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Harada VS Ono at Gamescom! UPDATED

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Katsuhiro Harada’s and Yoshinori Ono’s twitter accounts revealed recently that both of these fighting game creators will be attending Germany’s gaming expo, Gamescom, this coming August 19.

This early, the two producers have already begun a WWE-style exchange of trash talk, hyping up the confrontation that will see them both facing off in Streetfighter X Tekken. Afterwards, gamers at the event will be invited to try the game out themselves in a tournament, with various game goodies at stake.

UPDATED: Contrary to earlier articles, apparently we will not be seeing Namco’s Tekken X Streetfighter at Gamescon, as later articles are mentioning the game to be featured as SF X Tekken, the Capcom-created crossover which was featured at SDCC. Unless Harada decides to wow us with his stuff, this may be just something we’ve all seen before already. Still, who knows? More as we get it. Read this article for this disappointing bit of news.


Streetfighter X Tekken, Tekken X Streetfighter Announced at SDCC!

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Fighting fans, rejoice!

This just in- Yoshinori Ono, over at the SF panel in SDCC, has just confirmed the latest crossover fighters coming: Streetfighter X Tekken AND Tekken X Streetfighter. This collaboration between Capcom and Namco-Bandai was let out of the bag finally as Ono-san was interrupted during his panel talk by Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. The two then went on the announce this holy hardcore fighting alliance.

A teaser trailer and playable SFXT demo was reportedly shown and available (I’ll post if once it’s available) with Ryu and Chun-li facing off against Kazuya and Nina, in 2D, with SFIV-style EX moves and tag-team combat! Harada also said that on his side, Tekken X SF is also being developed, but in Tekken 6-style 3D arenas and fighting. Check out this article at Kotaku for the original info. More as I get it then!

Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki#3 Review

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Finally, some action!

After quite a bit of a gap since the last issue’s release, Udon’s Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki #3 finally hit store shelves this week. Though consistent with eye-catchingly colorful art and fun panels, I have my reservations with this first comic feature starring the Streetfighter III girls. Much of it though has to do with the small amount of pages this mini-series has, leading to a distinct shortage of actual action. Issue one could have had at least a bit of a confrontation between Ibuki and her karate rival/friend Makoto, but the fight never happened. Issue 2 was a bit of a disappointment, glossing over action once again more in favor of character relationship moments between Ibuki and girl-buddy Sarai. Really, a Streetfighter comic should have AT LEAST one solid fight or skirmish in every issue, somehow, someway.

Finally though, Issue 3 throws in the action we should have been treated to in the previous issues. At the beginning of the comic we see Ibuki sparring with African princess Elena, who made her debut last issue. It was short, but at least things happened. After some drama (which lets Ibuki show off more of the little girl inside as well as the tough ninja warrior), the ninja heroine and company then moves on to meet her final ninja test- a confrontation with Oro, the ancient martial arts master (and fellow fighter from SF3). There’s some bits of action, nice fight scenes from artist Omar Dogan, and your all’s well that ends well resolution. Really though- more pages devoted to the fighting and someone actually getting HIT would have made this TONS better.

A nice touch here though was a bit of drama on the part of Makoto, whose father and dojo were defeated by Oro years ago. The exchange between her and Oro was a nice bit of angst and emotion from the somewhat testy karate kid, and a good way to show off her true character in a more sympathetic light. I really don’t mind seeing Streetfighter Legends: Makoto someday, seriously!

This is far and away the best issue yet of this arc, and I really hope writer Jim Zubkavich wrote a suitably strong, action-filled finale to cap off this mini-series. The cliffhanger ending certainly looks forward to some butt-kicking from our three SF3 babes, so I’ll be hoping for a lot more fight next time.

Crazy Rumor: Namco Vs Capcom AND Capcom Vs Namco?!

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Apparently we were all mistaken that Katsuhiro Harada and Yoshinori Ono were collaborating on a fighting game starring their each respective companies’ elite characters. According to Game Informer, they’re making TWO different fighters, each using their respective fighting engines. So if all things go the way they say, we’ll be seeing both the fighters of Tekken and Streetfighter in ways we’ve never seen before- Ryu, Chun-li and company in semi-realistic Tekken 6 style, while Jin Kazama, Nina Williams et al will soon be sporting SFIV’s more cartoony look.

If this be true… FREAKIN’ AWESOME. Just a few more days to see who’s right though. Expect to see a lot of eye-opening stuff in the upcoming SDCC.

Who will be the New Challenger in SFIV iPhone?

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Guess. No, really… Guess who the next fighter to appear as DLC on the iPhone port of Streetfighter IV and you just may win a cool prize. According to a post on Adriasang, Capcom will be holding a promotional activity where they will encourage online users to tweet their guess on who the upcoming fighter will be. A correct guess just may win the lucky guesser a SFIV-themed iPod Touch. Or some spiffy iPod cases.

Anyway, cross Cammy off the list, since she’s already coming (though when is as yet unknown). Who will the new challenger be? I’m hoping it’s Juri Han, so as to turn SFIV iPhone into SSFIV iPhone. What do you guys think? Check out the original post here and see how a lucky guess and tweet from you may bag you cool stuff. Me? All I want is more fighting babes in my game. It won’t be that long till we know the answer though; the secret will be announced in early June.

Super Streetfighter IV’s Hidden Colors

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As the release of Super Streetfighter IV for consoles inches in, vids are flooding in online from lucky bastards gamers with early copies. Just a wee bit of looking around on Youtube will net you everything from rival cutscenes to anime endings (neither of which are particularly good anyway, as I’ve seen…).

Anyway, players who got the original Streetfighter IV have a nice little treat in store for them. The first time you slip in the SSFIV disc, it will look for a SFIV save. If you have one on your console, this will unlock the characters’ 11th and 12th colors. They’re not actually colors, strangely enough, but special ‘filters’ or graphical effects that give a nice effect to the character models. Color 11 is an ink outline effect (previously seen only in the PC version of SFIV), while Color 12 gives the fighters a sketchy, cross-hatching look, like that in the game’s opening cinematic. You can see Color 11 on Makoto in the vid below. It’s a pretty nice effect, I think.

Super Streetfighter IV comes out on PS3 and Xbox360 this coming April 28.

Cammy to Cannon-Spike onto iPhone!

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FINALLY, one more babe in Capcom’s portable fighter.

ALL RIGHT! As predicted by many astute gamers, Streetfighter IV for the iPhone IS open for additional characters. The first additional SF fighter will be none other than the petite British Butt-Kicker, Cammy. The Killer Bee will be added to the game via a free update, though Capcom has yet to announce an exact release date for the patch. Since it’s debut on the appstore, SFIV has consistently been a top-seller, making it quite the knockout in the portable gaming scene. Nicely enough, Capcom is dolling up their game with more content.

This is great news! Now, I’m pretty sure that Cammy won’t be the last add-on for SFIV iPhone… I’m hoping that once the console version of Super Streetfighter IV releases, the iPhone devs will release more characters to properly upgrade SFIV iPhone game to Super. Hot, evil TKD babe Juri in my pocket? Ibuki, maybe? Makoto, Please? Oh, the possibilities! More on this as I get it.

For more Cammy screens and a vid of the Delta Red babe in action on the iPhone, check here.