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Dead or Alive 5 Screenshot?

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Are Kokoro and the DOA babes coming to PS3?

This intriguing pic was posted on the Fighter’s Generation Twitter recently, and apparently shows the Menu Screen for an early build of Dead or Alive 5, supposedly for the PS3. As much as I’d love to have a new entry in Tecmo’s sexy brawler, I have a funny feeling this is fake. Kokoro’s character model looks no better from DOA4 (which may be from where it was taken), and everything else can easily be done with some Photoshop work. The inclusion of ‘Chronos’ in the menu, which was the project defunct DOA producer Itagaki was supposedly working on before he left, seems an obvious ploy to rope in fans.
In fact, I’d rather that this really NOT be a look at DOA5, since then I’d be quite dismayed at the apparent lack of improvement of the character models- after such a long time, I’d want the characters to at least look a lot better.

Still, who knows? Maybe this is real… I certainly think that with DOA Dimensions coming out on 3DS, Tecmo-Koei is certainly wanting to go places again with their fighting franchise. We’ll just have to wait and see for more stuff to turn up soon.

DOA Dimensions: Samus NOT Playable

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Players looking forward to a certain space bounty hunter kicking ass in the upcoming Dead or Alive: Dimensions on the Nintendo 3DS are going to be disappointed. Although a recent trailer hinted at Samus Aran being a hidden playable fighter in the upcoming 3D fighter, it has now been confirmed that this won’t be the case. According to this article by Eurogamer, Team NInja has said that while Samus will appear to help the player (most probably by taking out the offending Ridley), she won’t actually join in the roster to fight. She will, however, need to be unlocked in some way.

This is, quite frankly, pretty lame. A lot of players interpreted the trailer as hinting that Samus was playable- I myself think that having all this fanfare for the Metroid connection would indeed be warranted by a playable character and not, in this case, a part of the stage. Anyway, too bad. This won’t break the game, of course, but it will leave quite a few players out there with a bad taste in their mouths and DOAD it’s first Major FAIL.

Hands-on with 3DS Fighting Games: SSFIV 3D and DOA Dimensions

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Here are a couple of hands-on demo vids of two of the Nintendo 3DS’s beat ’em up titles. The first is Tecmo-Koei’s Dead or Alive: Dimensions, which has been described as doing the 3D effects subtly but excellently. Even from the cam vid, you can tell the animation is pretty smooth and fluid, as DOA has always been.
I am noting though with annoyance DOAD still has my pet peeve from DOA4- the fact that you don’t really seem to be able to KO anyone in the game anymore, just get them GROGGY. BAH.
Anyway, that irritation aside, nice points go to Ayane’s cute Tengu mask. When, oh when are you going to catch up to the rest of the beat ’em up world and implement Character Customization, DOA?

Some Ayane action on the 3DS.

The second video is for Super Streetfighter IV 3D, which is being demoed by Capcom’s Seth Killian. As with DOA, SSFIV on the 3DS looks spot-on perfect, even from the cam view. It also comes with the alternate outfits (like Chun-li’s leggy dress) which is niceness. Being able to assign specific moves or even combos to the buttons on the lower screen is excellent.

Seth Killian, Chun-li and Makoto demo SSFIV 3D.

I have to say though, as nice as these vids are (care of Kotaku), I have to note with irritation at how the game reporter knew pretty much crap about fighting games- even the big, long-standing ones- and apparently cannot be bothered to know even their basics. Not only that, they seem to revel in their ignorance. Game reporters, games are your job, dammit; be informed. Also, making fun of gamers or acting all Holier-than-thou is also not a plus… it just makes you sound like a Used Car Salesman- you just know they’re up to no good or lying through their teeth.
It’s no wonder these days, fighting game devs like Ono and Harada are heading to Twitter and Facebook to disseminate news to their fanbase and consumers directly, via a P2P approach, rather than going to these uncaring gamesites. MEH. Enough ranting. Moving on.

SSFIV 3D is out in March 27 along with the 3DS. DOAD should be out shortly afterwards. Fighting game awesomeness in your pocket, right there.

Dead or Alive X Metroid?

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This short spot adds a new dimension to the fighting…

An intriguing minute of gameplay above from the upcoming Dead or Alive Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS. Players will notice that the stage where ninja warriors Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa are fighting is straight from sci-fi adventure Metroid, complete with obnoxious boss alien Ridley providing what may be the most dangerous Danger Zone yet in a DOA game. But that’s not all- the fight tantalizingly ends with a morph ball dropping onto the stage… will a certain galactic bounty hunter be showing off her hand-to-hand fighting abilities to the DOA crew? Team Ninja, the makers of DOA, are also the devs behind the most recent Metroid chapter, Metroid: Other M… certainly a guest appearance by Samus Aran wouldn’t be too hard.

Anyway, Ridley actually attacking the fighters might have been a cool idea ON PAPER, but from here it looks pretty damn irritating- really, do you think players will enjoy losing a close fight because of Azazel’s snotty little brother there? Hopefully there will be a way to get rid of the winged douche or at least avoid the attacks (which Ryu apparently couldn’t do). Anyway, an appearance by Miss Aran, preferably in her Zero suit, would be most appreciated. DOA Dimensions isn’t part of the 3DS launch lineup, but it will be out shortly after the March launch of the portable.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions Trailer!

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The DOA Saga Continues on the 3DS.

