HEY! We’ve Moved! Introducing: TheLoneGamer.Net!

Asuka sez: “Click on me and bookmark TheLoneGamer.Net or I’m gonna kick your butt!”

Hey there people! I mentioned that a little change would be happening to the blog on Twitter recently, and here it is. I guess I just came to the sudden realization that, hey, I’ve been doing this Lone Gamer thing for quite a bit of time- several years, in fact- so I guess I should get a wee bit more serious. So, I went and got my own domain for the blog, so now we’re not just an ordinary wordpress blog anymore, but our own little piece of the .net world!

TheLoneGamer.Net is now live! What does this mean? Well, not really that much- it just lets me have that much more control over the site, do a bit more with the help of an actual web guy and put on neat new widgets, eventually fix up my template and make the blog even slicker and maybe even earn a bit with some ads.
But what won’t change is that you’ll still be getting the same sincere, light-hearted, always-earnest, from-the-hip Hardcore Casual Gameblogging from A Single Player’s Perspective as you’ve always enjoyed for the past several years.

In any case, I will be keeping the old blog up for archival, redirecting and sentimental reasons. But if you come here regularly, bookmark TheLoneGamer.Net and let’s all just pretend nothing happened, but did. Wink, Wink!

7 Responses to “HEY! We’ve Moved! Introducing: TheLoneGamer.Net!”

  1. My, oh my! I’ve been lurking through your blog from quite some time now, so a web site is a quite convenient upgrade XD

    I’ve an unrelated question though… Where did ya get the Aska artwork used in the web page’s layout?

    • The Asuka artwork is her new portrait for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. You can find it online- just follow the links on the articles I’ve posted with the tags ‘Tekken Tag 2 screenshots and art’.

  2. Oh, bollocks! It doesn’t look like I can use my WordPress account to comment on the new site, as far as I know… :p

  3. Could you advise where i can find your contact information?

  4. am gonna be like facebook in the movie , loose the the and just lonegamer loool

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