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Gazing Into My Crystal Ball: Future Fighting on NGP

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I’ll just throw this one into the air. Pure speculation on my part.

Sega will announce Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown for Sony’s Next Generation Portable.

Sega is a third party dev for the system, and NGP needs solid fighters to make up the lineup of games, like how the 3DS already has SSFIV, DOA and Blazblue off the bat. One of the titles in the NGP’s lineup of launch titles is something called ‘Reality Fighters’, but that’s certainly not to the level of any big fighting game.

One more guess. Namco-Bandai will port a Tekken title on the Next Gen Portable as well. I’d be happy with an arcade-or-console-perfect port of Tekken 6, but perhaps going further maybe it’ll be a port of the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Or maybe even Tekken X Streetfighter. Either it’ll be an actual version specific to the NGP, or the PS3 titles will be compatible on the portable system.

These are just guesses/wishes/hopes on my part. I just really, really, really want a home verson of VF5FS already. And my Tekken fix as well. If these do happen, remember, you read about them first HERE.

Moving on…

New VF5 Final Showdown Screens!

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It’s Owen Wilson!

Andriasang just posted a gallery of newly-released screens and pics from Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. What’s the use of scoping out these images from a Japanese arcade-only title? Well, in case you haven’t heard, there’s a little chance that a home port may be forthcoming thanks to Sega recently registering the name ‘Final Showdown’ for consoles. Maybe- just maybe- we’ll hear something soon. Perhaps this coming TGS? I’m crossing my fingers… this hot brawler should be THE 3D fighter to keep us all occupied, busy and entertained as we await the next wave of big fighters that are, as yet, a couple of years away. Anyway, we can dream, can’t we? A console port of VF5FS would be damn awesome, so I am imploring Sega once again… cough it up!!!
For now, check out the screens here in full resolution. Oh, and it’s all about Aoi and her sarong. Heh.

Sarah Bryant’s new kimono is sexy in its teasing concealment.

Her ‘S’ bikini leaves nothing to the imagination, though.

Sega Registers ‘Final Showdown’ Trademark for Consoles: VF5FS Coming Home?

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VF5FS coming to consoles? Please let it be so!

From a thread originally posted on SRK, a kernel of hope for fighting game fans pining for Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown to come home may have appeared. Apparently according to Japanese game site Game Nyarth, Sega has trademarked ‘Final Showdown’ for consoles. What does this mean? Well, the most obvious being that this may signify some intention by the Japanese game developer to release something called ‘Final Showdown’ on PS3 or Xbox360. Either it’s indeed a port or such of VF5FS or… another game named Final Showdown. What do you guys think?

Me? I’m freakin’ hoping for the freaking former. I want VF5FS playing on my console(s) in the near future. With a brand new resurgence of fighting games and as yet a vacancy in the field of any new 3D fighters (with the next Tekken, SF, their Crossovers and SoulCalibur not due for at least a year or two), it’s a great chance for Sega’s fighter to be top dog in the beat ’em up limelight in the meantime.

Come on, Sega. Make it happen. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown for consoles. COME ON. Hopefully there will be more info, or at least a bit more hope, with the upcoming TGS 2010. More as we get it then…

VF5 Final Showdown Released in Japan

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The gang’s all here for the last round of VF5 fighting.

Yesterday saw the general release in Japanese arcades of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, which should be the last update in this chapter of Sega’s fighting franchise. New gameplay mechanics, new fighting moves, redone stages, new music, more sexy costumes and more freedom in composing those outfits and customizations are in store for arcade players in Nippon. If you see fighters duking it out in bikinis or Speedos, it’s not DOA, but VF people… how the world has changed!

Anyway, sadly this is still just Japanese arcades only. Though we’ve heard some encouraging words, we’re still waiting with bated breath for a console release of this gorgeous fighter. Really, with both Namco-Bandai and Capcom’s next fighters not due out until a couple of years from now, it’s to Sega’s advantage to release VF5FS on PS3 or Xbox360 and be THE shiny new 3D fighting game out. This is really a hot game and I would give a lot to see this on my TV in full HD. Let’s keep crossing our fingers.

