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Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #4 Review

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More ninja than you can throw a smoke bomb at.

After several months, UDON’s first comic series with Streetfighter III kunoichi heroine Ibuki is done with the release of Issue 4. Saving the big stuff for last, the finale contains a big ninja free-for-all as well as a big reveal before the ninja schoolgirl bids farewell for now.

Jumping right into last week’s cliffhanger with Ibuki, Makoto, Elena and Sarai being captured by the evil Geki clan, Issue 4 sees the bunch fighting back and getting some help from Ibuki’s ninja buddies from the Glade of Ninja. As fists and kunai go flying, we are treated to a quick but meaty revelation of both Ibuki and her ninja ‘family’s’ origins, as well as a nifty little glimpse of Ibuki if she was raised by the Geki… nah, I prefer the kunoichi cutie the way she is.
Anyway, it all ends well with a victory for the good guys, Ibuki going off to a new life as… a NINJA. Oh, and then Ibuki and Makoto FINALLY get to have their long-in-coming, proper fight… and THEN it ends. Darn it! Oh well… If you wanna see Ibuki and Makoto actually fight, you can always just pop out a copy of Streetfighter III Third Strike or Super Streetfighter IV.

As usual, artist Omar Dogan’s panels and pages are consistently clean and colorful, particularly with lots of nice fiery action during the climax. While there’s quite a bit of action as the young heroines and the Glade Ninja take on the Geki, with signature moves being thrown in for fans of the games. It all ended a bit abruptly though- Geki fans will probably be quite disappointed in the off-screen death of the lead baddie. The ending seems to tie in with Ibuki’s own ending from the videogame SF3 Third Strike, and as usual it’s open-ended. I’ve seen on the Udon and Omar Dogan’s Deviantart pages that more Ibuki or perhaps some of the other SF heroines (or a villainess) may be the subject of the next SF Legends series, so who knows… if fans ask for it, they may get more kunoichi in the future.

The first series with Ibuki was fairly enjoyable and does the character well. I certainly would welcome further adventures of the schoolgirl ninja, but I’m also particularly intrigued with perhaps a Makoto-centered series. Or perhaps something with Taekwondo Femme Fatale Juri. Only the future will tell. For now though, if you love ninja or Streetfighter, catch this series, or the trade, it once it sneaks into stores.

First Footage of Yun in SSFIV Arcade

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Yeah, it’s Yun… I guess…

In case you all haven’t heard already, the SF3 Kung Fu brothers, Yun and Yang, are now confirmed in the arcade version of Super Streetfighter IV, care of threads in (SRK). It really has been pretty obvious for a long while that they were the first new additions, but now it’s solid. Well, solid-er. Here’s the first footage of Yun at a location test in Japan, albeit the vid’s quality and clarity is… lacking. Still, if you’ve got a hankering for street kung-fu, then this should be a treat. Me, I’m hoping to hear more news of other additions- Yun and Yang aren’t my style. Still, it’s pretty cool.

Streetfighter High: The Musical Rocks!

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Not only is Jennifer Zhang pretty hot as Juri, she also nails the mad femme fatale’s crazy eyes.

Cross Capcom’s mega-popular fighting franchise with High School Musical and what do you get? Streetfighter High: The Musical, that’s what! The sequel to the popular Youtube fan film Streetfighter High arrives with a LOT more characters (heck, they even managed to squeeze in freaking Geki), more cool costumes, more teen angst, lots of hot babes and a ton of singing and dancing. It all comes together for about 20 minutes of awesome SF parody and comedy that fans of the game should enjoy and appreciate to no end.

What can I say? The characters look great thanks to spot-on casting and some cool costumes, and the actors are game and having fun. I have to say that the simple fact that they managed to squeeze in so many characters into the show earns it a three thumbs up from me.

This is truly an exceptional work that surely any fan of the iconic fighting game should appreciate and enjoy- regardless of how they may feel about musicals. There’s some groovy fighting action and some pretty hot babes (Juri… wow) along with all the wacky comedy and occasionally cringe-worthy singing, so it’s all a win for me.


The action in the credits is worth the price of admission (if there was one)!

Seriously- between this and Streetfighter: The Later Years, Capcom shouldn’t find it so hard to make movies or TV shows based on SF. Why are they still putting out crap like Legend of Chun-li? Sigh. Streetfighter fans, just watch it, look for your fave fighter and just enjoy!

Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki#3 Review

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Finally, some action!

