udon. Every SF fan should have a copy.


Anyways, don’t worry about Ryu- though the manga goes out of its way to make it seem that Ryu went to the ol’ Dojo in the sky, going as far as showing off what appears to be his grave, the ending reveals otherwise.

Hey there, Ryu… RYU?!

It’s at this point where Alex should start running. Come on- the guy survived a freakin’ punch THROUGH the chest. What chance do you have, dude? Heheh…

Anyways, the manga is the work of artist Masahiko Nakahira, from whom the character of Evil Ryu actually first came to light (as well as character Karin Kanzuki, created in the Sakura Ganbaru manga, also made by Nakahira). Credit goes to for this info.

SSFIV Arcade: Evil Ryu and Oni Gameplay (UPDATED)

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Back into the Shadows… for now.

UPDATE: Capcom just threw down the hammer of the gods on some of the Youtube videos showing off Evil Ryu and Oni gameplay in Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition– apparently Yoshinori Ono wasn’t totally joking around when he said that he was going to be chewed out by his bosses by the apparent leakage of the two additional SSFIVAE fighters. So, did someone hack the arcade units? How did that happen? Anyways, the vids are being taken down all over the place. I won’t be posting any more links till the banning frenzy is over so my site won’t become a way for the Capcom Ban Police to find more stuff to clamp down on.

Anyway, for the benefit of those who weren’t able to catch the (low quality) vids, Evil Ryu pretty much looks like he always has in the previous games, save now he has what appears to be a nasty wound or hole in his sternum or chest. Oni (previously known as Oni Akuma) appears like a more buffed-up, Super Saiyan-version of Akuma, sporting flaming white hair (and matching blue-white fiery aura) and a cool new raised-arm stance. Players have described Oni as playing more like Gouken than Akuma. Suffice to say, these two overpowered-looking Shotos look pretty impressive.

I guess now we’ll have to wait a bit till the embargo on the characters is lifted, although by now it’s pretty moot to keep them secret. Who knows what the fallout will be from this leakage, but heck- players have known about these fighters since that first artwork of them was shown months ago. What’s the big deal? Whatever… anyway… going back to monitoring Tekken Tag 2 on Twitter then…

Hands-on with 3DS Fighting Games: SSFIV 3D and DOA Dimensions

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Here are a couple of hands-on demo vids of two of the Nintendo 3DS’s beat ’em up titles. The first is Tecmo-Koei’s Dead or Alive: Dimensions, which has been described as doing the 3D effects subtly but excellently. Even from the cam vid, you can tell the animation is pretty smooth and fluid, as DOA has always been.
I am noting though with annoyance DOAD still has my pet peeve from DOA4- the fact that you don’t really seem to be able to KO anyone in the game anymore, just get them GROGGY. BAH.
Anyway, that irritation aside, nice points go to Ayane’s cute Tengu mask. When, oh when are you going to catch up to the rest of the beat ’em up world and implement Character Customization, DOA?

Some Ayane action on the 3DS.

The second video is for Super Streetfighter IV 3D, which is being demoed by Capcom’s Seth Killian. As with DOA, SSFIV on the 3DS looks spot-on perfect, even from the cam view. It also comes with the alternate outfits (like Chun-li’s leggy dress) which is niceness. Being able to assign specific moves or even combos to the buttons on the lower screen is excellent.

Seth Killian, Chun-li and Makoto demo SSFIV 3D.

I have to say though, as nice as these vids are (care of Kotaku), I have to note with irritation at how the game reporter knew pretty much crap about fighting games- even the big, long-standing ones- and apparently cannot be bothered to know even their basics. Not only that, they seem to revel in their ignorance. Game reporters, games are your job, dammit; be informed. Also, making fun of gamers or acting all Holier-than-thou is also not a plus… it just makes you sound like a Used Car Salesman- you just know they’re up to no good or lying through their teeth.
It’s no wonder these days, fighting game devs like Ono and Harada are heading to Twitter and Facebook to disseminate news to their fanbase and consumers directly, via a P2P approach, rather than going to these uncaring gamesites. MEH. Enough ranting. Moving on.

SSFIV 3D is out in March 27 along with the 3DS. DOAD should be out shortly afterwards. Fighting game awesomeness in your pocket, right there.

SSFIV 3D Edition US Trailers

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The English version of the SSFIV 3D trailer.

Start collecting those quarters! Nintendo today announced that their 3D-enabled handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, will be out for the US in 2 months on March 27. The portable will launch with a $249 price tag, which is kinda like how much the Nintendo 64 went for years ago. Among the many launch titles is Super Streetfighter IV 3D Edition, which will offer online play and a cool new ‘3D’ over-the-shoulder perspective for gameplay, which you can check out in the video below. The price may be a bit hefty, but the 3DS is surely gonna sell through the roof. It certainly has a pretty strong lineup of games, with Resident Evil titles, Ridge Racer, DOA Dimensions, Blazblue Continuum Shift 2 and more on the way. I have a strong feeling I’ll be plunking down money for this one… if I find one before it sells out, that is.

