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Super Streetfighter IV getting DLC Characters?

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Will the African princess make the trip into Super?

Some time ago, posted a meaty rumor from pro player Ryan Gutierrez, AKA Gootecks (I wonder if Mr. Gootecks is Pinoy?). According to his twitter, a strong source from within Capcom has confirmed that the console fighter will soon be getting “DLC characters down the pipe.” Could this be true? Rumors have so far proven legit when it comes to the Streetfighter series these days- whether it be intended or not, leaks are rampant. So, there’s a good chance that this may actually have some substance. If so, WHICH fighters in the Capcom SF Universe would you want back in 3D action?

Elena. The one babe from Streetfighter III Third Strike left out of SSFIV has to be a no-brainer add-on (plus she also appears in the Udon Ibuki comic). Her cool, kick-heavy capoeira fighting style should be a nice counter match-up to Juri’s Taekwondo. That plus she’s damn hot in her bikini outfit.

Maki. As much as Capcom tries to make Ibuki and Guy a pair, they just don’t jive. Guy’s much too old for the spritely ninja princess… what he needs is a Bushin rival with all the skill and sex appeal as well. Maki’s always been out gunning to kick Guy’s ass and prove herself, and Super might as well be the time to do it.

Rolento. The militaristic thug with the staff, daggers and grenades is a fave of some of the Capcom team, so he may just make an appearance. His style is pretty interesting and should make for some really neat Ultras.

Hugo. Imagine this bruiser, larger than Zangief, Honda or Hakan. How big would the DLC file be? But man, Hugo would probably dominate if given the chance.

Poison. A lot of people have been throwing in the name of the Mad Gears’ gender-inspecific muse. Really, I don’t see the point. She’s never been really much of a fighter, and certainly isn’t of any caliber to match any of the babes already in the game. But heck, handcuffs and high heels have their fans I guess, so why not… it’s optional DLC.

Is this true or just lotsa BS? Well, we’ll find out soon enough. SFIV on iPhone is getting multiple DLC fighters, so why not the console big brother? More as we get it.


King of Fighters XIII New Promo Trailer

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The plot thickens!

SNK-Playmore just released a new spot for their upcoming fighter sequel, King of Fighters XIII. Some story scenes, lots of fighter artworks flashing around, and the promise of anti-hero Ash Crimson’s just desserts being thrown about.
With quite a few new additions, including a truckload of newcomers, such as the original KOF female team of Mai Shiranui, King and Yuri Sakazaki, as well as the K’ Team with, well, K’, Maxima and Kula Diamond. Vice returns as well to rejoin her teammate Mature.
Also new are some really flashy-looking Neo Max super attacks, which seem to fill the whole screen with impressive pyrotechnics. A Color Edit feature and Story cutscenes rounds out the game.

KOFXIII seems to be the game that the previous placeholder XII should have been. This looks like something for 2D fighting fans to look forward to. More as we get it.

iPhone Game Review: Rotten City

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It’s a dirty job, but Nadia’s gotta do it.

In my recent iPhone Zombie Game Countdown, I mentioned the newly-released Rotten City, and since then I’ve been neck deep in this deceptively cute-looking shooter/RPG.

As the story in the game goes, a plague has caused the undead to rise up and devour most of the populace, leaving only the hardiest to try and survive. The only way out of the hellish nightmare of walking corpses is the airport, which promises passage to a safe haven over the sea. Nadia Mincemeat, an unfortunately named greenhorn zombie hunter, is longing to take a flight, so you’ve got to guide her through the city’s many infested zones, collecting blood gems (taken from zombies) in order to buy the coveted plane ticket. In between that, you’ve got to gather weapons and ammo, find food and equipment, armor and other items that will keep Nadia alive and one step ahead of the always-hungry, ever-dangerous undead. There are no missions, just that one goal of freedom being worked at to guide Nadia’s every step outside her door.

