Tekken Tag 2 Spread in Arcadia Magazine!

Returning fighters’ CG artworks highlight this new article.

We’ve been waiting for a scan or pic for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from the latest Arcadia Magazine over the weekend, and it’s finally here… posted by Harada-san himself at that! The spread shows off several returning characters’ new portrait artworks, including Lili Rochefort, Devil Jin, Lars Alexandersson and Paul Phoenix.
The few in-game shots show Lili dishing the pain out to her ‘best friend’ Asuka, in one doing a sort of Tag Throw on her. A couple more shots show Paul and Law giving newcomer Jaycee a bit of a welcome… with a tandem attack.

More characters, art and ingame action to ogle.

As far as I can tell, the spread is mainly just a feature to announce the game appearing in the upcoming AOU 2011 Expo, which is set for February 18-19. TTT2 will be playable there, so everyone is expecting videos aplenty to make up for the current drought of media from this much-anticipated arcade brawler.

You can check the original scan over here or at Katsuhiro Harada’s Twipple. It’s not very big, but I’m sure that cleaner, higher-res versions of the art and images in this article should make their appearance online in due time. More as we get it, then.


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