Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Announced for AOU 2011!

Playable! Not Playable! Playable! Not Playable!

Okay, we all know THAT, thanks to numerous leaky tweets from the Ultimate Tekken Mole, Katsuhiro Harada (who’s fairly in deep with anything that’s involved with this game). However, it’s only recently that Namco-Bandai itself has acknowledged this, on their new AOU site, which lists all their to-be-featured games including Tekken Tag 2 (of course, who cares about some stoopid Dragonball games…). Anyway, the entry for TTT2 mentions some intriguing features:

• Best-ever 3-D fighting character lineup!
• New Tag Gameplay!
• Redesigned Card System!
• Live monitor system to connect the world!

Wow! Harada didn’t mention any of those things. Well, at least not in those big-sounding words. This probably means that if Tag 2 is playable at the expo, we’ll be seeing, hopefully, the new Tag-Team Gameplay, how the arcade system will handle Cards and keeping all your player records and customizations all saved up, plus a hint of the online mechanics. Oh, and hopefully we’ll also have a look at the game’s roster- the biggest in a Tekken game yet.

Awesome-sounding stuff, but sadly, still about a week and a half away on Feb. 18-19. Till then, one can always re-watch the last TTT2 trailer another couple thousand times…

6 Responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Announced for AOU 2011!”

  1. Wow I didn’t know that there will be a Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I heard about T6 but never the Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Is there a release in the Philippines. Thanks for the info I will watch the development of this.

  2. Is this really true, there’s a tournament with Tekken?? Wow, my cousin will be so happy with this one. He is an addict of playing Tekken and always saying “do you have an update of this game”? I’m from Philippines too and I’m sure I will be looking forward to this one. Me and cousin actually.

  3. Gerard Gebaña Says:

    I read a leak info that Timezon in trinoma, SM megamall, and glorieta will have tekken tag tournament 2 machines by december. The card use to store character and money cost 400 pesos.

  4. a very good game

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