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Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 32: Lili Rochefort

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Emily ‘Lili’ Rochefort: Daddy’s Lethal Girl.

As a way of counting down the time to the release of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360, I’ve decided to begin this weekly series of lengthy, character-specific articles, each one featuring one of the 40 or so competing warriors in the latest and greatest King of Iron Fist Tournament. Hopefully, by the time we finish and reach character number 40, we’ll have the console version of Tekken in our hands already.

This week’s competitor is one of the most recent additions to the Tekken roster, and is currently the youngest human fighter in the game. Since her debut in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, this lovely young lady has captured the hearts of many gamers, both for her dazzling beauty and her unique, graceful and extremely effective fighting style. We’re of course talking about Tekken’s Lethal Lolita, the Deadly Dancing Debutante, Lili Rochefort.

Lili Rochefort
Distinguishing Features: Long, lustrous blonde hair, always perfectly groomed and coiffed. Tall like a supermodel, and just as graceful and poised. Designer outfits. Puts the flash in flash kicks.

Strengths: Tons of versatile moves and easy-to-use, effective attacks. Great range and reach thanks to her long legs. Relentless and easily spammable Flips and Cartwheel Kicks. Fast throws.

Weaknesses: A bit slow in close quarters. Some of her more popular strings are easily recognizable and may leave her open to punishment. Has a Thing for Thick eyebrows.

Affiliation: None, but firmly anti-Zaibatsu.

Background: Some years ago, Lili Rochefort, the only daughter of an oil magnate, was the victim of a kidnapping attempt. However, the incident sparked something in the young girl, and she resisted violently against her captors, taking out one of them. Since then, Lili has been drawn to the fighting arena. In the guise of simple vacations, Lili took the family jet to travel to and participate in various martial arts competitions and tournaments all over the world.
One day, she defeated an opponent in San Francisco (many believe that this opponent was none other than Forrest Law) and acquired an invitation to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Realizing that the Mishima Zaibatsu was holding the competition, Lili decided to join with the intention of pleasing her father by dealing a blow to the Zaibatsu (little did she know that the Zaibatsu was in fact a partner to her father’s company).
However, Lili was later crushed by Asuka Kazama, and sent home in defeat. Even worse, her father learned of her activities and subsequently grounded her, preventing her from getting her revenge on Asuka.

Later, when the Mishima Zaibatsu began it’s militarization, the Tekken Force enacted a hostile takeover of Rochefort Enterprises’ oil fields. Lili’s father, trying his best to resolve this new development, collapsed from overwork. Distressed, Lili thought about how she could help her father. When she later learned of the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, Lili immediately decided to join in order to win back her father’s oil fields from the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Character Analysis: Lili, Lili, LILI! Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection truly gave us an exceptional newcomer in the beautiful and deadly Miss Rochefort. In just a short time Lili’s good looks as well as her very effective fighting style won her tons of fans, and many immediately proclaimed her the hottest and cutest babe in Tekken. Detractors though of course cited her being a fan service magnet (and surely, Lili seem to be the developers’ outlet for Loli and Panchira fetishes), and her fighting style being totally unrealistic. But really, in a world with winged devils, animated mannequins, battle-robots and fighting fauna, would a teenage heiress moonlighting as a streetfighter be any less possible?

Lili’s fighting style is characterized by many dance and gymnastic maneuvers- cartwheels, spins, tumbles and pirouettes. I surmise that it is mostly a self-learned, self-developed and innate style created by Lili herself, since I am pretty certain her father would never allow her to even practice any sort of formal martial arts training. We can only assume that Lili may be some sort of fighting prodigy, a martial arts genius whose latent talent was manifested by the traumatic kidnapping attempt. In any case, as improbable as it may be in reality, Lili’s techniques are among the most graceful, fluid and entertaining to watch (and infuriating to fight against) in the game.

Lili is very similar to Streetfighter’s Karin Kanzuki- both are blonde, both rich heiresses who travel with a butler or attendant in tow and both have a rival in Japan. Certainly both are also proud and headstrong, but while Karin is more vocal and arrogant, Lili seems more reserved and quietly confident.
Lili’s story seems so far very personal and a bit distant from the central plot, however her rivalry with Asuka Kazama is easily one of the more interesting and exciting matchups to look out for in the game. Both fan faves, both hot babes, one hell of a catfight is sure to break out. The only sure winner? Gamers, of course!

What lies in the future for Miss Lili? As the youngest babe in Tekken, Lili is sure to be around for the future thanks to her great popularity. I am secretly hoping her storyline develops more with her rivalry with Asuka- we’ve already seen two rivals become friends in King and Marduk… how about an unbeatable girl team forming once Tekken 6 is all said and done? Asuka X Lili? Mmmmm…

Stay tuned next week and we delve into another fighter’s story!

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this October 2009.


