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KOFXII: Short on Babes!!!

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Kotaku just posted an article showing off the full roster of SNK-Playmore’s upcoming new brawler, King of Fighters XII. Though I was never a big KOF fan (it’s the least of the SNK fighters to me), I have to say I am appalled. The game has a cool new art style and totally redone sprites and graphics… but it comes with too few babes!
Never have I seen such a fighting game roster in this day and age so wanting and bereft of female fighters! Right now, there are TWO, count ’em, TWO girls in the whole man-heavy lineup; blue-haired commando Leona Heidern and schoolgirl psycho-warrior Athena Asamiya (who seems strangely half the age she was in previous games).

WHERE IS MAI SHIRANUI??? Where are all the cool and hot beauties we know SNK is capable of?? What happened… everyone with a dick got transferred out of the KOF development team? My Gosh. But then again, I’ve always known King of Fighters to be the SNK franchise made with no libido at all. Yeah, this isn’t the worst… Fatal Fury 2 had only Mai but that was back in the early 1990s, I believe. What the Hell, SNK?

Anyway, to heck with this game. It’s not even on my radar anyway, what with Tekken 6BR, VF5R and SFIV taking up all my attention. For the five or six of you KOF fans out there though, enjoy the man-flesh. FEH.

Streetfighter: Legend of Chun-Li Trailer

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Here’s the Japanese trailer to the upcoming new Streetfighter movie. The film stars Kristin Kreuk as a young Chun Li getting ready to become a videogame legend. Also in the movie are Michael Clark-Duncan as Balrog, Taboo from the Black-eyed Peas as Vega and Neal McDonough as M. Bison (who looks nothing like Raul Julia’s version). What can I say? It looks interesting, and I guess Capcom’s all behind it given how the title font they’re using is the same as with Streetfighter IV. Looks like the movie and the game are coming in hand-and-hand in late February, for better or worse.

Tekken 6 Pinoy Champion, BR Philippine Release Confirmation

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SD-Tekken just posted an awesome article about the recently-held Tekken 6 International Tournament hosted by arcade chain Timezone which saw the crowning of a new International Champion player as well as the announcement of some awesome news for local Tekken-heads.

Placing first place ahead of some of the region’s most skilled Tekkenistas was Carlo Racela, who was awarded a trophy, laptop, a roundtrip-ticket to Japan with 500 dollars in arcade money AND a special Bloodline Rebellion data card with the special title ‘International Champion’. WOW! Present at the awarding were Katsuhiro Harada and the members of Namco-Bandai’s Project Tekken (who were all treated like veritable rockstars by the gaming crowds). Oh, and they also brought two Bloodline Rebellion cabinets for some lucky bastards players to test out.

But the best news for me is the announcement, by Timezone’s President Raffy Pratts, that all Tekken 6 machines in the Philippines will be upgraded to Bloodline Rebellion in late January 2009. Outside of Japan, the Philippines will be the first country to receive the much-anticipated arcade upgrade. Timezone has over 60 Tekken 6 arcade machines in the Philippines, showing the game’s unparalleled popularity in the country.

Read the whole article here!

This is awesome. 2009 is surely the Year of the Iron Fist, at least here in Metro Manila. Can’t wait for BR to arrive in arcades, as we all wait for the console version later on. More as we get it!

Tekken 6BR Musings: Hair Customization

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One of the new features touted in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion is Hair Customization. Shown in the very first BR trailer, it appeared to let you go WILD with locks, giving any character elements, parts or maybe whole hairstyles from any other fighter. So you can give Asuka Kazama her estranged cousin Jin’s spiky do, or give Lili some pretty uncharacteristic corn rows. PINK corn rows. YEESH.

Well, the feature has been installed recently, and some Japanese players seem to be going hair-crazy with their characters. Apparently the feature works like this- you first buy a ‘base’ hairstyle which supplants your character’s default hair, then from there attach various parts on either side, or perhaps the back, like ponytails/pigtails, bangs and so forth. You also choose the color you want in the customization screen. It seems that the individual colors or elements are cheap or at least affordable, which should allow for players to experiment and play salon in between brawls.

Personally, I’m not too impressed so far with some of the stuff I’ve seen- some of the hair-customized characters look like some woodland animal died on top of their heads. Since I’m not too hot with making my Tekken babes look butch, I won’t be messing with this feature unless nicer options arrive.

More on this as I get it. Tekken 6BR is expected to release locally in Manila in mid-January or so, so we’ll see about that.

