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SNK Dilemma Panics Fighting Game Fans

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Here’s to more Mai and Bouncy Beat ‘Em Ups for Years to Come.

This past week, some events occuring within Japanese gaming company SNK-Playmore got gamers up in a tizzy. When it came to light that the producer of the King of Fighters series had left the company some time ago and that the new President had ideas of dissolving their videogame division and just concentrating on Pachinko and figurines, gamers were certainly up in arms. SNK wasn’t just some game company. It was one of the icons of the fighting genre as well as other great gaming titles. Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown… and the whole Neo Geo vintage collection… would they all just go to the bargain bin?

Granted, SNK has never been the same since their first fall from the heights that led to the creation of the current SNK-Playmore. In their glory days, they had their own (albeit overpriced) console, tons of arcade hits and fans in their legions. These days, titles are fewer, and good ones rare. The last Samurai Shodown was a disgrace, and KOFXII was regarded by many as incomplete. KOFXIII looks to correct that, but with the troubles at the company, would it even reach gamers outside the arcade? Petitions were started, and some even tried to approach other fighting game gurus (such as Capcom’s Ono) to perhaps step in and get SNK titles if the worst happened.

In the end, SNK apparently answered the issue with a message that indeed, they will continue to create games for years to come. So worry not, Mai Shiranui fans, there will be more bouncy brawling coming. I myself can’t picture the fighting game genre without SNK’s titles in there, so this is really a relief. So perhaps now I’ll give KOFXIII the time of day.

Nah, I’ll just wait for the next batch of SNK fighters instead.

About That King of Fighters Movie…

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Legend of Chun-li, Dragonball Evolution… and now…. THIS!

I’ve seen BAD game-to-movie adaptations. Heck, I make it a point to see these things. I slogged through crap like Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Legend of Chun-li and Dragonball Evolution. But even those junkers had something in common- if you squinted, they actually had traces or smidgens of the source material in them. NOT SO with the wondrously horrific travesty known as The King of Fighters live-action movie.

The characters look, act and feel nothing like their in-game counterparts, sharing only the tiniest of details (as in, WOW! Rugal has one red eye!!! Just like in the games!!!) that only perhaps hardcore fans would get. Terry Bogard is switched from a streetfighter to a CIA agent (and a middle-aged looking CIA agent at that) who only wears his trademark cap for a moment towards the end… and no, there are no Power Geysers or Rising Tackles to be seen anywhere. That’s just the start. The movie features everything from bad, bad, BAD acting, a laughably confused and moronic script, silly special effects, awkward fight scenes and even more bad acting. MAN what was Ray Park thinking?

Anyway, if you’re feeling a bit masochistic, check out the vid above from Youtube’s The Switcher for the best way to see this piece of crap- trimmed down to 10 minutes and edited to highlight just how hilariously stupid it is. Or just do something more productive and slightly less painful- like getting a root canal. Moving on…

35 Minutes of King of Fighters XIII?!

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Let the vid load first, then go grab some chips and soda. It’s a long one.

Now playing on ebtvjp’s Youtube Channel is the King of Fighters XIII Player’s Guide– a more than half-hour long vid with tons of gameplay footage from SNK-Playmore’s upcoming 2D fighting sequel. Thankfully unlike many such vids, the vid is mostly all gameplay, with no annoying commentary or dialogue to grate on the ears… just lots of KOF fighting, looks at the new characters and stages, and that’s it. You’d be hard-pressed to find any other vid with this much goods on KOFXIII than this special gameplay feature, so check it out.

King of Fighters XIII New Promo Trailer

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The plot thickens!

SNK-Playmore just released a new spot for their upcoming fighter sequel, King of Fighters XIII. Some story scenes, lots of fighter artworks flashing around, and the promise of anti-hero Ash Crimson’s just desserts being thrown about.
With quite a few new additions, including a truckload of newcomers, such as the original KOF female team of Mai Shiranui, King and Yuri Sakazaki, as well as the K’ Team with, well, K’, Maxima and Kula Diamond. Vice returns as well to rejoin her teammate Mature.
Also new are some really flashy-looking Neo Max super attacks, which seem to fill the whole screen with impressive pyrotechnics. A Color Edit feature and Story cutscenes rounds out the game.

KOFXIII seems to be the game that the previous placeholder XII should have been. This looks like something for 2D fighting fans to look forward to. More as we get it.

Check out the King of Fighters XIII Arcade Intro!

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The End of the Ash Crimson?

Here’s the exciting, if extremely brief- intro attract cinematic from the upcoming arcade brawler King of Fighters XIII. While the previous KOF was a bare-bones kit, this seems to be very much plot-heavy, with the finale of the current Ash Crimson saga in its sights. So far the double-dealing androgynous anti-hero has had his way… but that may change. So what does the intro show? A lot of so far unknown characters who probably won’t actually appear in-game, although the end boss is probably one of those sinister robed dudes. The intro probably also shows off some characters who’ll be playable in the game’s final roster. This is expected out in Japanese arcades later this year, with a console release being a no-brainer. More as we get it.

King of Fighters XIII Artworks, Screenshots

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Adriasang has just posted a pretty hefty gallery of King of Fighters XIII screens and character art. As reported earlier, newly-debuted in KOFXIII are the classic girls’ team of Mai Shiranui, King and Yuri Sakazaki. So far it seems that everyone from the previous chapter has returned and raring for more fighting.

According to news, this latest upcoming chapter in SNK-Playmore’s premiere beat ’em up will be making up for the lack of narrative in the previous game. KOFXIII will bring to an end the Ash Crimson story arc, so fans of the effeminate double-dealing charge fighter get ready for some comeuppance or big reveals. Anyway, check out the big bunch of lovely artworks and screens here.

King of Fighters XIII Coming, Mai Shiranui Included (UPDATED!)

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The next KOF will have more kunoichi bounciness.

Last year, SNK scored a big lemon with King of Fighters XII, a beautifully-animated bare-cupboard 2D fighter. Well, this year the makers of Fatal Fury should hopefully redeem themselves with a more robustly-featured sequel to their long-running franchise, King of Fighters XIII. Well, they’re off to a good start at least by right off the bat announcing that the game will include bouncy ninja girl Mai Shiranui in the roster. The fan-throwing heroine was snubbed out of KOFXII, but she’ll be returning in her usual skimpily-dressed form later this year when the game debuts in Japanese arcades.

SNK recenly held a preview event for the game, and there was some bit of footage shown over at Kotaku, showing very tiny footage of a couple of big, brawny fighters doing battle. Precious little else is known about the game, but I’m fairly certain that at the very least, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami and Ash Crimson will also be returning. Other than that? Terry Bogard, almost surely. The Ikari Warriors, probably. I also hope that the game’s narrative also makes a return, as things were put on hold since the last game. I’m hoping that SNK just used KOFXII as a time buffer and was actually using all this time to develop XIII into a real stunner of a fighter… we’ll see. For now, you can check out the game’s official teaser site (nothing there save a larger image of Mai though). More on this as we get it.

UPDATE: Dengeki just posted some direct-feed pics of the game, and it seems that yes, there seems to be more of a story for the game this time- at least, we’ll be seeing some imposing new bosses or enemies judging from some screens, as well as an anime intro. Also added to the roster along with the returning Mai Shiranui is King (the kickboxing crossdresser chick) and Yuri Sakazaki. Check out the pics here.

Also, some vids of the KOFXIII event and gameplay were posted on Youtube here. Check ’em out!