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Fighting Game Gurus Strike a Pose!

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Katsuhiro Harada and Yoshinori Ono mug it up at Namco’s R&D office.

Even though they’re surely busy as hell, jetsetting all over the globe for this or that conference, fan event or PR stunt, Tekken’s Main Man Katsuhiro Harada and Streetfighter Head Honcho Yoshinori Ono always have time to just act goofy. The pic above was posted on Twitter, and shows Ono-san visiting Namco-Bandai’s R&D Department (you can tell with the arcade machines all over the place). Apparently they met to talk about their upcoming cross-over games, though what exactly they discussed is open to speculation and imagination.

From all recent tweets from Ono, Streetfighter X Tekken has recently made final discussions regarding the character roster; he will be headed for Moscow this weekend for a SF event, and will supposedly be announcing something for both the arcade edition of SSFIV and SF X Tekken, along with the debut of an animated trailer.
On the Tekken front, all has been quiet since Harada’s showing of early game footage from Tekken Tag Tournament 2– hopefully more news and developments will be announced soon. We’ll just have to be patient and hunker down… it’s still a bit of a wait.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Update

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Versus City just posted an update about the next Tekken game. The latest issue of Arcadia Magazine in Japan has a short article on the game, which includes an interview with series producer Katsuhiro Harada. The info isn’t exactly that mind-blowing; the roster will not go below what’s already there at present (the roster in Tekken 6), walls will be in the game as the devs want elements from Tekken 4 onwards to be incorporated in the game, plus overall the game should have a ‘festive’ feel. Anyway, read the whole article here.

Anyway, on the Twitter front Harada has also teased that the team is considering adding a Story Mode into TTT2. The game will be at 720p and 60fps, just like Tekken 6 (no 1080p for us). The game will be able to support up to 4 characters at once onscreen, but what conditions will have everyone onscreen at the same time? Man, that’s gonna be crazy.

That’s it for now. More as it arrives, then.

Streetfighter X Tekken Trash Talk: Jun Kazama to Return, Release Date Revision?

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Gamespot just posted a cool video interview with Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada from Gamescom (Ono’s still in his Chun-li getup). As far as the development of the Crossover Fighters, exact details are scarce but the two devs do talk about how their teams are going about making the upcoming fighters, such as listening to fan feedback and suggestions.

It’s really fun to see these two producers from two high profile games spar and interact onscreen via their body language- you can tell they’re very comfortable with each other and are good friends… perhaps the one reason how this whole thing was made possible in the first place.

Anyway, there were two significant things I got from the interview. One, apparently Ono has fixated on the still-MIA Jun Kazama (apparently simply because Harada ‘wants her out of Tekken’) and has stated that he will include her in his game- a point up for Jun loyalists (I’m an Asuka fan, so whatever). Since these Crossovers are non-canon, anything and anyone goes, I guess. Still, I wouldn’t break out any champagne until I see character models and artworks.

The other significant point is the release date- Ono said that his early prognosis of a release after 2 years earned him a scolding from Capcom boss Keiji Inafune, so he and his team will try to get the game out sooner than that. Good to hear. Really, dudes… I mean, we all waited for Tekken 6 for at least that long, but in that case we had the arcade version to tide us over. Let’s hope these much-awaited titles arrive a LOT sooner rather than later.

Check out the whole video interview here.

First Look: Tekken X Streetfighter!

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Devil Gene meets Satsui No Hadou? Freakin’ Awesome.

Kotaku just posted this scoop on Namco-Bandai’s Tekken X Streetfighter from the Gamescom floor. Though at this time only Capcom’s Streetfighter X Tekken is playable at the show (with the same gameplay as seen at the last SDCC), Katsuhiro Harada surprised guests with a VERY early look at his side of this crossover equation.

Ryu’s been Tekkenized!

Harada showed off a couple of screens showing off the character model for Ryu, in the more life-like, 3D Tekken style. However, it’s easy to see that the model’s very early and lacks the detail and quality you’d expect from something out of Tekken 6. Harada went on to explain that the model isn’t finished, and as yet was even using assets from existing fighters (Ryu was apparently wearing Paul Phoenix’s gi). He assured though that the Tekken team would work hard to not disappoint fans.

“Aren’t you a bit short for a Tekken Fighter?” Ryu’s actually wearing Paul Phoenix’s Gi for this image.

On a side note, Harada-san also mentioned in passing that his team was at present also busy with other things (such as, well… the next Tekken) and that his game would not be released until after Ono’s side has released theirs.

