Marvel vs Capcom 3 Intro is EPIC!

Up and at ’em, bub!

Just saw what is apparently the full, final intro movie to Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. It’s not hard to go onto Youtube and look for it. Running at almost 4 minutes, the intro shows of a variety of characters in action, including many introduced later in the course of the game’s development such as Phoenix, Rad Spencer, She-Hulk and more.

Unlike the various trailers shown before, the Capcom and Marvel heroes aren’t fighting, but now working together against the powerful villains ranged against them. There’s quite a lot of action, a bit of comedy thrown in at Mayor Haggar’s expense (in a sequence that I think kinda went a bit too long), but the final bit with Ryu and Wolverine should get pulses pumped for some EPIC combat.
Even if the spastic pop-up/pop-in gameplay isn’t quite my speed, I’m quite intrigued enough at the story element of this game to get this mash-up beat ’em up once it launches in a couple of weeks. For now, if you’re not averse to some spoilers, whet your appetites with the intro above.


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