SSFIV 3D gameplay on the 3DS.

Super Streetfighter IV 3D Live Presentation

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It’s SSFIV… in 3D!!! OOOH!

Here’s a quite lengthy presentation at the recent Nintendo World 2011 show with the upcoming 3DS, with Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono demonstrating Super Streetfighter IV 3D for the audience. The whole vid is in Japanese but you don’t need to understand the audio to appreciate the game stuff shown. The ‘3D view’ of the game gives a nice, if kinda disorienting view of the game, giving a slightly diagonal line of sight to the action and showing a bit of depth. I wish the console version of SSFIV had this option, it’s pretty cool. Aside from that I guess Ono-san talks about the online features and in-game perks, which really shouldn’t matter that much to fans as this is probably already SOLD to them by now. Yeah, I’m thinking of getting a 3DS, which has a hefty amount of fighters coming to it. We’ll see how it goes come February. For now, check out SSFIV in 3D!

SSFIV AE Yun and Yang Anime Endings!

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Ah, to be young and skilled in kung-fu…

Youtube rocks. You can find almost any video there, such as, well, the anime endings for Yun and Yang in Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition! The short cinematics show off the kung-fu brothers meeting up with Chun-li in Yang’s ending, while Yun is snatched off by the brothers’ lady friend in his ending. Unfortunately there are no subtitles, so unless you speak Japanese you’re gonna have to wait till the eventual (and some say inevitable) DLC release of AE on consoles… which should be… when? Ono-san?

Well, there’s really not much to the endings- I’m pretty positive Chun-li’s just congratulating or thanking the kids for their help, then wishing them well. While Yun probably wanted to slack off before getting caught. At least the animation for the endings seem a tad better than the other character endings in SSFIV. Anyway, check out the vids above for yourself now, in case they get taken down later.

New SSFIV Arcade Trailer with Yun, Yang and more!

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Who are the New Challengers in SSFIV Arcade?

This latest trailer for the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV: Arcade Edition shows off the whole roster, including Kung-fu brothers Yun and Yang… and two more fighters! Unfortunately for those expecting anyone from SFIII, Final Fight or other past titles, the latest additions are Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma. Darn, Yun and Yang are basically the same characters with a few differences, then they add two who are basically palette swaps? Not really all that it could have been, but hey- there’s still hope for more additions in the future if enough fans gripe. Heheh… anyway, the trailer’s still nifty for a look-see, so check it out.

Actually, you don’t need to watch the trailer to see Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma… here’s all that you’ll see.

SSFIV AE is out in Japan this December. Nothing yet for outside, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that this will eventually come to consoles, but I say, let’s see some more varied fighters added to the mix… Yun, Yang and two overpowered Shotos aren’t really something I’d buy a new disc for. More as we get it then.

Fighting Game Gurus Strike a Pose!

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Katsuhiro Harada and Yoshinori Ono mug it up at Namco’s R&D office.

Even though they’re surely busy as hell, jetsetting all over the globe for this or that conference, fan event or PR stunt, Tekken’s Main Man Katsuhiro Harada and Streetfighter Head Honcho Yoshinori Ono always have time to just act goofy. The pic above was posted on Twitter, and shows Ono-san visiting Namco-Bandai’s R&D Department (you can tell with the arcade machines all over the place). Apparently they met to talk about their upcoming cross-over games, though what exactly they discussed is open to speculation and imagination.

From all recent tweets from Ono, Streetfighter X Tekken has recently made final discussions regarding the character roster; he will be headed for Moscow this weekend for a SF event, and will supposedly be announcing something for both the arcade edition of SSFIV and SF X Tekken, along with the debut of an animated trailer.
On the Tekken front, all has been quiet since Harada’s showing of early game footage from Tekken Tag Tournament 2– hopefully more news and developments will be announced soon. We’ll just have to be patient and hunker down… it’s still a bit of a wait.

Tweetfighter Update

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Blow by blow updates from Twitter!

What’s the latest in the Capcom side of fighting games? Well, according to Yoshinori Ono on Twitter, the SF producer will be headed to Moscow on November 20-21 for some event. He’ll be announcing something about Super Streetfighter IV and giving some news regarding Streetfighter X Tekken.

Also, Ono mentioned “And I’ll have special animation movie.It’s localized.”
What is this special animation movie? A new trailer for SSFIV or SF X Teken? Or perhaps something to do with the SSFIV Juri OVA? We’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll keep my eyes on Twitter for any more updates then.