King of Fighters XIII New Promo Trailer

The plot thickens!

SNK-Playmore just released a new spot for their upcoming fighter sequel, King of Fighters XIII. Some story scenes, lots of fighter artworks flashing around, and the promise of anti-hero Ash Crimson’s just desserts being thrown about.
With quite a few new additions, including a truckload of newcomers, such as the original KOF female team of Mai Shiranui, King and Yuri Sakazaki, as well as the K’ Team with, well, K’, Maxima and Kula Diamond. Vice returns as well to rejoin her teammate Mature.
Also new are some really flashy-looking Neo Max super attacks, which seem to fill the whole screen with impressive pyrotechnics. A Color Edit feature and Story cutscenes rounds out the game.

KOFXIII seems to be the game that the previous placeholder XII should have been. This looks like something for 2D fighting fans to look forward to. More as we get it.


One Response to “King of Fighters XIII New Promo Trailer”

  1. I agree, XII looked like it was a test and just seeing what fan reaction would be. But I’m really excited for XIII, I can’t wait to get my hands on a console version.

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