More Marvel VS Capcom 3 Tidbits

Marvel vs Capcom FTW!

The web’s all a-buzz with crossover combat talk! Apparently the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3 has the nifty subtitle of Fate of Two Worlds (FTW!), which hints at what the background will be for all the fighting action. In fact, the story behind the action in MvC3 will be of exceptional caliber, according to Capcom’s Seth Killian. Supposedly Marvel insisted that there be a cool narrative to explain why Ryu is tangling with Wolverine. Hopefully this will show in the final game- comic book panel cutscenes? Splash-page endings?

However, the one question I wanna ask is… will it be better than the story in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe? Heheh…

There’s still a bit of waiting, unfortunately… the game’s apparently due for a Spring 2011 release, so don’t lose sleep waiting up for this. The roster is floating supposedly in the 30+ range (a big drop from the previous game’s 60-strong roster), but that may change in time.

More as we get it, then.


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