Prince of Persia to get ‘Epilogue’ DLC

In case you haven’t already beaten Ubisoft’s beautiful run-and-jump-and-wall-slide action game Prince of Persia, know that the ending left many players… wanting. As in, it was a mammoth cliffhanger that left gamers open-mouthed aghast at what just happened. Well, fear no longer… a proper end to the game’s story arrives this February.

Called the ‘Epilogue’, this DLC continues the adventure some time after the end of the game, further developing the relationship of The Prince and Elika. The DLC will introduce a new area to explore, a new attack for The Prince and a new power for Elika, as well as a new enemy (however he/she/it will actually be a rehash of previous enemies). The game will also give players two new skins to play with once they’ve beaten the DLC pack.

No word yet on pricing, but the Epilogue will be available for download for PS3 and Xbox360 on February 23.

What can I say? I say it’s pretty dubious that Ubisoft didn’t add this ‘Epilogue’ to the actual disc. What ARE game makers thinking these days? In the Last Gen, there was NEVER this kind of thing. Goes to show how things are changing, producers are getting more money-grubby (no matter what lame reason they give). I just hope this DLC is worth the price. Anyway, more Elika is a good thing, in any case…

For a more in-depth article and interview on the game, click here.


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