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Tekken 6 Nancy Video

Posted in Uncategorized on January 31, 2008 by thelonegamer

The massive Nancy takes the stage!

Feichunwong from Hong Kong posted this video showing Tekken 6’s new Bonus Stage Boss in action. Nancy M1847J is one nasty bugger, using not only brutal physical attacks but also lasers and missiles as well. It looks like the fight with her is similar to the Colossus fight in Soul Calibur III, where you have to navigate your way around the enemy to dodge certain attacks. It certainly is a surprising foe, and the size of this mother is pretty amazing, even after seeing Azazel. Beating Nancy should give a nice reward, though we don’t know exactly what that is as of yet since nobody has owned up to beating her… yet.

More on Tekken 6 as we get it! Expect a storm of media in the weeks to come as we now wait for the much-awaited PS3 version.


Tekken 6 in Manila, First Day Pics

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Playing costs 20 pesos a game, which is about 50 cents a pop.

You can see below the slots for IC cards, which will be used for rankings, customs and other cool stuff.

Nancy the Bonus Stage Boss awaits!

A variety of characters were used, though predictably Jin and Devil Jin were very popular. But thankfully, not as overpowering as in earlier versions of the game.

Overall, the first day of Tekken 6 play was cool, and the reception for the latest game in this long-running series is pretty good. Players are stoked and probably would have stayed all night to practice the new system (I know I would have). I’d much rather start playing once the IC System and Cards are available so I can earn money for customs every time I play, but I also need to practice too. Better break out the arcade stick at home… I’m pretty rusty. This should make the wait for the PS3 version a bit easier…

Tekken 6 in Manila, For REAL!

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Okay, we got it. Tekken 6 is IN Manila, BABY! I headed off after work to Glorietta 4 Mall in Makati to watch Cloverfield. An hour before the movie was to start, I arrive at G4 and immediately head into Timezone to check if the game was there. I was still some distance away but I could tell the game was there since there was a relatively large crowd of people gathered before a monitor in the fighting game area. Sure enough, THE game was there. G4 Timezone has two Tekken 6 machines, both with really nice HD monitors showing off the hi-res graphics quite nicely. What can I say? I was quietly giddy with glee as I just stood there for the next hour, just watching matches and taking in the gloriously lovely graphics and animation… it certainly does look divine, and finally I can say this game looks SWEET indeed with the stages and characters in vivid color and detail, particularly during the Character Select Stage… MAN, Nina is freakin’ hot.

The version we have is the International English edition of Tekken 6, and I assume this is THE Final Release Version of the game (at least for now). As reported earlier, Nancy M1847J is present in the game, appearing on a new stage before you face Jin Kazama in the Single Player Arcade mode. The rage mode and bound is in there, but toned down quite a lot; still, players who knew how to use the new system were noticeably racking up wins over the less-experienced players. For the most part though, people were just practicing the new moves and not really playing seriously. VS fights have the usual Best-of-Three-Matches, while Single Player is only two rounds per fight.

As mentioned, the Rage and Bound aren’t as horribly dominating as earlier T6 vids showed, but knowing this new way of doing things leans the game heavily in your favor. I was able to play two games, one each using Asuka and Lili, and I didn’t fare that well since I didn’t know most of the combos, and wasn’t used to the stick. But it was damn fun, and I think everyone there was having a great time playing. The game as it is now is fluid, fast, entertaining and just gorgeous.

As for characters, people were using various fighters left and right. Of the newbies, I only saw a couple of guys use Miguel. I didn’t see Zafina, Bob or Leo being used (though I left to watch the movie and came back after).

Unfortunately, the IC Card System isn’t installed yet, so as of right now there are no customizations, rankings or options to change your name. However, I asked and supposedly we will get the card system soon. Hong Kong already has the full game, International version with Customizations (and supposedly a lot more items than the current Japanese version) and everything, already (lucky bastards). But at least, thankfully, we don’t need to enjoy the full Tekken 6 experience. It’s only a matter of time then before half-naked Laws and Kings, Pink jacketed Dragunovs and barefoot Asukas begin duking it out in Manila.

