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A Game of Thrones Trailer

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Winter is coming… and so is this Kick-ass series.

HBO’s Game of Thrones is coming. Why, oh why would I be writing about some high-brow dark age drama series when this is a game blog? Well, the Song of Ice and Fire series of novels (of which Games is but the first part) is one of the sources of inspiration of the very popular Dragon Age franchise.

The novels are a rich tapestry of conspiracy, war, betrayal, power struggles, politics and subtle sorcery with characters that you just get addicted to following through their often bloody paths to either the throne or the grave. Granted, I’m not that hot with quite a few of the characters, but for the most part it’s bliss to read about this dark fantasy world fashioned by George R.R. Martin. Magic is just incidental in this saga, and monsters or supernatural creatures few and far between, at least at first, but surely this show should have watchers spellbound from episode one.

The series will supposedly take on one book per season, which should lock this franchise for the next five or six years, depending on how successful it turns out. As a fan of HBO’s Band of Brothers, I’ve got high hopes for this, and any gamer who loves RPGs and fantasy epics should too. A Game of Thrones kicks off this April on HBO.

Dragon Age: The TV Series… Well, Kinda…

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Dark age treachery, romance, war and intrigue abound in Game of Thrones.

Here’s a long and lusty look at the making of the upcoming HBO series, A Game of Thrones, based on the series of fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin. As far as I know, this lustful and bloody epic is one of the great influences on the recent wave of RPGs of the ‘dark fantasy’ flavor, including Dragon Age. It may not have winged balrogs or hordes of orcs, but GOT makes up for it with in loads of interesting and engaging characters engaged in brutal power struggles all across the strife-ridden lands of Westeros and beyond. Magic may be very subtle and incidental in GOT, but this is something any fantasy fan will love. I can’t wait to see how HBO gives this the live-action treatment. The series arrives next year, in April or so. Wow, between this and the upcoming Legend of Korra, I think the fantasy geek in me is gonna be very, very pleased.

Deadly Dilemma

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I have to confess about something. I really, really, really want a copy of Deadly Premonition. This is a Suspense-action/Survival-Horror/Third Person Shooter budget title that was released recently on the Xbox360. The game has been both panned and raved about by game sites, some praising it to the roof for its quirkiness and humor, some damning it for its clunky basic gameplay and low-end production values.

I have to say I am leaning towards the former- I think the game’s not as bad as some may think, or at the very least it’s so bad, it’s GOOD. That’s so far what I’ve gathered after hours and hours of watching the game being played on Endurance Run over at Giant Bomb. Yes, the combat is dated and the driving looks awkward, but aside from that, it seems quite nice, and the odd cast of characters has endeared themselves to me- from your main guy/in-game partner York to the members of Greenvale’s police department who aid you in your mission. It’s a nice little sandbox of stuff that while not as pretty or sophisticated as the most cutting-edge titles, it has that certain oomph that makes it fun and engaging. And man, it’s actually funny, even if sometimes they probably don’t intend it… it’s gold.

While the editors playing the game aren’t always enthusiastic about it, I myself and enjoying watching the Twin Peaks-esque adventures of eccentric FBI agent Francis York Morgan.

Unfortunately there lies my dilemma as acquiring this game is a problem. The Xbox360 version is region-locked to the US (I own an Asian Xbox), which sucks. The Japanese version is, of course, Japanese. Now, there is the Asian PS3 version (which has the original Japanese title, Red Seeds Profile), which has some english support. Unfortunately it appears that it’s not 100 percent in english and has some bits (though mostly stuff involving sidequests) in Japanese. Also, this version costs about double that of the Xbox game. ARGH!

And so, here I am, stuck without any way of getting a full, 100 percent playable copy of Deadly Premonition. Unless they release an english Asian version I guess I’m gonna have to keep watching Giant Bomb.

Darn it, Zack. There must be an answer to this. What do you think, Zack?

10 Thoughts I Have About the iPad

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That’s one freakin’ huge iPod Touch.

Wallpapers and movies on the thing should look freakin’ awesome.

If you get one, better invest in one heck of a nice case.

Snatcher Magnet.

Playing Plants VS Zombies on it, or any RTS, should be sweet.

Why no camera? Largest Viewscreen Ever Otherwise…

How hot can that thing get with heavy use?

I hope the speakers are proportionally better and louder to complement the size.

The keyboard dock is damn awesome.

