Marvel VS Capcom 3 Trailer!

It’s real and it’s coming!

It’s been rumored and whispered about for a while now, but finally it’s FACT. Marvel VS Capcom 3 is coming, as revealed in the above trailer. A crossover of galactic proportions, MvC is a favorite among fight fans for the sheer amount of manic chaos that can explode at anytime, from screenwide optic blasts to armies of zombies and robot hordes being unleashed at the opponent.

So far shown in the trailer, clashing in combat, are: Wolverine and Ryu, Iron Man and Morrigan, The Hulk and Chris Redfield (What a Mismatch!). Unlike the first two games in the series, MvC3 will apparently be in 3D, although it’s a safe bet that gameplay will continue to be 2D like the SF games. Rumors about the game’s features include various unlockables, 1080p resolution and a roster that will supposedly blow fans’ socks off.

Personally I’m not that big into Capcom’s VS series- I find it a bit too cartoony and over-the-top, but I can appreciate the huge rosters, the imaginative specials and always-awesome artworks and character transitions from comic to fighting game. I’m thinking though that this will probably end up being like a supercharged Tatsunoko VS Capcom with character that we at least KNOW.

Something to watch in the near future of fighting gamedom then. Expect this to pop up on PS3 and Xbox360 later this year or early next year.


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