Chaos Rings is Out!

Square’s new IP RPG hits the iPhone.

Chaos Rings, an all-new and original game from Square-Enix developed exclusively for the iPhone, is out. This game has been turning heads a lot in the iGaming sphere, thanks to the detailed 3D graphics, exquisite art and overall fine quality which rivals full-blown RPGs on other consoles. So far the game easily looks just as good, and seems as deep and content-heavy as any regular RPG you can find on the PSP, PS2 or PSX, though specially made for the sensibilities of on-the-go, casual gaming.

The story involves a mysterious tournament where teams composed of two members (male and female) compete in a place called the Ark Arena, battling monsters and acquiring items and experience as they fight their way to the finale. There, they will face several other teams in fights to the death, with the final prize being eternal youth and immortality. The stories of the various individuals composing the four available teams is revealed as the game progresses. Replay value seems quite high as once you finish with one team, you may go through again with your acquired items and abilities, or play as the three other teams to see events from their perspectives.

If the production and release of a totally new RPG franchise from the makers of Final Fantasy isn’t a sign that the iGaming scene is truly up and alive, I don’t know what is. Anyway, at about 13 dollars, Chaos Rings is one of the more expensive games on the appstore, but the production values and depth of this game seems to be worth it. I’m almost sure to get this as soon as I get back to my iMac. More as I get it then.


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