Super Streetfighter IV getting DLC Characters?

Will the African princess make the trip into Super?

Some time ago, posted a meaty rumor from pro player Ryan Gutierrez, AKA Gootecks (I wonder if Mr. Gootecks is Pinoy?). According to his twitter, a strong source from within Capcom has confirmed that the console fighter will soon be getting “DLC characters down the pipe.” Could this be true? Rumors have so far proven legit when it comes to the Streetfighter series these days- whether it be intended or not, leaks are rampant. So, there’s a good chance that this may actually have some substance. If so, WHICH fighters in the Capcom SF Universe would you want back in 3D action?

Elena. The one babe from Streetfighter III Third Strike left out of SSFIV has to be a no-brainer add-on (plus she also appears in the Udon Ibuki comic). Her cool, kick-heavy capoeira fighting style should be a nice counter match-up to Juri’s Taekwondo. That plus she’s damn hot in her bikini outfit.

Maki. As much as Capcom tries to make Ibuki and Guy a pair, they just don’t jive. Guy’s much too old for the spritely ninja princess… what he needs is a Bushin rival with all the skill and sex appeal as well. Maki’s always been out gunning to kick Guy’s ass and prove herself, and Super might as well be the time to do it.

Rolento. The militaristic thug with the staff, daggers and grenades is a fave of some of the Capcom team, so he may just make an appearance. His style is pretty interesting and should make for some really neat Ultras.

Hugo. Imagine this bruiser, larger than Zangief, Honda or Hakan. How big would the DLC file be? But man, Hugo would probably dominate if given the chance.

Poison. A lot of people have been throwing in the name of the Mad Gears’ gender-inspecific muse. Really, I don’t see the point. She’s never been really much of a fighter, and certainly isn’t of any caliber to match any of the babes already in the game. But heck, handcuffs and high heels have their fans I guess, so why not… it’s optional DLC.

Is this true or just lotsa BS? Well, we’ll find out soon enough. SFIV on iPhone is getting multiple DLC fighters, so why not the console big brother? More as we get it.


15 Responses to “Super Streetfighter IV getting DLC Characters?”

  1. gslimjim98 Says:

    of course i want rolento, also i want skullomania and doctrine dark. one of my friends mentioned garuda buti don’t really care for him.

  2. […] Super Streetfighter IV getting DLC Characters? « The Lone Gamer […]

  3. […] Super Streetfighter IV getting DLC Characters? « The Lone Gamer […]

  4. […] Super Streetfighter IV getting DLC Characters? « The Lone Gamer […]

  5. Rainbow Mikaaaaa!

  6. quinnton Says:

    i would love to see the rest of the alpha cast return. with the exception of the 3rd striker’s and the 2 all new originals, this game is nothing but street fighter alpha 3 as far as the roster’s concerned. i would gladly download charlie, rolento, birdie, karin, r.mika, sodom, juli & juni (even though they’re not really necessary), and even eagle, maki & yun from sfa3max.

  7. Basilik Says:

    Alex has to make a comeback. How can they give SFIII some representation without its main character?

    Rolento’s been my main in every game he’s been in and no one plays quite like him. His style would add so much to the roster.

    Birdie’s not appreciated enough, so he probably won’t make it in. But I’d like to have him for DLC as well.


  9. Bring more black fighters to the game. Elena and Sean and then maybe a new one, then rolento and some other characters idc much. We need just more representations of characters from different ethnicities. There’s enough asian and white fighters in the game i think 😛 but i doubt anyone agrees

  10. I would Like HAGGAR from Final Fight

  11. they need to jus addem all n stop bs’in… lol

  12. DARK HADO Says:

    SKULLOMANIA FTW if capcom is smart they wil bring skullomania, rolento and elena – Personally i prefer Karen for sakura rival but i dont see that happening any time soon.

  13. Mike McGrath Says:

    I’d love me some birdie. He would be fantastic, a return of Hugo would be good, but he is in the back ground of a stage so I don’t see that happening.

    Some of the EX characters need to be in a good game, maybe Cracker Jack and Skullmanna.

    R. Mika would be cool, but I like grapplers, even though I suck with them. But I think they should definately put Birdie in he would be my new main over Cody, or Adon.

  14. i think the entire cast from all versions of streetfighter should become dlc. from the very first streetfighter to the present should in my opinion be playable. we all have our favorites and alot of the character storylines have yet to be finished. the ex fighters would do way better in the 2d version of play. darun minster rivals zangief, alan snider rivals ken, kiari regains his memory and thinks, is there any relation between himself and akuma. yes i say bring them all!!!!

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