What can I say? Things look promising, even if Ryu’s model really looks very early (he kinda looks like Feng Wei). Looking at him though, it kinda comes out that Ryu just looks pretty… plain. Well, he IS supposed to be THE generic karate guy anyway, but maybe the Tekken team can add in their own touch to give him a bit more personality. Or perhaps it’s Ryu’s innate plain-ness that will allow him to look distinct in a game filled with lots of flashy-looking characters. We’ll see.
Anyhow, now I’m very interested to see how the other World Warriors will look going into this game. Pretty exciting, but hell… we’re gonna have a long time waiting for this one. Here’s to more stuff from the actual Tekken game holding the line in the meantime…

New Streetfighter X Tekken Screens show Babe Battles

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Chun-li takes it to Nina.

Streetfighter producer Yoshinori Ono just posted a bunch of screenshots from his upcoming brawler, Streetfighter X Tekken. The 9 screens show off some new hit effects and action not seen in the previous trailer. This includes the female fighters also getting in on the fighting directly, with Chun-li giving Nina Williams a taste of her kicks. Actually, all of the screens have the World Warriors kicking the Iron Fist Fighters’ butts, leading me to believe that this is a bit of a gauntlet to the face from Ono to his rival, Harada-san over at Namco-Bandai. So, Tekken… where’s your answer?

Check out all the posted new screens over at Fighter’s Generation.

Harada VS Ono at Gamescom! UPDATED

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Katsuhiro Harada’s and Yoshinori Ono’s twitter accounts revealed recently that both of these fighting game creators will be attending Germany’s gaming expo, Gamescom, this coming August 19.

This early, the two producers have already begun a WWE-style exchange of trash talk, hyping up the confrontation that will see them both facing off in Streetfighter X Tekken. Afterwards, gamers at the event will be invited to try the game out themselves in a tournament, with various game goodies at stake.

UPDATED: Contrary to earlier articles, apparently we will not be seeing Namco’s Tekken X Streetfighter at Gamescon, as later articles are mentioning the game to be featured as SF X Tekken, the Capcom-created crossover which was featured at SDCC. Unless Harada decides to wow us with his stuff, this may be just something we’ve all seen before already. Still, who knows? More as we get it. Read this article for this disappointing bit of news.

Iron Fisted! The Lone Gamer’s Tekken Movie Review

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Does this fighter hit or miss?

Okay, I’ve seen it. After all this time, I’ve seen the Tekken live-action movie. It’s been months after the release of Tekken 6, the latest game in the series, the movie came out in Japan without much fanfare and surprisingly little news. Now it’s here and I guess all that’s left to be said is… how bad is it?

Surprisingly though… it’s actually NOT bad.

Tekken is what it is- a mixed martial arts revenge flick. Fortunately, thanks to the overall plot and character relationships, this IS a Tekken story, not just some generic beat ’em up flick with the Tekken brand pasted on it. That said, this isn’t a Tekken most fans will recognize either. Hardcore purists though will howl at the many liberties and omissions- Where’s my fave fighter? Why isn’t so-and-so there? Why did he/she get beat so quick? They changed what? EH? Well, sorry to say, anyone going into the theater looking for Tekken trappings like boxing kangaroos, giant robots or Devil Genes will be disappointed. Only about one fourth of the game’s roster of fighters appear in the film as well. Just accept that this is adapted from the Tekken game and not a canon addition to the game series, and just move on.

The movie takes a more gritty, real-world(?) approach to the storyline, breaking away from most of the supernatural and more fantastic elements from the games, instead focusing on the core plot of the Mishima Bloodline, the Mishima Zaibatsu AKA Tekken Corporation and Jin Kazama’s quest for vengeance. This more back-to-basics approach results in a solid, pretty easy to understand martial arts adventure, at the very least.

Learn how Jin Kazama got those rad gloves. No, really!

Set in a ravaged near-future earth that is just recovering from a time known as the ‘Terror Wars’, the setting of Tekken isn’t a nice place. There are no more governments as the world is now divided into sectors (rather than nations), each one controlled by one of six megacorporations, all collectively known as Iron Fist. The most powerful corporation is the Tekken Corporation (as opposed to just the Mishima Zaibatsu), which controls the territories that include the United States. Tekken is headed by its fierce but strangely honorable CEO, Heihachi Mishima (Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa).