A girl, her guns and lots of undead goons…

This game can be a bit daunting at first, throwing you into Nadia’s life without so much of a tutorial. However, most stuff is pretty easy to figure out. You start off in a secure safe house which, while a bit cluttered, is pretty comfy. There’s a computer terminal where Nadia can surf the internet and pine for the outside world (actually all you do there is Save/Load, see options or go back to the main menu), a trunk where you put all your items, from food to weapons and equipment, and a bed where Nadia can rest her pretty little head (and regain HP)- she sleeps like a log though, so be prepared for a bit of a wait if you let her snooze.
Finally there’s a door to the outside world, and hordes of zombies to kill. The safe house (and others like it) are the only places where you can save your game, so you’ll have to make your way back there after every foray.

Controlling Nadia may be kinda confusing at first, but it’s totally easy, and after a bit very intuitive. There’s no analog pad or any visible controls aside from the basic HUD that shows Nadia’s life bar, active weapon and items, and a timer. In actuality, the whole screen is your pad- just swipe or drag your finger gently in any direction to make your heroine move that way. To fire your ready weapon, simply tap anywhere on the screen.
At first this may seem kinda weird, but once you get used to it, the control scheme is quite elegant and nifty, leaving the screen free of unsightly and sight-obscuring directional pads. Every stage/zone in the city is one screen, so you’ll need to see every bit of it at all the time to guide Nadia safely away from being trapped or cornered by the zombies. Of course, Miss Mincemeat isn’t a cowering wallflower- give her some guns and it’s the undead who’d better run for the hills.
UPDATE: A patch has been released that gives an option to use an alternate control method, placing a visible D-pad and fire button onscreen. IMO I prefer the old method, but anyone coming in new will probably want to use the more conventional controls.

Available weapons range from basic pistols to grenades and crowd-clearing shotguns to rapid-firing SMGs and even impressive miniguns. To take down some of the more advanced enemies quickly and efficiently will take combining some of the weapons’ special effects, and not just firing off tons of bullets. Weapons/ammo can be found both as item drops from zombies or at in the city’s one gun shop- Pro Tip: KNOW where that is right away.

Aside from guns, Nadia also needs to scarf down some food every so often, and there are items that can be useful to success, such as the odd Stench of Death, which lets Nadia pass through zones without need for combat temporarily. Of vital importance are vaccines- sold at the city’s hospital- which cures Nadia of the plague in the event she gets hit by a zombie. Another ProTip: Unless you’re confident of never, EVER getting hit, ALWAYS have vaccines handly.

Food, weapons and items won’t always be found lying on the road. Dealing with shopkeepers is still part of Rotten City life.

One thing that may get players frustrated is the controls’ slight over-sensitivity, which may cause Nadia to turn in a direction you don’t intend- which may lead to wasted shots or misses that may give zombies an opening. The best way to avoid this is not to swipe but rather pull you finger across the screen, guiding Nadia along instead of just pushing her along one direction at a time. After a bit you’ll be circling around zombies and taking them down like a pro. Staying cool is key!

Another quirk in the game as well is the aforementioned fact that you can only save your game in a safe house (of which there are three, two of which must be unlocked), which may keep this game from being that much of a ‘play anytime in spurts’ type of title, like most iPhone games should be. In a way it adds a bit to the realism(!) of the game, but in this case we would have wanted to be a bit more free, at least to keep from wasting game time. Also unfortunate, stuff you stow away in one safe house’s storage trunk won’t carry over to the other safe houses (like in the RE games), so either you manually move them or just build ammo and item caches in every room.

The safe houses are oases of calm where Nadia can rest, recuperate, stock up on equipment and, in this case, watch a Blu-ray movie or two.

So far I’ve gotten Nadia a bit of a way through- earning enough to buy keys to the two later safe houses, the last one being an awesome and nicely-furnished game den complete with a big-screen TV (kinda like my room!), so now Nadia can relax in class. I’ve still got a long way to go to earning enough for the plane ticket to freedom, and so far a couple of tougher zombie types have appeared, showing that I’m making progress (Nadia levels up in skill as you use guns and stuff, though there is no stat screen to monitor). Gotta keep earning those blood gems, stocking up on ammo and food, and just hunkering down. But at least Nadia can play some Tekken 6 or Red Dead Redemption in between zombie attacks.

