Dead or Alive 5 Screenshot?

Are Kokoro and the DOA babes coming to PS3?

This intriguing pic was posted on the Fighter’s Generation Twitter recently, and apparently shows the Menu Screen for an early build of Dead or Alive 5, supposedly for the PS3. As much as I’d love to have a new entry in Tecmo’s sexy brawler, I have a funny feeling this is fake. Kokoro’s character model looks no better from DOA4 (which may be from where it was taken), and everything else can easily be done with some Photoshop work. The inclusion of ‘Chronos’ in the menu, which was the project defunct DOA producer Itagaki was supposedly working on before he left, seems an obvious ploy to rope in fans.
In fact, I’d rather that this really NOT be a look at DOA5, since then I’d be quite dismayed at the apparent lack of improvement of the character models- after such a long time, I’d want the characters to at least look a lot better.

Still, who knows? Maybe this is real… I certainly think that with DOA Dimensions coming out on 3DS, Tecmo-Koei is certainly wanting to go places again with their fighting franchise. We’ll just have to wait and see for more stuff to turn up soon.


3 Responses to “Dead or Alive 5 Screenshot?”

  1. saw this pic like half a year ago 😦 bummer

  2. it’s fake man:)

    check out the gif image, whaddaya think?

  3. Yeah, I thought as much. Kinda obvious though. ^_^

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