In ‘The Anvil’, one of the many impoverished, danger-filled zones of Tekken City, lives Jin Kazama (Jon Foo), a streetwise youth who works part-time as a runner for smuggled tech. Talented in martial arts due to training from his mom, Jun (Tamlyn Tomita), Jin is often asked to join the underground resistance against the Tekken Corporation’s oppression against the civilians. Jin though would rather just do his own thing and use his earnings to buy little luxuries for his nearest and dearest. Read: This guy will run through freakin’ bullet storms to get his girlfriend a bite of chocolate. What a guy!

Unfortunately, his latest smuggling job inadvertently leads Tekken’s secret police, the ‘Jackhammers’, led by Heihachi Mishima’s son, Kazuya (Ian Anthony Dale), to his clients in the underground resistance, and then later to his own home. One explosion later, Jin’s an orphan seeking revenge on the one he believes responsible, Heihachi Mishima. It doesn’t take long for Jin to enter Tekken’s martial arts tournament itself, pitting himself against the world’s most dangerous fighters and making him an unwitting pawn in a power struggle within the Tekken Corporation.

Jin (Jon Foo) faces off against Miguel (Roger Huerta).

That’s basically what the movie’s about- there’s no big scheme to take over the world (Tekken is already IN control), no secret genetic experiments creating super soldiers using the fighters’ DNA, no mystical demon lord waiting behind the wings (Kazuya fills that in as the film’s biggest douche already). Jin just wants his pound of flesh, and along the way other characters either side with him or get in his way. But thankfully, the movie works since it rarely slows down with lots of hard-hitting action, some steamy sexy scenes with some hot ladies, and even more action.

Did I say there was action? Tekken is basically about a fighting tournament, and that saying it has a LOT of full-contact, brutal and bloody fighting. In comparison, the fights in other fighting game movies look either tame or comical. The only exception being the one girl-fight, which suffers a bit from too-quick editing and a truncated finish. Generally, while the fight choreography is pretty good and fierce, I do have one big gripe- too many weapons! Really, this isn’t Soulcalibur, and should have limited battling with tools considerably.

Overall, the acting ranges from good to adequate- adequate being that most of the characters appear just to look bad-ass or fight. Luke Goss’s scrappy Steve Fox (the fanboy in me however wishes that he was Paul Phoenix instead), is a welcome sympathetic presence to Jin, while Ian Dale’s Kazuya and Gary Daniels’ Bryan Fury are properly imperious and menacing. I don’t think they could have gotten a more Heihachi-ish Heihachi than Mr. Tagawa-san. Generally, the script is pretty tight and the dialogue never too hammy or over-the-top, so I never found myself cringing at any point.

The production’s casting expended some effort at least to have many of the appearing fighters look like their in-game counterparts. Raven (Darren Dewitt Henson), Eddy Gordo (Lateef Crowder) and Anna Williams (Marian Zapico) for example, look like they stepped off a PS3. On the other hand, Candice Hildebrandt’s Nina Williams, hotness aside, is dressed in an outfit that makes her look like kinky cosplay.

“Psst… Sergei… your top don’t match your pants, man…”

Perhaps two characters who will be debated on are Christie Monteiro and Kazuya Mishima. Kelly Overton’s female fighter is not Brazilian, and not really a Capoeira fighter like in the game. However she’s definitely gorgeous plus has a bigger part in the story than she ever had in the game so I think it balances out.
As for Kazuya, I think that Ian Anthony Dale does resemble Tekken’s main bad boy in my opinion, with his slicked-back hair, liking for long coats and sinister countenance (the little scar on the cheek is a subtle but nice touch)- although apparently they found a need for him to have a mustache and beard to twirl evilly. He’s out and out a villain here instead of the anti-hero in the game.

The most crucial role, however, is that of Jin Kazama, and thankfully Jon Foo acquits himself well in the sullen, angry role of the revenge-seeking pretty boy. As a martial artist himself in real life, Foo performs admirably in the many bone-cracking fight scenes, and you will feel this guy earns every hard-won match.

Hot female assassins? Check. Too bad Anna doesn’t see much action (in the arena).

In terms of visuals, the movie adopts a pretty bleak look- most of it is set at night, or in shadows with spotlights or gasoline fires, or neon lights. It’s like a low-budget Blade Runner world, with gun-toting goons in kendo masks running around, the odd CG hovercraft whizzing by and some rather kitschy prop-filled stages complete with properly chirpy commentators to simulate different settings for the various martial arts bouts. Overall though, what budget they had for the movie is used cleverly to make a distinct look for the film and a reasonable emulation of the game’s iconic characters.