Rotten City’s grind type of gameplay will appeal to many RPG fans, but won’t be for everyone- action fans who like fast-paced action may find it slow and repetitive, but the game scales up as you progress, and having a compact but open world to explore and get used to with a clearly-defined goal straight off is quite engaging. Those liking a more deliberately-paced game to cozy up to and work at every so often will enjoy this cool, pretty-looking but quite bloody gem in the appstore. PLUS it’s only freakin’ 99 cents! Can’t argue with that!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta pry Nadia from the PS3 and tuck her into bed… zombie hunters need their beauty sleep, you know.

Who will be the New Challenger in SFIV iPhone?

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Guess. No, really… Guess who the next fighter to appear as DLC on the iPhone port of Streetfighter IV and you just may win a cool prize. According to a post on Adriasang, Capcom will be holding a promotional activity where they will encourage online users to tweet their guess on who the upcoming fighter will be. A correct guess just may win the lucky guesser a SFIV-themed iPod Touch. Or some spiffy iPod cases.

Anyway, cross Cammy off the list, since she’s already coming (though when is as yet unknown). Who will the new challenger be? I’m hoping it’s Juri Han, so as to turn SFIV iPhone into SSFIV iPhone. What do you guys think? Check out the original post here and see how a lucky guess and tweet from you may bag you cool stuff. Me? All I want is more fighting babes in my game. It won’t be that long till we know the answer though; the secret will be announced in early June.

Attack of the Zombie Games!

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Here are the hordes of zombie games ready to eat your brraaaaaiiinnnnssss…

Rampaging like wildfire, these shambling horrors are overrunning the Apple Appstore. They’re ZOMBIE GAMES. Really, I’ve never seen so many titles on a platform that deal with these mindless peons of undead abnormality. On the bright side, if and when an actual Undead Apocalypse happens, at least we’ll all be more or less desensitized to it. Anyway, here’s a list of ten zombie games on the iDevices that have lately been gnawing at my brain…

Zombieville USA. One of the older titles on the appstore, this cartoony side-scrolling action game is pretty simple; get from the left of the screen to the very, very right. Unfortunately your way is barred by slobbering zombies who want nothing else than to chew on your scalp until your brain pops out. Slip into houses to grab ammo and money, or to just take a breather from the undead hordes. A recent update gave the game a variety of characters to play as (no female survivors though), new game elements like a melee attack, vehicles that let you skip the stage while earning cash, and the random chance of meeting a fellow to fight alongside you for a bit. The cartoony art meshes well with squishy sound effects, making for a funny and gory game.

Alive-4-Ever. A dual stick shooter (you move with one thumb while aiming and shooting with the other), A4E set itself apart from other games in its play style by adding selectable characters, RPG-like elements and a persistent story along the many missions. Finishing missions and fulfilling objectives unlock new weapons to buy and equipment to use. Polished, addictive and challenging, plus the gore and blood splatters like rain when you mow down the shamblers with your hard-earned AK-47. Lovely!

Twin Blades. A more fantasy-themed title, but with zombies just the same. You play as a cute warrior nun tasked with ridding the land of an undead plague. While distinct initially for its art style and smooth animations, players soon found it’s lack of depth and repetitive gameplay a turn-off. Nicely enough, the game was updated with a hefty load of improvements including an actual Story Mode to follow, Boss Battles, new weapons, skills and attributes to power up (I LOVE the Holy Beam) and a couple of new stages and new aspects to existing ones. How’s that for a game coming back to life?