Here’s a pretty lengthy trailer to the upcoming beat ’em up on Nintendo’s new portable, Dead or Alive Dimensions on 3DS. The spot shows off quite a few intriguing things. The roster looks pretty big, with what appears to be everyone from the previous chapters appearing in fine form, including longtime competitors like Leifang and Jann-Lee, as well as DOA4 additions like Mariposa and Kokoro. The characters appeared in different outfits, but these are probably alternate costumes instead of the character customization found in newer fighters.
The DOA saga looks like it will be retold in CG form via cinematics from the previous games, though it looks like an all-new and pretty intriguing story will be told via real-time cutscenes and includes quite a bit of drama and high-octane action. Apparently series’ original bad boy Raidou is back and causing trouble again, forcing the estranged sisters Kasumi and Ayane to work together to fight him.

The trailer goes on to show the return of tag-team combat, what appears to be online play (or at least local multiplayer and match-finding) and ‘digital control’, which means you use the 3DS’s second screen to tap commands easily (where’s the fun in that?). There should be a lot of fight in this comeback for Tecmo’s bouncy brawler. What can I say? I’m really excited with the trailer, as it shows as much new stuff as it does rehashed video. With this and Super Streetfighter IV 3DS coming, seems like I have a pretty good reason to invest in a new portable. Dammit.

DOA Dimensions has been given a March 24 release in Japan.

More About Dead or Alive: Dimensions!

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DOAD’s Chronicle Mode promises education, drama!

Adriasang has just posted a cool article about the next DOA game, Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS. There will be a Chronicle Mode which will serve as both a type of tutorial as well as bring the players up to speed on the past events in the DOA storyline. Background characters to the game’s storyline will supposedly appear: Shiden, Kasumi’s father and head of the Mugen-Tenshin Ryu ninja clan, Fame Douglas, Helena’s father and head of the DOATEC committee, and Donovan, the dastardly doctor behind all the evil doings at the corporation.

Also revealed are other playable fighters- aside from the so-far seen ninja characters of Kasumi, Ayane, Ryu Hayabusa and Hayate, the roster will include Bayman, Hitomi, Christie and Helena.

Helena and Christie finally have a chance to settle their differences on the 3DS.

Also revealed was how the 3DS’ second screen would figure into gameplay. Apparently the lower screen would display directions for performing special attacks, and beginners can even directly tap these commands onscreen to actually perform them.
I’ve been a DOA fan for years, and I’d really love to support the return of this fighting title back from oblivion. It’s been a while, and other fighters like Tekken 6, SCIV and VF5 make DOA look pretty dated. The 3DS title doesn’t look like it will be the chapter for a significant refresh of the series, but it should be a nice bit to remind players that once upon a time, there was another player in the beat ’em up arena, from Tecmo. Here’s to Team Ninja getting busy and productive then.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions Trailer

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The first new DOA fighter appears on the stage!

Here’s the first trailer video for the upcoming 3DS fighter, Dead or Alive: Dimensions. As seen in the stills so far, the only confirmed characters yet are the ninja fighters- Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Hayate and Ayane. Evil Raidou, the boss from the original DOA, is back and seems even stronger than he ever was before. Tag Team play also seems to be back. So far, nothing truly new (aside from Raidou’s Kamehameha thing and Kasumi’s kinda frumpy new outfit)… hopefully we’ll see more fighters, fight mechanics and better duds if this is thinking to be a challenger in the present fighting genre. More as we get it then.

New Look for Ninja Girls in Dead or Alive: Dimensions

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Ayane and Kasumi are sporting new threads for the 3DS.

Fighter’s Generation just posted the above pic, showing the two kunoichi sisters, Ayane and Kasumi, as they will appear in the upcoming Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS. These are, I assume, alternates to the girls’ traditional costumes, and hopefully will be just one set of many- because darn, don’t these ones look pretty boring. I mean, it’s like Team Ninja’s designer lost his libido or something. What’s with those crappy cycling shorts on Ayane? Is that homey knitted scarf on Kasumi really part of that outfit? Overall, both of these duds are… duds. Well, to me at least. Hopefully they get more and better costumes.

Anyway, at this point we still only know four confirmed fighters for the game (Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate and Raidou), so I’m hoping for a more substantial update soon (with a trailer, at least). Aside from the 3DS version, I’ve been hearing rumors that DOA is also headed for the PS3. More on this as I get it then.

Dead or Alive 3DS is No More…

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… but that’s only because it’s been renamed Dead or Alive Dimensions. The latest issue of Famitsu contains a spread on this upcoming 3D fighter, which is set for release on the Nintendo 3DS. So far the game has revealed several fighters in the roster- the two sister-kunoichis Kasumi and Ayane, their brother Hayate and a fighter that looks suspiciously like Raidou, the boss from the first DOA. But ain’t he dead? Perhaps the ‘Dimensions’ subtitle has quite a bit of meaning for the storyline.

The characters and stages all seem focused on just the ninja characters, but I do hope we soon see the other DOA fighters debut. Other than that, Team Ninja head Yousuke Hayashi remarked that the game would particularly appeal to fans of 3D fighters… whatever that means.

Anyway, this being the one title that may get me to buy a 3DS, I’ll be keeping an eye out for this. Check out an article on the game by Andriasang here and scans of the Famitsu pages over at Fighter’s Generation.

Dead or Alive 3D: Reboot or Retread?

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Raidou back from the dead?

Everyone seems to be on the ‘Reboot’ bandwagon these days. Old games are getting new coats of paint (in MK’s case, a deep crimson coat), and Tecmo’s flagship brawler is no exception. Presumably taken from some dusty cupboards, Dead or Alive 3DS looks intriguing but kinda strikes me as outdated in these days. It still looks like DOA3 or DOA4, but the presence of what appears to be Raidou (the series’ first end boss) makes me think that maybe they’re starting again from square one. Back before everyone started playing volleyball. In some ways that’s cool, since the earlier DOAs where actually the best in the lot for me. Anyway, hopefully there’s enough action and fan service in this one to actually get me to buy a 3DS. We’ll see…

How 3D will this be?