Still, while it’s cool that I can now take a jaunt to the mall and play Tekken 6, and eventually pimp out my faves, I’d much rather spend my money on the PS3 game, so I’ll just keep crossing my fingers and wishing for the home version to arrive soon. VERY soon. PLEASE.

Some pics to be posted later!

Slaughterhouse Screen

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Eew, gross!
Ryu loves the smell of FRESH MEATt!!!

I posted a while ago that I was kinda turned off by the rampant, over-the-top gore in the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 2. The latest screens, one of which is posted above, don’t change that opinion in the least. To be fair though, the game is fast as lightning, so you won’t actually dwell too much on the chunky, meaty, blood-soaked stumps of your enemies. Kinda like how the new Rambo movie did it; it’s as bloody-disgusting as heck, but you really only see flashes of grossness in a second before the camera zips away to another series of splatter. By the end, you’ll be as desensitized as the next person. Heh.

Anyways, I’m not really that much into Ninja Gaiden 2, but it’s a big game obviously so I’ll be keeping tabs on it. I really hope Itagaki gets this gore fascination out of his system before he gets back to doing Dead or Alive…

Tekken 6 International OUT in Korea, New Character???

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Nancy attacks Kuma
The new sub-boss, Nancy MI847J, ready to teach Kuma the Pain.

Okay, great news for Tekken-heads outside of Japan. The international version of Tekken 6 is finally OUT and playing in Korea. Apparently, they got it even earlier than Hong Kong. This version is different from the Japanese version; for starters, it apparently works on the previous IC card system used in Tekken 5 and DR, which allows for rankings and customizations to be applied without the use of from that, the game has apparently been tweaked a LOT and is supposedly the newest version out there. Some characters are supposedly slightly less powerful as in the Japanese game, such as Devil Jin. However, Leo and Bob are apparently still pretty strong.But the big news now is an apparent NEW CHARACTER or at least sub-boss named- get this- Nancy MIS47J. A giant robot of some sort, Nancy appears during Arcade Single Play Mode in a bonus stage to challenge your character. He/She doesn’t block but has a vast life bar (ten times normal!) and continues to attack like a juggernaut even when struck by attacks (apparently can’t be juggled). Along with physical attacks, Nancy has various attacks like lasers and missiles. You only get one chance to beat Nancy- you move on whether you win or not. Supposedly no one has yet beaten this enemy, which leads many to believe perhaps a bonus of some sort may be earned for the deed. WILD!!!

Intriguing stuff! I’m overjoyed that the International version is out, and I’m hoping for vids to come out from both HK and Korea soon. This Nancy has gotten me intrigued. More on this as it happens!

Update: Hong Kong has supposedly the complete set, with IC Cards for customizations and rankings, changing your name, etc. Hopefully us poor Manila Boys and Girls will get our cards soon…

Tekken 6 International Version Sighted!

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Whitedragon, a poster at the Tekken Zaibatsu forums, has given an intriguing bit of news from Hong Kong. Apparently, International versions of Tekken 6 (arcade) have arrived and will be in arcades there very soon- as in, tomorrow or the day after at the latest. This is supposedly the real deal- complete with cards which should allow for character records and customizations (unlike the imported Japanese versions now playing in Canada which are basically bare-bones, no customs or rankings, units). This is great news for players in HK, as well as elsewhere. If this is indeed the International, final-release version, players all over can finally look forward to playing complete versions of T6 very soon.

And hopefully, this means the PS3 version is well underway as well. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this is true. I’ll be monitoring TZ for true confirmation and the first playtests from HK. More on this as it happens…

Three more for Soulcalibur IV

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Mi Na is back!
Mina’s back.

Gamespy has finally dropped news that fans of Soulcalibur IV will certainly be happy with. No more crappy tie-ins or novelty fighters… confirmed to be back in the Tale of Souls and Swords are three veteran SC alum… Seung Mina the halberd-wielding beauty, Maxi, master of the nunchucks and Yun Seong the swordsman. This is certainly cool, and with Maxi back you can probably assume that perhaps Kilik and Xianghua will eventually be revealed as well.

Check out new screens with the three new SCIV characters, as well as character renders, at Gamespy’s Soulcalibur IV Gallery.