I’m not sold on it, and I already have a damn iPhone already. But I’m sure I’ll be drooling nevertheless if I see this thing in person a few months from now.

Tekken Voice Actor Passes Away

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A bit of sad news hit recently that is sure to hit anime and gaming fans. Last Sunday, Japanese voice actor Daisuke Gouri, 57, was found lying on his stomach with blood dripping from his wrists in the middle of a Nakano, Tokyo street by a passerby, who then notified the police. Authorities discovered a knife under his body as well as a nearby suicide note addressed to his family.

Unless you’re really hardcore into knowing voice actor credits in your anime and games, you might not know Mr. Gouri, but you’ve probably heard his gravelly, old/big man voice in countless titles. He is most known for giving the infamous Heihachi Mishima his voice since Tekken 3, and also was the voice for Bass Armstrong in Dead or Alive. Mr. Gouri has been working as vocal talent since 1973. He will surely be missed… but with the multitude of games and animation that bear his voice, he’ll always be around.

Musing about Heavy Rain

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Coming soon to a PS3 near you.

Quantic Dream’s upcoming Skinemax Movie You Play, Heavy Rain, is firmly on my list of anticipated games for the year, but of course I am trying to keep my expectations and standards low.
While there are quite a few videos showing what appears to be gameplay, I am still not totally convinced of how playable this Not a Game really is. It plainly isn’t just Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace in 3D, but I am still kinda weirded out by the context-heavy controls, and the seemingly mundane stuff you do. Making architectural drawings? Setting a table? Applying makeup? What is this… the next gen of Shenmue? Is it all about memorizing when or where to press ‘X’ or ‘O’? Will this be a game with true interaction, or is it really just Quick Time Event: The Game?

That aside though, what really got me interested is the narrative- having four playable heroes whose paths cross or intersect throughout their individual searches for an elusive serial killer is a great premise. Not too sure about the way that if and when a character is killed, the story goes on without them. What player would just abandon a path and just plow forward instead of just reloading a previous save? I guess it adds to the replay value if you let some player characters die, but perhaps this shouldn’t have become a selling point, instead just noting that the Save system is vital for branching paths.

Also, as great as the game looks, it’s plainly no Avatar in terms of character believability. Characters still have a blank stare in their vacant eyes, which only exacerbates the dry delivery of some of the lines of dialogue. Still, I’ve only seen snippets, so hopefully this all turns out to be little nitpicks.

When all is said and done, hopefully this game delivers on the aspects of interactivity, groundbreaking narrative, dramatic punch and, well, mature elements that it is promising. We’ll find out in a couple of months.

Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 40: Devil Jin

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Speak of the Devil.

As a way of counting down the time to the release of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360, I’ve decided to begin this weekly series of lengthy, character-specific articles, each one featuring one of the competing warriors in the latest and greatest King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Number 41. It’s been a long road since we started waaaaaay back in January. Not bad eh? Well, unfortunately we still don’t have a copy of Tekken 6 yet, but at least we’ve shorn down the wait to less than six weeks. Anyway, the current fighter to be featured can be considered a recent addition, though his/its presence has been in the series for quite a long time. Finally arriving as an actual playable fighter in Tekken 5, this ferocious challenger embodies the dark side of one of the game’s main heroes (or former main hero as the case may be). Hatred and sadistic glee given physical form, this malevolent warrior from hell itself has since become a favorite for players who want to kick ass and look devilish doing it. We’re talking about Devil Jin.

Devil Jin
Distinguishing Features:In case you miss the glowing yellow eyes, fangs and big-freakin’ horns, he’s got two huge black wings sprouting from his back. Demon-themed wardrobe, including armor, clawed gauntlets and chains. And some stylish clogs.

Strengths: Deadly combination of Mishima and Kazama-style attacks with his own unique brand of mayhem, namely flight and swooping attacks and the ability to project laser beams from his eyes. Intimidation factor with some of the most blasphemously spectacular customs in the game (goat face and legs, anyone?). Inhuman strength and mental powers. His Devilish Power is over 9000!

Weaknesses: Nerfed quite a bit since Tekken 5DR and the original Tekken 6.0. Holy water or the Mystic aura of a pure-hearted maiden of the Kazama bloodline. Frequent molting.

Affiliation: Linked inexorably to Jin Kazama, making him a dark power in the shadows within and behind the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Background: The manifestation of the Devil Gene within Jin Kazama, the being known as Devil Jin first appeared during Tekken 3 in Jin’s ending, saving Jin’s life after he was gunned down by the Tekken Force and Heihachi Mishima. After taking out his would-be killers, Devil Jin flew off into the night.

