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Virtua Fighter 5: Streetfighter Edition!

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See it to believe it.

Hey, ever wondered what Street Fighter would look like if Capcom actually ditched the stylized approach and made the characters look more realistic? Well, it would look like the video above! And you know what? Now I’m thinking that Capcom should hire some Sega guys for Streetfighter V. Well, for better or worse, the trailer above, which was actually released by Sega themselves and downloadable at the VF5 website, is apparently just a little April Fools’ joke, with VF giving a little laugh at themselves and the competition (notably SF and Tekken). It’s nice, but there is a bit of truth to every joke, eh? Man, how awesome would it be to have a more photo-realistic Ryu, Chun-li or Cammy in a future SF? On the flip side, giving the VF crew some chi-powers and fireballs actually doesn’t look all that bad either… heheh.

Haha, funny, Sega. Now, if you’ve got time for little jokes, how ’bout putting some time into VF5FS’s console version..? Eh?


Gone Gaming

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It’s a lovely holiday break for me- that’s about five days of kicking back and relaxing in The Sanctum, with a bunch of hot games and a whole lot of junk food and soda. Gonna be having me some Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Age: Origins Awakening and Heavy Rain as the main courses, with some bits and bites from old faves in between like Tekken 6. Gonna be fun. How are you guys gonna spend your me-time?

King of Fighters XIII Artworks, Screenshots

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Adriasang has just posted a pretty hefty gallery of King of Fighters XIII screens and character art. As reported earlier, newly-debuted in KOFXIII are the classic girls’ team of Mai Shiranui, King and Yuri Sakazaki. So far it seems that everyone from the previous chapter has returned and raring for more fighting.

According to news, this latest upcoming chapter in SNK-Playmore’s premiere beat ’em up will be making up for the lack of narrative in the previous game. KOFXIII will bring to an end the Ash Crimson story arc, so fans of the effeminate double-dealing charge fighter get ready for some comeuppance or big reveals. Anyway, check out the big bunch of lovely artworks and screens here.

King of Fighters XIII Coming, Mai Shiranui Included (UPDATED!)

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The next KOF will have more kunoichi bounciness.

Last year, SNK scored a big lemon with King of Fighters XII, a beautifully-animated bare-cupboard 2D fighter. Well, this year the makers of Fatal Fury should hopefully redeem themselves with a more robustly-featured sequel to their long-running franchise, King of Fighters XIII. Well, they’re off to a good start at least by right off the bat announcing that the game will include bouncy ninja girl Mai Shiranui in the roster. The fan-throwing heroine was snubbed out of KOFXII, but she’ll be returning in her usual skimpily-dressed form later this year when the game debuts in Japanese arcades.

SNK recenly held a preview event for the game, and there was some bit of footage shown over at Kotaku, showing very tiny footage of a couple of big, brawny fighters doing battle. Precious little else is known about the game, but I’m fairly certain that at the very least, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami and Ash Crimson will also be returning. Other than that? Terry Bogard, almost surely. The Ikari Warriors, probably. I also hope that the game’s narrative also makes a return, as things were put on hold since the last game. I’m hoping that SNK just used KOFXII as a time buffer and was actually using all this time to develop XIII into a real stunner of a fighter… we’ll see. For now, you can check out the game’s official teaser site (nothing there save a larger image of Mai though). More on this as we get it.

UPDATE: Dengeki just posted some direct-feed pics of the game, and it seems that yes, there seems to be more of a story for the game this time- at least, we’ll be seeing some imposing new bosses or enemies judging from some screens, as well as an anime intro. Also added to the roster along with the returning Mai Shiranui is King (the kickboxing crossdresser chick) and Yuri Sakazaki. Check out the pics here.

Also, some vids of the KOFXIII event and gameplay were posted on Youtube here. Check ’em out!

Giant Bomb Super Streetfighter IV Gameplay!

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More Super gameplay footage to chew on!

Wanting a bit more SSFIV gameplay footage? How ’bout an hour and a half of gameplay with a final build-version of the game? Eh? Gaming site Giant Bomb held a live gameplay session recently with Capcom’s upcoming beat ’em up, and have posted an archived version for all of us who missed the livestream.