Tekken will almost surely be compared to the two other (more or less) decent fighting game-to-movie translations in the past, Mortal Kombat and DOA. Whereas MK focused on its supernatural mythology and DOA on cheesecake, Tekken’s strength is in the actual fighting- down and dirty MMA-style beatdowns- and a fast-paced story with a few turns that will have you glued to the screen for the duration.

So how does Tekken rack up against the competition? I’ll go out and say it- Mortal Kombat has been the best fighting game-to-movie translation all this time… but now it has a challenger that strikes hard with pretty solid punch. Tekken’s gritty action scenes and fast-paced story and distinct visuals make it one of the better videogame movies and overall a pretty good martial arts flick even if you took out the game references.

You don’t have to know the entire roster of fighters or have to listen to hours of exposition to watch and enjoy this action flick. Go in with not so many high expectations but get ready to set your adrenaline on high. This isn’t Shakespeare. It’s not rocket science. THIS IS IRON FIST!

Tekken is now showing in Manila theaters. The film will have a direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray release in other territories.

One last note: There IS an extra scene after the credits roll, so if you have a bit of patience, sit back and wait for it.

Tekken 6 pays off for Namco-Bandai

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A lot of us bought this game.

Namco-Bandai, which suffered significant losses last year, surged ahead with welcome profits partly thanks to it’s flagship fighting franchise. Tekken 6, which was released for PS3 and Xbox360 last October, has so far sold 3.3 million units worldwide (according to a report by Gamespot.

This is truly great news for the Tekken franchise, and fans have much to look forward to in the futrue of the Iron Fist Tournament. The next Tekken game is reportedly already in development, while two Tekken-involved games, Capcom’s Streetfighter X Tekken and Namco’s own Tekken X Streetfighter, are also in the works.

All of these titles however are still in the early stages and probably won’t be seen in much substance for the moment. At this point, I wonder if NB’s other fighting title, Soulcalibur, isn’t due for any update? More as we get it then.

Tekken Movie in Theaters Now!

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Jin Kazama and company hit the Silver Screen.

Just last week, Tekken actor Jon Foo was in Manila to promote the live-action Iron Fist Tournament movie. Well, Tekken is in theaters NOW, and as soon as I have time off to get to a mall, I’ll catch it to finally lay this loose end to rest.

To be fair, I’ve seen some positive reviews online, citing the movie’s hard-hitting fight scenes. Tekken has been grouped along with the first Mortal Kombat and DOA, which is a good thing, really, since those are the two best fighting game-to-movie translations so far (the Van Damme Streetfighter movie is in a league and flavor all its own).

Anyway, once I catch the film I’ll post a review at the soonest. I don’t have high expectations, but I expect to at least see some cool fights, some hot babes, and that should do me just fine. Later then!

Straight from the Harada’s Mouth! Tekken 3 Stories, Jun Kazama, Animal Fighters and more!

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It may be a long time before we get media or even solid info from Tekken 7 or Tekken X Streetfighter, but it’s nice that Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada has opened himself up a bit to fans and the gaming community via his Twitter account (yes, this is legit and the real deal).

Following the example of Capcom’s fun-loving Yoshinori Ono, Harada-san is now open to hearing suggestions and comments from fans and doling out little bits of info about Tekken among his many tweets. He even posted quite a long message on a forum in Tekken-Nation, sharing an anecdote about Tekken 3- basically how Jun Kazama was actually included in the code, as well as some other oddities that were ultimately scrapped from the final version- this included a Salmon (yes, a FISH) fighter, and a Praying Mantis fighter!

Harada also goes on to talk about the many player requests he received for Kunimitsu– something he actually obliged to in Tekken Tag Tournament for the arcade and PS2, but later laments a bit due to the low play count the character got in the actual game.
He also reveals his official and total stance on Jun Kazama– she’s missing, not actually dead- and how one person has said again and again that ‘everyone’ wants her back in the roster, though he’s not sure as yet if that is truly what ‘everyone’ wants. Let me say this, Harada-san… NOPE… I’m perfectly happy with Asuka right now, though if Jun plays totally differently and is still hot, I’ll take her back with a smile.

You can check out Harada-san’s post on the Tekken-Nation forum here.

So if you want to drop Harada-san a line about how you love Tekken, what you’d love to see in the next game, or just ask for Jun Kazama back as well, you can reach him via his Twitter, Harada_TEKKEN.