Jin Kazama would later awaken and his life thereon was a continual struggle to suppress the evil within him.

The next time the Devil manifested was in the aftermath of the Tekken 4 tournament, when Kazuya Mishima attempted to awaken the Devil Gene within Jin in order to possess it. After Kazuya and Heihachi are defeated, Jin takes on Devil Jin’s form and flies away, later going berserk in a forest where he causes massive destruction. When he awakens later in the midst of the ruined forest, Jin realizes that its only a matter of time before he is taken over completely by the Devil Gene.

At the end of Tekken 5, Jin defeated his great grandfather, Jinpachi Mishima, and became the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Soon after taking command, Jin immediately sent out the Tekken Force to spread chaos all over the world…

Character Analysis: Forget the outdated ‘Devil’ that appeared way, way, way back in Tekken 2- it’s all about Devil Jin, dudes, when it comes to supernaturally-empowered ass kicking. Instead of being just a straight Jin clone, DJ has his own unique stance and style of movement, giving him the look and feel of a predatory bird… which is pretty damn awesome. His laser attacks and flight shouldn’t be used carelessly, lest he be left open to punishment, but he does have techniques that utilize his flight and powers that are quick enough to use out of hand. All in all… definitely one of the game’s power players.

Story-wise, we know little as yet of DJ’s exact role in the ongoing plot, but it’s bound to be connected to Jin Kazama and his current anti-hero role. Has the Devil Gene (and Devil Jin) take over? The demonic-themed decor of Jin’s private office, the Gargoyle’s Perch stage, seems a dead giveaway… Jin may be the one sitting in the throne, but it may be DJ giving the orders.
On the other hand, why doesn’t DJ appear or manifest in the course of the game as a sub-boss? Perhaps like Kazuya, Jin has mastered his inner Devil, or perhaps merged with it. In any case, it will be interesting to see what storyline DJ himself pursues in the game, and what his future may be in the series.

So indeed, what does the future hold for Jin Kazama’s devilish alter-ego? It’s safe to say their fates are intertwined, so whatever happens to Jin in the aftermath of the war will dictate where they go. I dare say that DJ is about as popular as Jin himself, so no doubt they will surely survive anything short of actua capture and consumption by Kazuya himself. Keep looking with caution to the dark skies of future Tekkens for the flapping of black wings.

Stay tuned Next Week as we delve into another fighter’s story!

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 in late October, with a PSP version release TBA.

Big Tekken 6 Console News Coming…

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… tomorrow, June 22. Well, it’s actually June 22 NOW here in my parts, but it’s still about 12 hours to go in the US, where the news will be broken from SD Tekken. What can it be? We’ve seen hints of it from the Cardboard Tube Samurai costume revealed yesterday, but that seems to be just a piece of a bigger picture. What that picture is… well, we’ll find out soon enough. Rest assured, Tekken fans all over the world are waiting with great anticipation. For now though, all we can do is wait. Damn it. Heheh…

Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 12: Eddy Gordo

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Capoeira’s Poster Boy faces his Darkest Hour.

As a way of counting down the time to the release of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360, I’ve decided to begin this weekly series of lengthy, character-specific articles, each one featuring one of the 40 or so competing warriors in the latest and greatest King of Iron Fist Tournament. Hopefully, by the time we finish and reach character number 40, we’ll have the console version of Tekken in our hands already.

Part 12 brings us to a fighter who came in relatively late in the series, bringing with him a unique fighting style that was, at the time unknown in videogames. His fascinating, dance-like stance and powerful and seamless, seemingly unending kick combos made him an instant favorite for players of all levels- including button-mashers, much to many an opponents’ frustration. Much has happened since then, and while he has been balanced out considerably since, in the right hands, Eddy Gordo is still a force to be reckoned with.

Eddy Gordo
Distinguishing Features: Dreadlocks. Expensive sunglasses and lots of bling. FASCA!!! Usually seen in a handstand.

Strengths: A deadly combo machine with kicks and gymnastic moves that hit like an avalanche on the unprepared. Once he gets into his groove, the rhythm of destruction he can rain down on his opponent is almost a force of nature.

Weaknesses: If he gets predictable, can be easily countered, anticipated and punished. Will do anything for those he considers his only family left- his ailing master and his lady love, Christie Monteiro.

