Battle for Hoth landing on iPhone!

“Imperial Walkers! We’ve got Imperial Walkers!”

Every so often a game announcement gets me giddy with excitement and childish glee. This is one of those announcements. It’s The Battle for Hoth for the iPhone, yet another Tower Defense game but with perhaps one of the coolest (heh) themes EVER. I mean, how much more epic can a defense be than the Battle for freakin’ HOTH?
Taken from the most iconic setpiece battle in sci-fi cinema, Battle for Hoth puts you in the role of the Rebel Commander, facing off against the relentless Imperial Forces. You have to use everything in your limited power to defend the Shield Generators, in order to keep your main base, and your retreating comrades, safe as long as you can. The enemy has legions of troops, speedy bikes, nimble AT-STs, creepy spider droids and, of course, the mammoth AT-AT Walkers. Defeat may be inevitable, but you’re gonna make the Empire feel your courage before the day is done.

You’ll deploy rebel troops, laser turrents and speeders to defend your base, and perhaps even an X-wing. Or give the Imperials a taste of the Ion Cannon!

The game will have 15 levels, with new units being added to the fray with each new level. The graphics look awesome from the screens, now if the sound effects are true to form (and they should), this game should tickle the Star Wars fan (no matter how oppressed by crappy prequels) in you for sure. No word yet on when this game hits the appstore, but supposedly release is ‘imminent’. Man, I can’t wait. I remember the good ol’ days of Empire Strikes Back on the Atari 2600, battling sinister AT-ATs lumbering towards my base with my teeny-tiny snowspeeder. If this captures even just half the excitement, tension and sense of dread as the Walkers stomp in, Battle for Hoth is gonna rock. More as I get it.


3 Responses to “Battle for Hoth landing on iPhone!”

  1. hey tlg what do you think about a soulcalibur and tekken crossover and its features

  2. thanks dude

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