Soulcalibur Broken Destiny Preview at Gamespot

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Gamespot just posted a pretty awesome and meaty video preview of the upcoming PSP fighter, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. It shows off some bits of the CG intro, showing the fighters mugging it for the camera. New fighter Dampierre is seen in action quite a bit, and the preview runs through the available modes quite nicely, with emphasis on the new Gauntlet Mode and a brief but nice look at the enhanced Character Creation mode. All in all, great stuff and it should whet appetites like blades on a whetstone for this PSP hack-and-slash pseudo sequel. Check out Gamespot’s Preview here.

Nicely enough, like SCIV, Broken Destiny looks to have english voice and text support right away, so it should be pretty accessible to anyone wanting to import right away. Man, this game looks great. It’s out in late August or early September.

Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 31: Asuka Kazama

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Asuka’s ready to save the world… via knockout!

As a way of counting down the time to the release of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360, I’ve decided to begin this weekly series of lengthy, character-specific articles, each one featuring one of the 40 or so competing warriors in the latest and greatest King of Iron Fist Tournament. Hopefully, by the time we finish and reach character number 40, we’ll have the console version of Tekken in our hands already.

Part 31 brings us to a relative newcomer to the Tekken roster. This young combatant has been given quite a burden on her slender shoulders- the responsibility of taking over the slot of a very popular fighter. But despite some overly-attached fans being pretty vocal against her, this scrappy young lady has so far proven incredibly popular and is a unique and formidable fighter in her own right. We’re talking about the current representative of Kazama-Ryu Style Martial Arts, Asuka Kazama.

Just as an aside- her name’s correct pronunciation is As-kah (silent ‘u’), not Ah-sue-Kah…

Asuka Kazama
Distinguishing Features: Gorgeous Japanese teenager, although too athletic to be an Idol. Wardrobe that alternates between trendy Tokyo street fashion and traditional Japanese costumes and martial arts gear. Heavy Kansai accent (Western drawl in Japan?).

Strengths: Master of the very strong Kazama-style Martial Arts that consists of fast high-low attacks and highly-effective and easy-to-use counters. Extremely strong inner force. Often underestimated for her good looks.

Weaknesses: Her style is one of the most familiar in the series, so expert opponents can often predict her more common attack combos and strings. Abusing counters can lead to total disaster. So far unaware of her true role and potential.

Affiliation: None, although her goal is clearly anti-Zaibatsu, focusing solely on taking out her now-evil cousin, Jin Kazama.

Background: Ever since she was a child, Asuka had been taught the Kazama Style of Martial Arts by her father. She grew up with a strong sense of justice, and eventually came to be known as a ‘nosy kid’ who likes to meddle in other people’s problems. Asuka became something of a vigilante in her neigborhood, often taking care of things usually ‘by knockout’.
One day, she came home to find her father’s dojo in a shambles, and the many students distraught. Her father had been taken to the hospital with severe injuries. From Hong Kong INTERPOL detective Lei Wulong she learned that the Kenpo fighter Feng Wei had done the damage. Finding out that Feng would be competing in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, she set out to join the fight to avenge her father.

Unfortunately while Asuka fought and won several matches (including a victory over Lili Rochefort), her main quarry was nowhere to be found. Disappointed, she returned home to resume her normal everyday life. But her carefree days were not meant to last.

Some time later the Mishima Zaibatsu declared war on the rest of the world. As chaos spread throughout the globe, Asuka learned that the cause of all this trouble- Jin Kazama- was her relative. When she found out about the upcoming Tekken 6 tournament, she immediately joined, intending to bring her now-evil cousin to justice.

Character Analysis: ASUKA!!! Well, what can I say? A lot, actually, since Asuka is my Main Fighter in Tekken 6.
Kazama-style Martial Arts has always been a very powerful force in Tekken, ever since Jun Kazama in Tekken 2. Asuka not only has Jun’s attacks but has greatly increased the repertoire with tons more moves including a lot of much-needed offense. Furthermore, Asuka’s counters are perhaps the easiest to use (and easiest to abuse) in the game and can often turn the tide in a pinch. Asuka isn’t among the strongest fighters in the roster, but she can kick ass pretty handily with her new bread-and-butter moves and combos. Among the female fighters her style is very direct and efficient as opposed to being graceful and quick, but she still looks great in action.

Asuka as a character is pretty awesome- she represents the Martial Arts Tomboy archetype (Hitomi in DOA, Makoto and even Ibuki from SF3) and is a girl born in a boy’s role. It is refreshing to note that while she’s still very feminine, her intros and win poses are never girly. Some, particularly Jun fans, note that her brash and confident personality is a negative, which I highly disagree with. I love that Asuka is a very independent, strong-willed and proud fighter, and having sex appeal certainly does not hurt at all. Aside from all that, she has her funny and comedic sides, making her a very entertaining and whole heroine to follow.