Aftermath. A pretty cool zombie shooter with an interesting perspective, putting you above the action as your character moves around a darkened city, making his way through a maze of dead ends and zombie-infested alleys to temporary refuge. Gameplay consists of you moving around and pointing your flashlight at enemies, which also aims and shoots your pistol. The cool control scheme takes some getting used to, but after a bit you’ll be illuminating and exterminating with the best of them. Bloody action and atmospheric use of lighting make this well worth a look.

Plants vs Zombies. Of course, you can’t have a list of zombie games without this port of the PC/Mac classic defense game. The portable version looks pretty much identical to the original, just scaled down with altered control layouts made specially for the platform. The only wrinkle for me is the lack of Survival Endless mode… here I thought I could practice my Doom Shroom-Cob Cannon strategy on the go.

Alive-4-Ever Returns. Instead of just resuscitating the original game with an upgrade, the creators of A4E cooked up a whole new sequel, complete with spiffy new graphics, a new batch of hip survivors that includes a Loli, a large variety of disgusting zombies and mutants to blow away, new weapons and equipment and also cool awesome Skills (powers) to help you take down the undead menace threatening civilization. More of the addictive awesomeness of the original A4E, but tons better.

Zombie Smash. A slick castle (or in this case, ragged shack) defense game that gives your finger devastating power to flick and smash approaching zombie mobs into submission. The rag doll physics are impressive and the art style is endearing in a PvZ sort of way, although gameplay will have you flicking around the screen like a madman, which can get really hard on the fingers after a bit. Still, games of this quality are a must for zombie-killing fans.

Zombie Infection. Gameloft’s Resident Evil knock-off surprisingly has even better gameplay than Capcom’s own ports of Resident Evil on the appstore. You take the role of either a macho ex-soldier or a feisty reporter as you attempt to get to the bottom of a plague outbreak in Brazil. The controls are good and while the story and visuals may give you deja vu, this is as close to Resident Evil (natch, CLOSER actually) you can get on your iDevice.

Zombie Shock. A sidescrolling/run-and-gun shooter, this has your onscreen hero, the unhinged Abel, as he sprints like mad with ravening hordes of undead biting at his heels. You go through the game unlocking the secrets of the zombie plague piece by piece, through pages of cool comic book-style panels. Slick 2-D art, sick monster designs (which nicely have a bit of homage to some survival horror classics) and some satisfyingly weighty firepower make this a surprisingly compelling time-killer.

Rotten City. The latest zombie-themed title on the appstore to date, this is a ‘Zombie RPG’ with a cute manga style. You lead a fetching female zombie fighter named Nadia Mincemeat (Yes, really) through the many zombie-filled zones, scavenging for ammo, food, equipment and for the most part, blood gems (taken from zombies) which are the new currency in the city. Your goal is to earn enough to buy a plane trip to safety. The controls are a bit finicky, with swipes guiding Nadia around and taps to fire her weapon. It looks to be a grind but I just can’t resist a game with a heroine named Nadia Mincemeat!

You’ll notice than none of the RE ports to the appstore made it, cause simply… they’re expensive and crappy. Zombie games are a dime a dozen on the iGaming scene, but thankfully, a lot of them are loads of fun. Check ’em out if you got an iPhone, iPod or iPad in your palms or your future. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check out some new offers for some hollow point bullets…

Tekken 7 is COMING!

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The next Tekken wll feature photo-realistic digitized characters from the movie!!! By all that’s Holy, NO…

According to, Namco-Bandai’s iron-fisted producer Katsuhiro Harada has just mentioned in Madrid that the Tekken Team is already hard at work on the next game in the long-running fighting game saga… Tekken 7! Harada made this announcement during a series of conferences where he talked about ‘the Legend of Tekken’. He didn’t drop any details, but did say that the game is still in very early stages of development (Read: Don’t hold your breath, it probably won’t arrive this year).

On the one hand, it’s great to know they’re doing the sequel already, but it may be a bit of a wait still. I just hope it isn’t as long as the vigil we had to endure for Tekken 6. As usual… more as we get it. Let the speculations, musings, wish lists and pining begin!

