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L.A. Noire “Serial Killer” Trailer

Posted in Game Advertising, Gaming, L.A. Noire, PS3, Xbox360 on January 25, 2011 by thelonegamer

In a town this seedy, there’s sure to be lots of weeds…

Rockstar Games, which hit it big last year with Red Dead Redemption, is set to get gamers immersed once again in one of their amazing worlds with this open world suspense thriller, L.A. Noire. Whereas RDR dropped players into an eerily realistic Wild West, LAN recreates in stunning detail 1947 Los Angeles. This open world game puts you in the thick of a mess of murder, mobs, molls and mayhem. The character animation looks superb (the trailer above is totally in real-time), the audio amazing and the possibilities of gameplay tantalizing. This is still a ways off- May- but it should be worth the wait.