Of course she hasn’t reached her true potential yet- her humorous (and non-canon, I assume) ending in Tekken 5 was testament to this. However with her more serious goal and storyline in Tekken 6, I am hoping that she figures a lot more into the series’ canon and has a role in taking down the evil that has apparently taken hold of Jin Kazama- as the current descendant of the pure ‘female’ side of Kazama-Ryu, we can expect no less of Asuka.

What lies in the future for Asuka? She’s still got a lot to learn- truly, we still do not know if she’s fully aware of her powers, or if she sees her role to defend the world against the Devil Gene. But then, she’s still quite young, and her present hot-headed enthusiasm and battle-lust may eventually grow into true strength and a clear sense of duty. Asuka can only grow a lot stronger, and a lot more beautiful, in future Tekken games… and that is surely what I mean to watch out for with great anticipation.

OH, and by the way… Asuka is in this week’s Character Matchup Competition at Gametrailers, against Steve Fox. Vote for Asuka (she’s got the cooler trailer in every way) and give her a nice, well-deserved win!

Stay tuned next week as we delve into another fighter’s story!

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this October 27, 2009.

Famitsu of Japan: Tekken 6 Console Screens, Info and Art

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Famitsu just posted an article online showing off a bunch of screenshots from the upcoming console version of Tekken 6. The screens are from the new Scenario Campaign Mode, showing off some co-op action. As usual, the info is stuff that has been already posted before; you navigate through the world on a large-scale map, battling cannon fodder enemies before meeting up with an area boss (one of the regular Tekken roster). You can use weapons and earn money to buy items and customizations, etc. Each character apparently has a unique ending at the end of the Scenario mode.

There’s also a clear artwork of Zafina’s new extra console outfit so check it all out here.

Well, what can I say aside from DAMN I WANT THIS GAME NOWNOWNOW!!! The Scenario Campaign looks freakin’ huge and expansive, and I’m actually excited about it- mainly about what kind of story elements they’ll reveal, and just the simple fun of seeing your fave fighters double-teaming enemies. Anyway, it’s still about, man, 100 days to the game’s release. GAH!

But well, tomorrow at least will cut down our wait to a 2-digit number of days, brings another pair of character trailers and a new week of Tekken 6 manga action. Heheh… gotta love tomorrow! Later then, people.

Tekken 6 Manga Update!

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The Iron-fisted drama that is the Tekken 6 manga continues. Nina William’s daring and apparently suicidal assassination attempt on the Mishima Zaibatsu’s new CEO, Jin Kazama, is in full swing. But her mission will end in a way she never expected…

Updated daily, Tekken 6: Dark Stars Rising is our own unique take on the events and stories involving the many fighters joining the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament 6! Check out the action here!

Tekken 6 Console: New Zafina Extra Costume!

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Zafina’s a dark fairy in her new exclusive console outfit.

Gamekyo just posted this juicy tidbit. A THIRD extra outfit has been revealed, this time for newcomer Zafina. The saucy ensemble appears to be composed of a butterfly bra top, hot-hot pants with a bangle belt and white go-go boots festooned with black roses. Now, I have no clue what the heck this is all about, but it looks… well… different.

The costume was designed by Mutsumi Inomata, a female designer at Namco-Bandai who also works on Namco’s Tales RPG franchise.
What can I say? Well, it kinda reminds me of Asuka’s Diceroller get-up from Tekken 5 in that it has some sort of insect and plant composing the outfit. Odd. Kinda cool.

It’s still three and a half months to release… maybe there’s… more? Anyway… check out the original article here.

The Girls of Tekken: Lili Rochefort

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Lili loves long walks on the beach, pleasing her father and feeling opponents’ faces smash under her heels. What a girl!

You have to hand it to Namco-Bandai. Harada-san and company obviously can’t be touring around the world to hype up their game, so it’s up to everyone else to keep the marketing blitz running and giving us fans and other gamers squarely entertained with Tekken 6 stuff. Aside from the cool weekly Matchup Trailers (I’m really looking forward to next week), the official Tekken 6 site is brimming with stuff (although most of it just for US and Canada fans… bleh). One of the cool features is the Girls of Tekken. Well, it’s really just a Flickr page and the art is stuff we’ve seen before, although given some new backgrounds. But hey, it’s something!

Anyway, the first girl to be shown off is Lili Rochefort. The youngest girl in the roster, the radiantly beautiful Lili is a prim and proper lady who dazzles everyone who sees her… and lays waste to any opponents in reach of her talented legs. The lovely streetfighter is shown against her home island of Monaco, a great place for raising supermodel-esque fighting genuises, apparently.

Anyway, check out the Girls of Tekken and download the Lili poster, which is available in various sizes for all needs (except maybe for life-size blow-ups).