Musing About Fighting Games: Tekken VS Soulcalibur

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Iron Fists versus Steel Blades!

It’s almost the middle of the year. All the big guns in fighting games have fired their salvoes. Now it’s all about waiting for the next wave. Tekken 7? Soulcalibur V? Super-Duper Streetfighter IV? Done that. How about something like… Tekken VS Soulcalibur? It’s a topic suggested by one of our longtime readers, so why not? What would I expect from a Mash-up Fighter starring Namco-Bandai’s two fighting franchises?

A Crazy Storyline to Tie It All In. I guess this should be required for any Crossover. How the heck can the fighters from the present meet up with those of the lost chapters of antiquity? Perhaps a shard of Soul Edge is discovered in the Tekken world, which, once handled and unleashed by some poor fool, opens a doorway or portal through the dimensions and time, linking both worlds together in a potentially disastrous bond. The good fighters from both realms must fight to sever the bond, while those seeking chaos will try to maintain it and perhaps destroy both worlds, or create a ruined new one from the ashes of both realities. OOOH…
Hopefully this story will be told through cutscenes (I prefer in realtime) where the fighters interact and converse (though hopefully in scenes more gripping and interesting than the talking-heads expos from Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign). It will indeed be interesting to see how Mitsurugi and Kazuya react to each other…

Mitsurugi: Hey, you! You’re strong. Let’s fight!

Kazuya: Insect. (Puts up fists)

… or not. Oh well. Anyway, a Tekken VS Soulcalibur game will most probably have a nifty subtitle, as Crossover games are wont to do… how ’bout Tekken Vs Soulcalibur: Strongest Souls Clash! or Worlds Shattered by Fate! Ouch.

A Battle System that Does Justice to Both Games. Hopefully TvsS will find a way to let both fighters from either side be strong and bad-ass without being too powerful. How strong will unarmed fighters be against warriors with enchanted weapons? Maybe the Tekken Fighters can arm themselves with enchanted bracers or gauntlets (like Hei did in SC2)? Or maybe their mastery of Chi is enough to empower them against the blades of the Caliburverse? Anyway, it will be a trick to meld two games with very different fighting styles, but it surely can be done.
Perhaps the new battle system will meld elements from each side, like the Guard Impacts of Soulcalibur plus the Bound! System of Tekken. Maybe we can have Tag Team modes for some awesome pair-up pummeling. Let’s see Lightning Screw Uppercut combos into Angel Step-Triple Thrusts for a 20-hit combination. Awesome.

Big Bad Bosses. Who is pulling the strings in this Crossover-Contest? Soul Edge? The Mishimas? Devil? Yet another Gigantic Tekken Boss? Perhaps each side can have its own end-villain to take on, perhaps empowered by Soul Edge’s evil power, and perhaps using mind-controlled fighters (from either world) as it’s unwilling pawns. Friend may be pitted against friend, or good guys (and girls) against other good guys (or girls). Oh the drama!

Character Creation and Customization. Let’s see the Soulcalibur manner of Customization to rule here, meaning more control over how we dress up the fighters. Maybe we can ‘modernize’ the Calibur fighters’ look with present day fashion, or gear up the Tekken crew in fantasy armor. Or just strip everyone down to their trunks or bikinis and be done with it.

Crazy Modes. I give up… we’ll probably never see Tekken Xtreme Beach Volleyball, not in one of the canon Tekken titles. But perhaps a just-for-fun crossover fighter may be the venue to put in out-there modes like that, plus you have two stables’ worth of babes to compete in it. How ’bout the return of Tekken Bowl, but this time with the Soulcalibur cast on board as well. Tekken Tennis? Mixed pairs to the death? Hey, why not?

In any case, Tekken characters can indeed stand toe-to-toe with the sword-wielding warriors of Soulcalibur, as we’ve seen in the past. Namco-Bandai has two awesome fighting games in their stable… why not bring them together for an awesome two and a half? Who knows, it may happen. Or not. The possiblities are endless!