After quite a bit of a gap since the last issue’s release, Udon’s Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #3 finally hit store shelves this week. Though consistent with eye-catchingly colorful art and fun panels, I have my reservations with this first comic feature starring the Streetfighter III girls. Much of it though has to do with the small amount of pages this mini-series has, leading to a distinct shortage of actual action. Issue one could have had at least a bit of a confrontation between Ibuki and her karate rival/friend Makoto, but the fight never happened. Issue 2 was a bit of a disappointment, glossing over action once again more in favor of character relationship moments between Ibuki and girl-buddy Sarai. Really, a Streetfighter comic should have AT LEAST one solid fight or skirmish in every issue, somehow, someway.

Finally though, Issue 3 throws in the action we should have been treated to in the previous issues. At the beginning of the comic we see Ibuki sparring with African princess Elena, who made her debut last issue. It was short, but at least things happened. After some drama (which lets Ibuki show off more of the little girl inside as well as the tough ninja warrior), the ninja heroine and company then moves on to meet her final ninja test- a confrontation with Oro, the ancient martial arts master (and fellow fighter from SF3). There’s some bits of action, nice fight scenes from artist Omar Dogan, and your all’s well that ends well resolution. Really though- more pages devoted to the fighting and someone actually getting HIT would have made this TONS better.

A nice touch here though was a bit of drama on the part of Makoto, whose father and dojo were defeated by Oro years ago. The exchange between her and Oro was a nice bit of angst and emotion from the somewhat testy karate kid, and a good way to show off her true character in a more sympathetic light. I really don’t mind seeing Streetfighter Legends: Makoto someday, seriously!

This is far and away the best issue yet of this arc, and I really hope writer Jim Zubkavich wrote a suitably strong, action-filled finale to cap off this mini-series. The cliffhanger ending certainly looks forward to some butt-kicking from our three SF3 babes, so I’ll be hoping for a lot more fight next time.

Games-to-Comic Review: Streetfighter Legends Ibuki #1

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My Life as a Schoolgirl Ninja…

The first issue of Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki from Udon Comics came out last month, so this is a bit late, but what the heck.

Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki is the latest in Udon’s line of mini-series that have so far starred female fighters from Capcom’s flagship fighter (the previous being Chun-li and Sakura). While the teenage ninja may not have starred in as many games as the two other Legendary Heroines, she is arguably the most popular character (female or not) in the SF3 games. Her design is refreshingly unique in how she’s a break from the usual mold when you mention ‘Ninja Girl’. Instead of being a scantily-clad temptress, Ibuki is dressed up in more conventional ninja attire, consisting of a battle-worn ninja gi, baggy pants and the ubiquitous martial-arts bandage wraps so popular in Capcom fighting games.

Even under the ninja outfit though, she’s definitely got star quality. She’s got the hot ninja acrobatics and high kicks down pat, and artist Omar Dogan renders her pretty face with big, beautiful manga-esque eyes that brim with emotion even if half her face is concealed in a mask.
Ibuki’s story should be well-known to any SF fan; she yearns for a normal life even as she has to live the abnormal fare of a ninja warrior-to-be. Cellphones, carefree school life, malling… all these are things that Ibuki wants to have. But all too often she also gets things par for the course for her vocation- like ambushes from rival ninja assassins and getting challenged to a duel by hot-headed fighters!

In the first issue we are introduced to Ibuki’s enemies- the Geki Ninja, before being shown her nearest and dearest- her ninja comrades in her home- The Glade of Ninja– which includes the strapping young male co-pupil, her somewhat strict sensei and her girl buddy Sarai. We find out that Ibuki’s just raring to become a full ninja so she can be her own girl, out in the real world. For now though, she’s on a short leash so to speak, but that doesn’t mean she’s leading a sheltered life. A quickie good deed leads to her being challenged to a fight by the newly-transferred and apparently battle-hungry Makoto (also from the SF3 game). But sadly we’re not treated to a ninjitsu vs karate battle, as a Geki ninja ambushes Ibuki leading to a sudden rescue from an unknown new shinobi. As the issue ends we find out that another SF3 hottie- African kickfighting princess Elena– will be joining the fracas.

What can I say? On the bright side, the brightly-colored art is attractive, clean and pleasant to look at, with manga-esque characters and panels from artist Omar Dogan. The writing by Jim Zubkavich is to the point and at the very least does the job of portraying these otherwise so far 2D (literally and figuratively) characters as fans would expect (although perhaps Makoto is written much too over the top, perhaps).