VF5FS’s New Boun-er, Stun Animation

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Another stun/bound! effect adds to VF5FS’s combo potential.

Here’s another short vid that shows off some new animations in Sega’s currently-in-testing VF5 upgrade, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. This new stun animation is similar to the Bound! effect in Tekken 6– the attacker applies a certain move- usually a downward hitting attack like an axe kick- which slams the victim into the ground face-first with such force and speed that they are almost instantly bounced back upwards, pretty much stunned and out on their feet, before they crumple backwards to the ground.
While in this stunned state they can be combo’ed or hit again. You can even re-apply the stun move again at least one more time for even more hits. The result, combos particularly near the wall sucks up life bars like candy.

It’s a pretty interesting-looking stun, and just one of the many moves and new effects you can inflict on your opponents in this game. That is, if we all ever get a chance to play this game. We’re still waiting for the announcement of the console version, which I believe IS coming. Sega’s released more trailers for this game than all of the previous VF5 versions, and they ARE aware of gamers clamoring for this sexy brawler. I think it’s just a matter of time. I want my Final Showdown, please.

“AGH! You Got Me…” VF5FS Has New KO Animations

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If VF5FS, if you go down, at least you go down in style.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown has tons of new animations that showcase cool combos, painful-looking throws and awesome counters. However, some of the best I’ve seen so far are the new KO animations. For me, a good and satisfying-looking Knockout is just as good as a Fatality in an MK game.
In most fighting games in the past, fighters just went down and stayed down after the final blow. In more recent games, there came added flourishes or details, such as Tekken Tag Tournament’s ‘Brokeback’ spasm animation (which was awesome at first, but got old quickly after the MILLIONTH time you see it on a fighter who got KO’ed by a hit to the LEG).

The recent Tekken 6 gladly added three new ways a fighter gets KO’ed, aside from the default one (bad back’s still there). They were pretty sweet. Now VF’s fighters show they can also play dead just as convincingly, with a couple of new KOs added in VF5FS. I have to say, they look pretty good; you can almost feel the pain as the loser falls sidewards into the fetal position. Ouchers!

Anyway, all this is just to reiterate that VF5FS is looking FREAKIN’ AWESOME, and that fighting gamers are begging Sega to please, please, please announce a console port soon. It’s been years since VF5 Vanilla and Version C, dudes… we need something new and fresh. We need a Final Showdown.

More as we get it, till then I’ll be watching more match vids.

More VF5FS Gameplay!

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Virtua Fighter 5, Swimsuit Edition!

There are quite a few match vids now online from the first location test of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, though mostly on Japanese video channels than on Youtube. I’ve seen quite a few, and so far I’m hyped.
The characters all have tons of moves, though I’ll leave nitpicking about those to the hardcore. El Blaze for the most part has gotten so many new throws and grapples, I’m so tempted to try him out if and when this game comes to consoles. Also cool is Vanessa, who now has a lie-down stance from where she can still kick, throw or taunt from. Everyone also got new intros, win animations and other cool stuff; I know Eileen’s new win pose should look doubly cool if she’s wearing her ‘S’ bikini. There are also tons of new crumples, stun and KO animations, plus lots of combos seem to start off even when a character’s on the ground. Everything seems faster from a gameplay perspective, with most fighters being a lot more offensive with long combos and starters in their arsenals.

One gripe so far that I have though is… well… the music SUCKS. I can’t make heads or tails of any of the new character BGMs, they’re all weird and I can’t stand any of them. What the heck? Did someone slip in their mix tape somehow into the dev team? Seriously!

Anyway that doesn’t diminish my desire for this game one bit. I WANT THIS, and BAD. Let’s hope Sega gives in to all the clamoring gamers and rewards us all with a console port, sooner rather than later. More as I get it then.