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Thanksgiving Splurge

Posted in Game-related Events, Gaming, My Stuff, Resident Evil, Wii on November 29, 2009 by thelonegamer

I had several choices to go with spending some well-earned extra cash this weekend. I could have gotten a couple of games like Uncharted 2 or Assassin’s Creed 2. Or I could have bought a new Tablet for making digital art. But nope… for some reason I ended up getting a Wii. A freakin’ Wii. Yeah, I don’t know what happened. I already own a damn PS3 and Xbox360. The underpowered Wii doesn’t even have any decent fighting game without cartoon characters in it. What the heck happened?

Well, to be honest I got it primarily for Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles (well, I got Umbrella Chronicles as well… AND House of the Dead: Overkill), which I’ve been eyeing and liking for a while. The console was available at a very good price and package, so why not? Anyway, it’s a nice change from playing more ‘serious’ fare lately. But surely, I’ll be back to playing Tekken 6 and Dragon Age: Origins soon. For now though… damn, it’s fun.


SSFIV Screenshot Tease…

Posted in Fan Service, Fighting Games, Game-related Events, Gaming, PS3, Streetfighter III, Super Streetfighter IV, Xbox360 on November 27, 2009 by thelonegamer

Here’s the fateful screenshot that has many fans, like myself, in a tizzy. As you can see, macho man Guy is using what’s been described as his ‘Saving Attack’ to deflect a missile. Scratch that, not just a missile… but a KUNAI. As in, a Ninja Throwing Knife. Now, WHO in the Streetfighterverse throws Kunai from the air? If this doesn’t pretty much scream at who the next fighter to be revealed for Super Streetfighter IV is, I don’t know what could.

Okay, if this actually turns out to be GEKI, I am going to go out and KILL someone. But that one-in-a-billion nasty prank aside, this is surely confirmation that Ibuki, the super-cute and deadly ninja schoolgirl from Streetfighter III, is going to be IN SSFIV. And if that’s so, chances are the two other SF3 fighters mentioned in the leaked list from months ago- awesome karate kid Makoto and gentleman boxer Dudley– will be in as well. Not sure though when they’ll actually reveal this, seeing as how the Alpha guys were just shown off, but I’m thinking very, very soon. If I get confirmation on my favorite babes from Third Strike this December, I’ll consider that a lovely Christmas Gift from Ono and Capcom. More on this as we get it.

Tekken 6 Online Patch now Live!

Posted in DLC, Fan Service, Fighting Games, Game-related Events, Gaming, My Stuff, PS3, Tekken, Tekken 6, Xbox360 on November 26, 2009 by thelonegamer

If you haven’t already, go online with your copy of Tekken 6 console to download and install the spiffy new patch from Namco-Bandai. As previously posted about, the patch is supposed to improve online play, and so far… surprisingly it has! Word from forums is that gamers in Japan and Korea are raving about the improved play. I myself was able to play for quite a bit and I have to say, it’s a nice change to actually have some playable, mostly lag-free matches. I was able to fight matches from 4 to 1 bar connections, and all were far, far better than ever before (although most 1-bar matches are usually refused).

Anyway, this great stuff, and I look forward to actually playing more Tekken 6 online in the days, weeks, months and yes, years ahead. Kudos to Namco-Bandai for pushing through with this crucial after-release service, which may just give T6 a much-needed shot in the arm since the somewhat sluggish opening online performance. Hopefully more good stuff, like the Co-op patch and more will be forthcoming very soon.

Oh, and thanks to Ryuhza for helping me test out some long-distance Tekken 6 play. Good game, dude! Hahaha!

New Super Streetfighter IV “New Challengers” Trailer

Posted in Fan Service, Fighting Games, Game-related Events, Gaming, PS3, Soulcalibur IV, Street Fighter IV, Xbox360 on November 26, 2009 by thelonegamer

Alpha Males join the SSFIV cast.

IGN just posted this pretty cool trailer for Super Streetfighter IV, featuring the newly-added challengers. As previously revealed, returning Alpha fighters Cody, Adon and Guy will be available in 2010’s fighting sequel, along with T-Hawk, Deejay and Juri. The trailer also features the characters speaking in english, which shows that the dual language track feature started in the first SFIV will be back (I’ll be setting mine to Japanese, of course).

With about three to four months to go to release, I’m expecting a LOT more to be revealed before we get this brawler on our consoles. More as we get it.

Renaissance Man

Posted in Action Adventure, Game-related Events, Gaming, PS3, Xbox360 on November 25, 2009 by thelonegamer

Assassin’s Creed II has been garnering rave reviews since its release, and I have to say I am intrigued. I begged off getting the first one after learning about the repetitive gameplay, plus I’m not really much of a run-and-jump/parkour game fan. However, the sequel seems to have all the right elements for awesomeness- an even morel lethal, badass as well as likable hero in Ezio, a richer more detailed open world full of character, history and interactivity, tons of ways to customize your game and your own headquarters (the Villa) which you grow and build like your Hero’s Castle in Suikoden. Sounds pretty cool to me.

Right now though my plate is still pretty full- Tekken 6 is a constant, plus I’ve barely gotten my gauntlets into Dragon Age: Origins and Modern Warfare 2. Maybe I’ll save getting AC2 for Christmas. Anyway, if you guys have the game, are you enjoying your time in Venice?

Tekken 6 Online Patch for Thanksgiving

Posted in Fan Service, Fighting Games, Game Advertising, Game-related Events, Gaming, PS3, Tekken, Tekken 6, Xbox360 on November 24, 2009 by thelonegamer

Namco-Bandai today released further details about the forthcoming free downloadable update designed to improve the online game experience for players of Tekken 6 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The update is scheduled for release on November 26. The update is separate from the online co-op Scenario Campaign mode download which is scheduled for release separately this winter. Online gameplay enhancements in the update include the following:

Improved input response: improvement of the game’s responsiveness to button / command inputs;

Selectable search priorities for ranked matches: players will be able to set search priorities for opponents in ranked matches based on comparable rank or connection quality as well as location;

Optimized data transmission between fighters and spectators: fight data will be optimized in order to reduce the bandwidth load on the host’s console;

Signal strength bars: the signal strength bar will reflect connection quality more accurately;

Chance to cancel match: players will be able to cancel the match before it begins once the opponent’s signal strength has been displayed on ranked matches.

Hopefully this will remedy the so-far lackluster to really bad online performance of NB’s fighting game sequel. We’ll see later this week then.

Super Streetfighter IV: Three More Fighters Revealed!

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As teased by last week’s entry on the SSFIV Developers’ Blog, this week’s Famitsu of Japan revealed the latest new challengers for the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV, and then some!
Somewhat foreshadowed by a pic of Chun-Li getting walloped by someone in an urban setting (Metro City, natch), the new fighters shown are Cody, Guy and Adon. Streetwise brawler Cody is still sporting his jailhouse stripes from Alpha 3 and is probably bringing his unorthodox tactics (and dirty weapons) into the mix. Meanwhile, Sagat’s rival and kickboxing ruffian Adon is still as nasty-looking as ever. Finally, Bushin-style ninjitsu master Guy still looks bad-ass and fierce in 3D form. You can check the Famitsu scans here and here.

Anyways, so far the leaked list of new challengers to SSFIV released months ago has proven to be accurate- so we may expect a few more additions to be announced later on. Perhaps as an early precursor to this, note the pic in the upper-right corner of Guy’s page, where we see him deflecting what appears to be a mid-air kunai…

Super Streetfighter IV is set for release in Spring 2010 on PS3 and Xbox360. More on this as we get it.