Tekken 6 BR Musings: New Stages and Music

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Among the new stuff in Bloodline Rebellion are new stages to fight in. We’ve see several- a ruined castle or church at night, with what appears to be falling asteroids or artillery hitting every so often. There’s another similarly ruined underground stage, as the fighters clash knee deep in water surrounded by burning cars. Then there’s a stage reminiscent of the Tekken Force base in Tekken Tag Tournament, only now at night, in the rain, with helicopters crashing in the background.

But the two most interesting are a couple of random-select stages that aren’t as stress-filled as the previous battlegrounds. In fact, they’re downright festive or cute.

The Fiesta de Tomate Stage.

The first is a Spanish stage set in what seems to be a Tomato Throwing Festival. It’s a small stage, surrounded by invisible walls and festival-goers who are more interested in throwing their berries than watching the full-on brawl in the center of the plaza. The part I like here is the floor- apparently all those tomatoes made the ground impact-resistant, since the fighters’ falling bodies don’t create craters as they do in other stages.

The Hidden Retreat Stage.

The second funny stage is what appears to be a Switzerland stage- a looping, never-ending battlefield set in a grassy plain populated by fluffy, invincible SHEEP. Throw your enemy into them, they just bounce off like the pigs and chickens of Rustic Asia. But the best thing about the stage is the MUSIC. Trumpets and yodelling! YODELLING! Yes, it sounds ridiculous at first, but damn if it isn’t catchy and fun to hear. It grew on me and now I love hearing it. weirdness.

Still waiting for BR to arrive locally, but thankfully vids and pics aren’t too scarce now. More as I get it.

Tekken 6BR Musings: Lars Alexandersson

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Till now, I’ve been mainly focused on Alisa B. in Bloodline Rebellion. But for once, let’s switch gears a bit and talk about the other new fighter in the recent arcade upgrade- Lars Alexandersson.

Lars. LARS. Okay, I’ll be honest… Lars isn’t exactly a name I’d associate with a bad-ass fighter. When I hear Lars, I’m reminded of Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen. Or a businessman pops in my head. Or some rock star. Sweden? He’s from Sweden. Now I’m thinking of that guy from the Food Channel. Wait, that’s from Scandinavia. Now I’m confused.

Seriously though, Mr. Alexandersson is shaping up to be a major contender in the ongoing Mishima War in Tekken 6. For starters, he’s Heihachi’s illegitimate son. Love child? A child born of violence? A hidden heir? Well, supposedly no one, not even Heihachi himself, knows of Lars’ parentage. It’s a card that Lars himself can and will draw when the time is right, I’m sure.

For now though, Lars is a commander in the Mishima Zaibatsu’s Tekken Force. In fact, he’s THE commander. Apparently when Jin Kazama enacted his campaign of worldwide terror, it was Lars who did the dirty work leading the Tekkenshu into combat. Even though he is of relatively high rank, he’s still wailing into the thick of combat, something that has earned him the admiration of his troops. As part of the MFG, Lars is aligned as well with fighters like Nina Williams and Eddy Gordo, and directly in conflict with Kazuya, Anna Williams and Bruce Irvin.

But while he’s described as being loyal to Jin Kazama, it’s pretty obvious that this young lion has his own agenda. As yet another side to the Mishima struggle, he’s certainly out to carve out his own niche in the empire. He’s sure to turn and strike when the time is right. What will this mean to Heihachi? Is Lars out for simple power, or does he crave something more from his father? How far is he willing to go to grab what he wants from his half-brother and uncle?

Lars certainly has the tools to do it, with a pretty aggressive, in-your-face fighting style that seems to be a combination of the usual Mishima antics with a bit of Dragunov thrown in. AND he has some electric tricks like his old man. The superhero-style capes and armor aside, this guy is mean and can dish out the pain.

I’m not one to really get into Lars in the arcades, but his is one of the more intriguing storylines to learn about in the upcoming console versions of Tekken 6. We’ll just have to see how this new rebel shapes up in the bloody war yet to come.

Tekken 6BR Musings: Alisa Bosconovitch in Action

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Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion has been out for a couple of days, and FINALLY a fair bit of media is coming online; there’s nothing of course on any of the big gaming sites, but Youtube, video hosting channels and Tekken-specific forums are your friend in this regard.

Anyway, the main takeaway so far for Tekken 6BR is this- the game looks pretty cool. From some better quality videos posted we can see that the in-game animation has been spruced up and made even smoother than before, and now sports a pretty impressive-looking motion blur effect that makes each fighter’s moves look that much more hard-hitting. Everyone has received a bunch of new costumes and customs in addition to their old stuff from Tekken 6.0, giving to a whole new phase of crazy looks.