The players aren’t pro-level, but more everyman casual like me… which shouldn’t be too painful for anyone but the most anal of SF gamers to watch. They answer some viewer questions pertaining to stuff like BGMs, show off new fighters and Bonus Stages, and generally just show off the game nicely. Plus the banter between the players (consisting of some longtime gaming personalities like Jeff Gerstmann and some former 1Up guys) is entertaining. Check out the movie-length gameplay vid here.

Gametrailers Preview: Super Streetfighter IV

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Gametrailers has finally posted a proper Video Preview for the upcoming brawler, Super Streetfighter IV. The vid runs us through the game’s features, which should be pretty much well-known to anyone who has even a remote interest in this game.

Nicely enough there’s a little bit of footage of Juri’s anime ending which at least confirms that unlike the static, still-frame character intros, the epilogues you’ll unlock by completing Arcade Mode for the various fighters will at least reward you with a properly-animated epilogue cutscene. Anyway, check out the preview for some nice footage and get yourself hyped a bit more for this much-awaited beat ’em up.

Super Streetfighter IV is due out on PS3 and Xbox360 on April 27.

Getting into Dragon Age: Origins Awakenings

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Welcome to Amaranthine, Grey Warden.

Over the weekend I started playing the just-released RPG DLC/expansion, Dragon Age: Origins Awakenings. Though there are some bits that I wish the game had pushed through more on, overall this is a good return romp to Bioware’s Dark Fantasy gaming realm.

It is highly recommended that you finish the original Dragon Age: Origins first before tackling Awakenings, simply for the continuity. You are given the choice of transferring over your DAO character into the game, conferring your status as the Hero of Ferelden for some satisfying interactions and reactions from some of the folks you’ll encounter. For those not caring about their avatar’s past, you can start off Awakenings as an all-new character, a Grey Warden from the neighboring land of Orlais.

You start off the adventure running, your Hero just arriving at Vigil’s Keep in the new land of Amaranthine. This region, or Arling as its called, is actually connected to the original game; It was the former domain of the late Rendon Howe, ally to Teyrn Loghain and murderer of your Hero’s family (if you played the Human Noble). Obviously, your arrival as the new master of the land and commander of the Grey Wardens comes with pros and cons.

On the pro side, you’re literally THE Boss… how the land is governed or cared for goes by your decisions, and people will hop to your will as you command. On the cons side, there are daggers hidden behind some of the pasty smiles around you, so you’ll have to watch your back else you get yourself nailed. You’ll make good decisions, bad decisions and probably lose a bit of your innocence (in case you still have such going into Amaranthine from Ferelden), but then, everyone in Dragon Age accepts that Not All Heroes are Pure.

Continuing your career in Amaranthine plunks you straight into a freaked-up new workplace that Leon S. Kennedy would feel right at home in. The Grey Wardens’ new HQ has been invaded by Darkspawn, who apparently used subterfuge and strategy… something they never did before. In fact, you soon encounter TALKING Darkspawn, which is apparently a big thing. Eventually in between ruling your new land, dispatching bandits, uncovering conspiracies and gathering new recruits into the Grey Wardens, you’ll have to find out what is behind all the talkative baddies and bring peace to the strife-ridden county. To help you on your way there are new skills and talents, new weapons and armor that will make your Juggernaut Plate Mail look like old junk, and new creatures to use them on. The level cap has been bumped up to 35, so this adventure is really for the big boys now (entry level heroes start at 18).

So far I’m enjoying my romp back in Dragon Age; there’s a pleasant vibe of being kinda familiar and respected, though really- I wish that there was more from the previous game that carried over. SPOILER WARNING! So far I enjoyed having Alistair- scratch that- KING Alistair show up for an all-too-brief reunion and chitchat, although I understand that your former Grey Warden bro can’t go waltzing around Amaranthine with you since he’s busy as the new monarch. Irritatingly they had to pick the one companion from DAO that I liked the least to be your returning ally. To be fair, Ohgren has so far been entertaining (his Joining ritual is priceless) but really… I would have preferred they had given us a choice of two or three of your previous gang to pick, depending on the class of your main Hero. Oh well.

Anyway so far it’s been cool, though I have no idea so far what’s going on with The Architect. Who is this creepy new villain? What is he? What are his plans? Awakenings doesn’t seem to be anywhere as big as Ferelden, but I think I’ll be in for quite a bit of gaming in my first run, and surely I’ll be playing again in repeat plays with other characters soon after. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think there’s a Peasant Revolt I have to put down somewhere…