The down side is pretty much the simple fact that there just isn’t enough to this comic. It does what it needs to- introduce Ibuki and the characters around her, and the bare-bones story with some scant action, and that’s it. I guess it’s a limitation to the size of the issue, but there’s painfully little action or fighting, even if this IS a fighting game-based title. What I would have wanted to see was a fight between Ibuki and Makoto, but sadly it never happens.
Which brings me to the simple fact that this comic once again makes that mistake of trying to fit in too many characters in just so few pages. Why was there a need to have to fit in the Geki ninja as antagonists, and add in another mysterious ninja (who isn’t in any SF canon anyway, so he does not matter), when we can already have more than enough story and conflict just with Ibuki and Makoto. If the comic had concentrated on their brewing rivalry maybe we could have had a decent fight, and at least made a good basis for their inevitable friendship/friendly rivalry, which you can see coming miles away. But nope, we get a fast-forwarded all-too-short romp which really can’t ever get as deep or as involved as we could have wanted.

If this was done by a real manga artist and writer, it probably would have been funnier or have more physical stunts, and at cooler action (and probably more of it). But this is pretty much yet another SF done by Udon, which isn’t bad by any measure… just not as great as it could be.

That all said, I can’t hate or resent this ’cause… man, there’s probably no other comic that features my favorite SF3 babes to be found anywhere else. Against one such as I- a fan of the character and the series- the comic wins the victory by default. I can’t help but like this and love it whatever. What else is there but to await issue 2, which is due at the end of the month (alongside the release of SSFIV!). Then again, I could always just make an Ibuki and Makoto fan manga project…. nah.

Here’s a Peek at Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki#3 Cover Art!

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Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki Issue 3 Cover B by Adam Warren.

Okay, here’s a small look at the cover art for Issue 3 of Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki from UDON Comics. While the ‘Cover A’ art is always done by the comics’ main artist Omar Dogan, a guest artist is always taken on to do an alternate Cover B. This time it’s from US mangaka Adam Warren, known for his work in Dark Horse Comics for Dirty Pair and most recently for his own original character, Empowered.

While I’m usually a fan of Warren’s works, I have to say I’m not that hot with his cover. While it has his customary flair for action, I find various elements of it iffy- I mean, what’s with Ibuki’s pants? Yeah, they’re supposed to be baggy but making them look like a Shar Pei’s skin is a bit overdone. Plus why is Ibuki in the background as well as being in the foreground? Odd bit of composition there… perhaps it would have been better if the character looking ominously from the back is someone else- either the Geki ninja antagonists or perhaps Oro, who is supposedly Ibuki’s final test in the issue. Oh well.

Anyway… that said, I’ll probably still pick this alternate cover over Omar Dogan’s usual minimalist white background regular cover. I liked Issue 1, even if it was much too damn short, so I’ll be picking up the rest of the issues as well. Hopefully issue 2 will be out this month, and perhaps I’ll do a back-to-back review for the meantime. More as I get it, then.

Series’ main artist Omar Dogan does Cover A.

SSFIV Karate Lessons: All About Makoto

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This week, the Capcom Dev Blog talks about the Girl with Sheer Karate Spirit.

The latest entry in Capcom’s official developer blog on Super Streetfighter IV takes on the second of the three recently-revealed fighters from Streetfighter 3, namely young karate master Makoto.
Though she is a young girl, Makoto is clearly a powerhouse that can become one of the most feared fighters in the game. Her offensive power and damaging moves are deadly once she closes the distance. Her properties include a very slow walking speed- a deliberate, stalking walk that is perhaps the slowest in the game, which is offset by the fastest forward dash. Makoto was a dazzling work of fluid (and subtle) animation back as a 2D sprite in Streetfighter III Third Strike, and it pleases me that the devs supposedly worked hard to accurately recreate her classic movements and look for SSFIV.

With her lack of a fireball, powerful offense and grapple capabilities, Makoto is a unique fighter in the lineup and should be a truly exciting and interesting contender. Finding a way around, under and over fireballs and projectiles may become a challenge, but when this brutal challenger gets into striking range she can really dish out the pain. Makoto was my favorite fighter to use in SF3, and her inclusion in SSFIV really makes it a must-play for me. Can’t wait to play my karateka tomboy again.

Check out the full english translation of Makoto’s dev blog entry here, care of Mueti from the SRK forums.