Wanted: Red Dead Redemption

Dead or alive, you’re coming with… er, wrong movie.

One game that I have my sights on right now is the just-released Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games. GTA in the Wild West? Sign me up! I love westerns, in particular films like Unforgiven and Tombstone, so this looks right up my alley. The game looks absolutely breathtaking, and the detail in the world, characters as well as the supposedly tons of stuff to do has me perked. That’s all without needing your own posse to back you up. Single-player games like this are what I’m all about. I’ll most do my best to rustle up a copy, and I think you guys should too. Now, where did I put those spurs…?


One Response to “Wanted: Red Dead Redemption”

  1. high noon with gene hunt

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