Tekken 6 BR: First Week Recap

It’s been a cool first week for Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion here in Manila. For the most part, the game is all over the place, in Timezone and Worlds of Fun arcades located in malls and shopping centers.

If you’re gonna play, best invest in a data card. Cards cost from P150 to P170 pesos, and let you do cool stuff like give your character a cool name, records your win/loss records and, best of all, lets you customize. With money you earn by playing (not necessarily winning), you can pimp out your fighter with cool new outfits, accessories, hairstyles, usable weapons/items and basically make them unrecognizable from the stock characters. Be prepared though… items and customs cost a TON, so you’re gonna have to rely mainly on roulettes which only happen if you challenge or play with human opponents.

The two new characters are fairly popular, with Alisa Bosconovitch the robo-girl slightly more popular as Tekken Force captain Lars Alexandersson seems to be more for the more serious, hardcore player. Once he is mastered however, he’s obnoxiously powerful. Alisa however has quite a few crazy attacks that can drain your life bar in huge chunks.

Every fighter has had stuff added to his or her arsenal of moves, and tweaks made to old combos and strategies in Tekken 6.0, so don’t be surprised if your bread-and-butter juggle doesn’t work anymore. Just re-learn and re-orient.

Graphically, the game looks great- character models seem to be slightly bigger, and the overall animations seem smoother with a new ‘motion blur’ effect added. After a while though you cease to notice it. The new stages are awesome, the new music even more so. What can I say… BR made me love freakin’ YODELLING.

The new customizations and outfits are, for the most part, SICK AS HECK. As in, they’re awesome. Though some characters still seem to have gotten less than others, it’s still a big leap from T6.0. Hair customs are expensive but look like you will indeed be able to do crazy stuff… just be prepared to spend. Unfortunately it’s still mostly a guessing game to what exactly some items are (there’s no try-before-you-buy or visual guide to customs yet) so be careful when shopping with your hard-earned coin. Darn, I can’t wait for Enterbrain to release a BR Mook.

I’ve been able to play for a few days, and well, it’s fun, fun, fun! I seem to notice that the default A.I. for CPU opponents is either a lot easier- or I’ve gotten a lot better- since I have often reached the end boss Azazel (who’s now sporting new attacks and a more sinister look), and even won a couple of times… something I wasn’t able to do before. No special endings of course- we’ll have to wait for the console versions.

Anyway, I’ll be playing more of BR when I can. Fall 2009 is still off in the horizon, but for now all is good and cool. Carry on the fight, players!


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