Affiliation: Currently working as a member of the Tekken Force under Jin Kazama, taking part in covert operations throughout the world.

Background: Born to one of the richest families in Brazil, Eddy’s life was forever changed when his parents were murdered by drug cartels. As part of his father’s dying request, Eddy admitted to the crime and was put in prison where he would, supposedly, be able to escape the immediate attention of his family’s enemies. There in the hard and merciless hell behind bars, Eddy waited to strike back at the ones who had killed his father and grew stronger. He met an old man, the Great Master of Capoeira, who taught him how to fight. Later, when Eddy broke out of prison and joined the Tekken 3 Tournament to begin his quest for vengeance, he found out the identity of his father’s murderer- Kazuya Mishima.

Eddy would disappear in the next tournament, his spot on the roster filled in by his student and his master’s granddaughter, Christie Monteiro. It is implied that Eddy went deep underground at this time, seeking out the whereabouts of Kazuya. Little is known of his activities, and Eddy would only resurface and return to the King of Iron Fist Tournament in Tekken 5.
When Eddy’s master was released from prison, the great Capoeira Master was but a shadow of his former self. An unknown illness plagued the old man, giving him only six months to live. However, Eddy learned that his master’s life could be saved through the technology and resources of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Setting aside his personal vendetta for now, Eddy sought to win the tournament for his master’s sake.

At the end of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Jin Kazama emerged as the victor and new CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Eddy approached Jin and the two spoke in private, soon reaching an agreement. In return for the Zaibatsu’s aid in finding a way to save his master’s life, Eddy joined the Tekken force and began using his strength and skills to help the Mishima Zaibatsu carry out its plans of world conquest…

Character Analysis: Easily one of the most popular and well-known Tekken characters, Eddy Gordo probably popularized Capoeira to the layman and mainstream society, for better or worse. As a character, he is usually portrayed as a righteous young man whose life has been thrown into chaos thanks to his family’s involvement in the business of Kazuya Mishima. His only anchors to a life apart from his thirst for revenge are his master, the Great Capoeira Master, and Christie Monteiro… for them, he would do anything and everything- perhaps even make a deal with the devil himself.

Eddy and Jin Kazama joined the Tekken Tournament at the same time, way back in Tekken 3. It seems likely that two youths, but seeking justice, would find a certain kinship or even friendship in one another, even if circumstances may place them on opposing sides. Since then, each has changed, for better or for worse. Today, Eddy is forced by fate to approach Jin. Does he recognize the radical change that has transformed Jin since they last met? Does he care that he is now carrying out much of the same evil that caused him his own misfortunes many years ago?

In any case, Eddy has thrown his lot in with Jin and the Zaibatsu, and no doubt he will carry through with his promise if it means saving his master’s life. And, if in the process it brings him into confrontation with the man who set him on the Devil’s Road- Kazuya Mishima himself- all the better, it seems. Everything that Eddy has been fighting for seems to be falling into his grasp. But dealing with the devil always has its price- Eddy may end up with everything or nothing depending on how the rhythm goes.

What does the future hold for Eddy Gordo? When Jin and the Zaibatsu fall into their inevitable ruin, a survivor and fighter like Eddy should have the sense to jump ship and make for the surface. It’s been a hard time so far for Eddy- perhaps now he’s due for some payback. Surely the main proponent of Capoeira will land on his feet when all is said and done- hopefully with his lady love at his arm and his master at his side- in order to fight and dance another day.

Stay tuned next week for another fighter’s story!

Tekken 6 is slated for the PS3 and Xbox360 in Fall 2009.

G.I. Joe The Movie Teaser Trailer

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Okay, this probably really isn’t much of a game-related post, but darn if G.I. Joe the Movie isn’t something gamers and comic book fans alike are waiting for with feverish anticipation. This initial spot, shown at the Superbowl, is promising. I like how they’re selling the spot a lot with The Baroness (although I’m kinda biased for Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show as the Cobra Witch) and I love the whole disintegrating Eiffel Tower thing. NOT too hot with once again, Hollywood defaults to generic black uniforms for the Joes. WHO designs costumes these days? Mortuary assistants? Goth groupies? Upholsterers? Meh. Anyway, it looks action-packed, but all the wild stunts and tumbling through the air with rockets passing by reminds me of the same stunts in The Transformers… not too odd, that.

Anyways, I’ll be keeping an eye out for this. Should be fun, if anything else. I should dig out those old episodes for now though. Heh.