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Infinity Blade Chops iOS Devices in Early December!

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Chair and Epic Games’ much-anticipated Unreal-powered hack-and-slash title Infinity Blade has been given a release date and price. The game formerly-known-as-Project-Sword will be out for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod 3 and iPod 4 this coming December 9, at the reasonable price of $5.99. This impressive-looking title is described as an action-RPG swordfighting adventure, putting players in control of an armored warrior searching for treasure and battling various armored foes as you fight your way to the final boss, known as The God King. As with many titles on the iOS platform, updates and patches are expected to come soon after release (though this is dependent on sales), further expanding the game with more content such as new equipment, enemies and so on.

I’m pretty stoked for this title. The graphics alone are worth the price of admission, but if this is as playable as it is pretty, this could be one of the best apps yet on the platform. Expect a full review soon after I get my hands on this one.

New Tekken Tag 2 Screenshot Peeks at New Tag Throw!

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Paul and Law get ready to clean Kazuya out…

Hot off Katsuhiro Harada’s Twitter! Never mind the added-on dialogue, the pic above is the latest glimpse doled out to us from the in-development Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Hardcore fans will surely want to pour through every pixel of the pic, which should show off, even just a bit, the improved character models and, of course, apparently a new stage- which seems to be a resort overlooking the ocean or a beach. Perfect place to have bikini fights, eh? As usual, the lighting makes the characters look all nicely life-like and solid (even if Kaz’s hand is popping right out of Paul’s crotch). This game should easily look a notch better than Tekken 6 did, once it’s done.

Anyway, just what the tag throw the two penniless bums are about to inflict on Kaz is open to speculation… two-on-one facebuster/bulldog? Tandem gut punches? Or maybe they’ll indeed carry Kaz off to the bank- who knows? For a look at the pic in full-size, click here.

More as we get it then!

UPDATE: Harada-san just confirmed in a tweet reply that there will be a Beach Stage in TTT2. Whether this is it or not, we’ll have to wait and see…

Avatar: Legend of Korra News

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Martial arts action animation!

Despite the really unsatisfactory Shyamalan movie, I am still a die-hard fan of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s great that I have something in this franchise to look forward to in the next year that’s not from the overrated director of The Sixth Sense. It’s The Legend of Korra, a sequel mini-series to ATLA that tackles the adventures of the next Avatar, a female waterbender with a big chip on her shoulders. So far this is what we know about this upcoming awesome show.

It’s as yet a 12-episode mini-series, not a full show like the previous Avatar, but if it proves popular, who knows?

Korra, the hot-tempered and angry new Avatar, is natively a Waterbender, but she’s already mastered both Earthbending and Firebending. The series apparently concerns her trying to find an Airbending Teacher.

The prospective Airbender teacher is Tenzin, who is apparently the son of the previous Avatar, Aang. From some posts online, Tenzin apparently resembles his father at least in terms of hairstyle- or general lack of hair.

Korra will be set in a more modern version of the Avatar world, primarily in a place called Republic City, which is rife with anti-Bender sentiment and other issues. It will be darker but generally still have the same humor and feel of the previous series.

Since this is about a new Avatar, it’s pretty much a given that Avatar Aang has shuffled off… in fact, Korra is set about 75 years after the events in ATLA. So we probably won’t see the old crew back in the flesh, but perhaps in flashback. There are strong links to the previous series, so fans shouldn’t be too disappointed. Perhaps Aang will be a spiritual advisor to Korra just like Avatar Roku was to him. If that happens, I hope it’s still the young Aang and not an older version that appears.

Dante Basco is voicing a new character who is very much connected to his previous character in ATLA, Prince Zuko.

Voice Director Andrea Romano has mentioned that three episodes of Korra have already been recorded. Korra will also be using the same music producers of the previous show.

Sifu Kisu, the martial arts director for ATLA, is also involved with the Korra series. Expect even more authentic moves and awesome fights to come!

Korra looks upon the expanse that is Republic City…

Legend of Korra is currently set to debut in November 2011.

Man, Avatar is still my all-time favorite animated series and this sequel should continue the elemental awesomeness. Gadzooks, I can’t wait! For updates on LOK, you can check out the forum topic over at

Sonya Blade Kicks High!

Posted in Fan Service, Fighting Games, Game Advertising, Game-related Events, Gaming, Mortal Kombat, PS3, Xbox360 on November 24, 2010 by thelonegamer just posted several scans from a Russian gaming mag showing off Sonya Blade, MK’s original Blonde Bombshell back in action in the upcoming Mortal Kombat. Even though I’m not that big a fan of the green-loving commando, she certainly looks quite fetching. Check out the screens for some babe-fighting goodness!

Shock! Shock! Ken Confirmed in SF X Tekken?

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Shotokan brothers unite to face the Iron Fist Invasion.

From one of the latest Tweetfighter updates from Yoshinori Ono comes this pic of the upcoming cross-over fighter, Streetfighter X Tekken, being playtested by the blokes over at Capcom UK. It’s just one pic, but quite telling as you can see the familiar blonde-haired locks of Ken beside Ryu’s portrait above the life bars (opposite Kazuya and Nina). Well, either that or it’s Cody wearing a red shirt. Or a very mannish, beret-less Cammy with her hair down. Anyway, Ken’s presence in the Capcom side roster is hardly a surprise, but it’s nice to see that there are developments ever since we last saw this game months ago. Apparently Ono-san is bringing the playable build around for Capcom offices outside Japan to see. Hopefully we’ll see a new trailer or actual vid soon to see other additions to this inevitable clash of franchises. More as we get it then.

Disney’s Tangled: US VS Japanese Trailers!

Posted in Movies on November 22, 2010 by thelonegamer

In contrast to the previous post that was about a movie that’s months away, let’s focus on a movie that’s out this week. It’s Disney’s Tangled, their sassy and gorgeous-looking reinvention of the Rapunzel story. Now, I’m already sold on this, but still I devour every trailer, video and viral ad they put out online. Now, I also came across the Japanese trailer for the film, and it’s pretty interesting how different it is, tonally, from the US one.

The US trailer comes with upbeat music, witty narration from Flynn Rider, lots of fast edits of sight gags and slapstick and exhilirating action.

The Japanese trailer is decidedly more subdued in terms of comedy- it’s much more straight to the point, plot-heavy, with dramatic music and more emotional scenes. Oh, and the serious Japanese narrator. It brings to mind the same way the Japanese treat their own anime stuff, like Miyazaki films.
Also, instead of a Japanese dub, it’s subtitled- I guess the Japanese like having the US voices around. The difference in tone is quite fascinating and refreshing, although I guess I prefer the fun and light tone of the US ads.

Anyway, the film is out November 24. I’ll be watching this, hopefully soon after I watch the latest Potter flick. After watching heavy drama, it’s good to have some light-hearted fun.

Cowboys and Aliens Trailer… WHOA!

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Now, this looks promising…

Some time ago I posted about a Cowboys VS Ninja movie… but heck, forget about that for now… here’s the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens. The names and faces attached to this alone make me giddy with excitement… freakin’ Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Jon Favreau, Daniel Craig and Harrison ‘Get off my plane’ Ford– who in particular looks to redeem himself after that Crystal Skull crap. For some reason this film reminds me of a B-movie back in the 80s titled Laserblast… probably because of the weird alien weapon-thingie attached to Craig’s wrist. This looks pretty cool, dammit. Another film to watch out for. Summer 2011 is gonna be damn awesome.