So far, the two new additions are proving to be popular. Of course, my favorite of the two is the babe, Alisa Bosconovitch. As we’ve found out since she was introduced, Alisa is a robot, supposedly created by longtime Tekken background character Dr. B., under the auspices of the Mishima Zaibatsu. It’s not exactly known what her purpose is in the fighting- a popular notion is that she may be after Bryan Fury since he injured or killed Dr. B. back in Tekken 5 after getting his perpetual generator of a heart. Another possibility is that Alisa, who is supposedly one of the Zaibatsu’s biggest secrets and weapons, is being sent into combat to counter G-Corporation’s Jack-6.

So, how does she play? Alisa has been described to be a ‘cross between Jack and Lili’, which is odd to say the least. She’s got a relaxed stance and a somewhat dainty way of moving and hitting with her regular punches and kicks. However, her special attacks are more hardcore- chainsaws from her hands make for a pretty intimidating stance (called ‘Destroy Form’), while her head comes off in several techniques, the most popular one being ‘Explosive Head’, a throw in which she gives her own head to her bewildered opponent, after which it explodes, knocking them silly (her head regenerates on her neck right after). Her arms also fly off in several moves, including a pretty cool rocket-punch projectile attack. And of course, like any anime-like robot babe, she has the ability to fly and hover about.

Control-wise, again Alisa is likened to Lili in that she’s supposedly easy to use; pressing most any two combination of buttons will usually result in something flashy. Certainly, a lot of Alisa players will have the advantage of their off-the-wall attacks being a total surprise to many an opponent in the arcade.

Of course gamers are divided. There are obviously those who like Alisa immediately or after a bit, while there are those who readily despise her like a plague. I’m of the former- I think she fits in with the cast perfectly, and her unique style and character are cool additions to the game. All that PLUS she’s hot. I’m certainly picking her up once BR shows up here. More on her when I actually get to play.

Goth Lili

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Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion customizations are cool. Not everything’s in yet, but there are tons of cool stuff. Like a bazooka/rocket launcher for Anna, a mini-gun for Bryan and… well… Goth makeup and ear piercings for Lili. Looks like the rich girl’s slumming a bit? Well, the Goth look fits the lethal Lolita perfectly, and this custom was sorely missed by fans in the original Tekken 6. But those wanting to trick out their princess in the creepy makeup for a Daryl Hannah-Pris look better have serious money in their IC wallets… the custom costs a million gold in the Japanese version, which means it will probably cost 500,000 here.

Not impossible given how generous the Roulette can be in the game. We’ll see if a Goth Lili is in my future.

SFIV Console Cammy is the Hotness!

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Yeah, we all know Cammy’s hot. But DAMN, she’s never looked as good as she does in Streetfighter IV. For one thing, she’s back to her Delta Red costume, which I firmly believe is her true and best look- those Doc Martens boots just rock to no end. And well, adding a third dimension to her slim frame does wonders. I may not be that happy with a lot of SFIV’s choices (apparently no SFIII characters… gaddamit!), but they seemed to have hit every note right with Cammy. Her look, animations, stances and movements, as well as her awesome Ultra attack- are perfect. All I want now is a hot alternate outfit. just showed off the first clip of Cammy in action in High Quality, so head there and check out their SFIV Preview.

Anyway, I’ve already ordered my SFIV, so when it’s available it’s mine. Back to fighting basics then this February.

Tekken 6 in PTOM

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I just got the latest issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine, and it’s nice to see that there’s a 2-page Tekken 6 article inside. Namco-Bandai’s upcoming fighting game sequel is one of the PS3’s Top 10 Games in 2009, after all. Nice to finally see Sony recognizing the importance of the flagship beat ’em up… though it’s kinda too little, too late by now.

Aaaaanyway… the article’s kinda old… in that, while it does mention some good stuff about Tekken 6 console, like additional content and online play, it doesn’t even mention anything about the new stuff added in Bloodline Rebellion and the new character lineup doesn’t mention Alisa Bosconovitch or Lars Alexandersson at all. That’s magazines for you…

Why I even buy these outdated dead-tree products? Easy. I don’t yet have an internet connection or a browser in the loo. Though sometimes watching a video or two on my mobile phone or iPod in the john is fine, the first thing you tend to grab is a mag. Heheh.

Anyway, Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion is out now in Japanese arcades- not much yet in terms of media online since, well, people are actually PLAYING the game instead of posting stuff for all us poor non-Japanese. So far though, lots of nice customizations and sexy costumes for the fighters are being revealed, and I am quite pleas-ed. More as we get it, then.