Starfront: Collision iPhone/iPad Trailer

The Eternal Galactic Saga, Eternally Retold…

Say what you will about Gameloft and their current way of ‘unabashed homages’ to various game franchises… for me, as an iOS gamer, it’s pretty cool that there’s a company giving me the attention that BIG gaming companies won’t, or can’t. Blizzard won’t ever give me Starcraft on my iPhone or iPad? Well, who cares when I have Star Collision? Okay, it’s a pretty corny name but I’ll be signing up for this once it hits this week. The trailer above shows some pretty impressive-looking action, if only the art team just tried a bit harder to NOT be too Starcarfty… but well, there it is.

I’m hoping though that this will be a Universal app which I can play in full screen resolution on my iPad, but even if it isn’t, if it’s good enough I’d probably spring from an HD version as well later. We’ll see if this plays as good as it looks then, once we get our hands on it.


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