Musing About Fighting Games: Tekken VS Soulcalibur

Iron Fists versus Steel Blades!

It’s almost the middle of the year. All the big guns in fighting games have fired their salvoes. Now it’s all about waiting for the next wave. Tekken 7? Soulcalibur V? Super-Duper Streetfighter IV? Done that. How about something like… Tekken VS Soulcalibur? It’s a topic suggested by one of our longtime readers, so why not? What would I expect from a Mash-up Fighter starring Namco-Bandai’s two fighting franchises?

A Crazy Storyline to Tie It All In. I guess this should be required for any Crossover. How the heck can the fighters from the present meet up with those of the lost chapters of antiquity? Perhaps a shard of Soul Edge is discovered in the Tekken world, which, once handled and unleashed by some poor fool, opens a doorway or portal through the dimensions and time, linking both worlds together in a potentially disastrous bond. The good fighters from both realms must fight to sever the bond, while those seeking chaos will try to maintain it and perhaps destroy both worlds, or create a ruined new one from the ashes of both realities. OOOH…
Hopefully this story will be told through cutscenes (I prefer in realtime) where the fighters interact and converse (though hopefully in scenes more gripping and interesting than the talking-heads expos from Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign). It will indeed be interesting to see how Mitsurugi and Kazuya react to each other…

Mitsurugi: Hey, you! You’re strong. Let’s fight!

Kazuya: Insect. (Puts up fists)

… or not. Oh well. Anyway, a Tekken VS Soulcalibur game will most probably have a nifty subtitle, as Crossover games are wont to do… how ’bout Tekken Vs Soulcalibur: Strongest Souls Clash! or Worlds Shattered by Fate! Ouch.

A Battle System that Does Justice to Both Games. Hopefully TvsS will find a way to let both fighters from either side be strong and bad-ass without being too powerful. How strong will unarmed fighters be against warriors with enchanted weapons? Maybe the Tekken Fighters can arm themselves with enchanted bracers or gauntlets (like Hei did in SC2)? Or maybe their mastery of Chi is enough to empower them against the blades of the Caliburverse? Anyway, it will be a trick to meld two games with very different fighting styles, but it surely can be done.
Perhaps the new battle system will meld elements from each side, like the Guard Impacts of Soulcalibur plus the Bound! System of Tekken. Maybe we can have Tag Team modes for some awesome pair-up pummeling. Let’s see Lightning Screw Uppercut combos into Angel Step-Triple Thrusts for a 20-hit combination. Awesome.

Big Bad Bosses. Who is pulling the strings in this Crossover-Contest? Soul Edge? The Mishimas? Devil? Yet another Gigantic Tekken Boss? Perhaps each side can have its own end-villain to take on, perhaps empowered by Soul Edge’s evil power, and perhaps using mind-controlled fighters (from either world) as it’s unwilling pawns. Friend may be pitted against friend, or good guys (and girls) against other good guys (or girls). Oh the drama!

Character Creation and Customization. Let’s see the Soulcalibur manner of Customization to rule here, meaning more control over how we dress up the fighters. Maybe we can ‘modernize’ the Calibur fighters’ look with present day fashion, or gear up the Tekken crew in fantasy armor. Or just strip everyone down to their trunks or bikinis and be done with it.

Crazy Modes. I give up… we’ll probably never see Tekken Xtreme Beach Volleyball, not in one of the canon Tekken titles. But perhaps a just-for-fun crossover fighter may be the venue to put in out-there modes like that, plus you have two stables’ worth of babes to compete in it. How ’bout the return of Tekken Bowl, but this time with the Soulcalibur cast on board as well. Tekken Tennis? Mixed pairs to the death? Hey, why not?

In any case, Tekken characters can indeed stand toe-to-toe with the sword-wielding warriors of Soulcalibur, as we’ve seen in the past. Namco-Bandai has two awesome fighting games in their stable… why not bring them together for an awesome two and a half? Who knows, it may happen. Or not. The possiblities are endless!


7 Responses to “Musing About Fighting Games: Tekken VS Soulcalibur”

  1. Jack Maker Says:

    That is a dream. I wish we could have that. Then I could stop whining because I would have two games in one and character creation with and without weapons.

    • Well, as we have seen recently, wilder and wilder crossovers are happening. So all we can do is keep hoping and perhaps what we think are pipe dreams may just happen someday.

  2. i would love 4 dis to happen, but idk man. but i think zasamel from soul calibur should join the king of iron fist tournament 7, cuz he lives through that n it’s his job 2 guide mankind, but mankind is in danger. tekken shares yoshi n pachi 2 SC, SC should share zasamel 2 tekken, it’s a win-win situation lol!

  3. Maybe your dream has come true in the form of Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter?

  4. im a #1 fan of those gamez. i will always wait 4dat game 2 come out.
    umma show my brutha who iz da baddest in Tekken VS Soul Calibur!
    Besides thy 4got ballin! Holla!


    ZOMG HECKS YES!!! I am a HUGE fan of both series and I would be SO fricking happy if this happened! 2 of the most bad-ass fighters in history in one game?… My life would be COMPLETE if that happened!!! TEKKEN VS SOULCALIBUR FTW!!!! XD

  6. This needs to fuckin happen already. Ugh.

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